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PDX Blockchain – A Redefined Public Blockchain Ecosystem

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PDX Blockchain is a new public blockchain ecosystem designed with the goal of becoming an organically growing trustworthiness internet infrastructure to realize a trustworthy e-society without borders. The PDX public blockchain is one of a kind public blockchain system for real-world use cases. It eliminates the technical, economic barriers of development and adoption, which is quite common in many existing blockchain systems to be ideally suited for real-world applications.


Blockchain creates an automated trust among untrusted parties and has a tremendous potential to be incorporated in many real-world use cases. However, each blockchain platform and/or application can have its own unique requirements on security, privacy, performance and trustworthiness, etc.; these requirements of different applications can be conflicting and difficult, if not impossible to accommodate by the blockchain platform. However, a viable blockchain platform needs to satisfy these different and even conflicting requirements imposed by the hosted applications. This dilemma has been plaguing all public and consortium blockchain platforms.

How Does PDX Blockchain Address This Challenge?

PDX blockchain supports the one-click creation of dedicated public or consortium blockchains of arbitrary size and performance metrics preference with its trustworthiness endorsed by the whole ecosystem, as well as their coexistence in harmony within the ecosystem. This helps small to medium businesses, blockchain companies, and technology geeks to rapidly deploy blockchain platforms of their own. PDX blockchain’s one-click deployment of smart contract applications with different or even conflicting needs, requirements on security, privacy throughput, latency, scale, data volume, and trustworthiness, etc., enables them to operate within the same ecosystem.

Industry Response & Strategic Partnerships

PDX public blockchain project is getting a positive response from many investment institutions around the world including Lenovo Capital, Pagoda Investments, Kinzon Capital, INBlockchain, Grand Shores, NGC, Genesis, DFUND, Coin Capital, Huaxin Chain Capital, BC Fund, Full Currency Network, BlockArk, CryptoBazar Fund, Reflexion Capital, Blockpower Capital, ICOdrops and SFM Fund. Some of these institutions have also entered into a long-term strategic partnership with the platform.

PDX blockchain realizes PDX consensus, an invention which dramatically improves a single blockchain’s performance metrics by simultaneously supporting massive scale with low latency, high throughput, high concurrency and cluster elasticity. PDX blockchain extends blockchain platform and smart contract support to intelligent devices, automatically supports multi-chain and cross-chain, and eliminates the entrance and evolution barrier of adopting blockchain technologies.

The Man Behind the PDX

The founder of PDX, Mr. Zhang Jiangang (aka JZ) has been a senior technical executive at several multinational companies including Cisco (CISCO) Enterprise SDN Division, Yahoo, PayPal, and Cingular Wireless (now AT&T).

The goal of PDX blockchain is, as the infrastructure of the trustworthy Internet, to make trustworthy e-society a reality. The PDX tokens will be listed on exchanges in the coming days.

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