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Asobimo To Distribute Asobicoin For Naga Family & Friends

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New utility token, Asobicoin, is introduced by the mobile game developer, Asobimo.

Asobimo aims to become one of the leading online game companies in Japan. The team behind Iruna Online, a global mobile game with over 3.5 million users, specializes in developing free-to-play MMORPG games.

Aside from producing mobile games featuring stunning and exceptional graphics and game physics, it has garnered even more attention by partnering up with NAGA VIRTUAL.

Working hand-in-hand with one of Japan’s biggest mobile game developers, NAGA was delighted to release NAGA VIRTUAL, the world’s first independent virtual goods market. Recently, the partnership really took flight when NAGA VIRTUAL fully integrated Asobimo’s game, Petit Chronicle Online. This created, for the first time, a primary and secondary market for Petit Chronicle Online. From now on, users will be able to buy and sell “in-game items” smoothly and easily among themselves. Read more here:

Due to the excellent nature of the partnership between the two companies, Asobimo is excited to offer an exclusive distribution round of their new utility token, Asobicoin, to NAGA friends & family! Using the following code naga53859rpdrh every NAGA user will receive $5 worth of Asobicoinafter registering via


Asobicoin could potentially be one of 2018’s most exciting ICOs, with the ownership of this token giving users a number of significant benefits (for more information check the Asobicoin whitepaper). NAGA VIRTUAL users will mainly benefit through the ability to use Asobicoin as a payment method on NAGA VIRTUAL, after the integration of NGC on the platform.

Holders of Asobicoin will be able to use the token as a payment method for all Asobimo games, granting a huge advantage for the fans of Asobimo’s games. For reference, Asobicoin can be purchased directly from the Asobimo website, and it is also available through the NAGA WALLET ICO-Hub.

Considering how the gaming market is one of the fastest growing in the world, it would be a bummer to miss out on such an advantageous opportunity to get in early via this exclusive offer for NAGA friends.

To register for your exclusive Asobicoin, head to: and use the code naga53859rpdrh after opening your account.

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