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Bancor Exchange Signs Agreement to List Crypto Casino Coins

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Online gambling is a booming industry with more gamblers playing online casino games. In a gradual shift, the traditional online casinos are now being taken over by blockchain based online casinos. The demand for blockchain based platforms is further fuelled by the platforms with profit-generating strategies, such as Zeroedge that offers 0% house edge games. This new development has in-turn resulted in a rise in the use of crypto casino coins, which players purchase, for use on various blockchain online casinos.

The increase in popularity of these crypto coins has led to their rising value, with a forecast of even better prices in the coming years.  Due to the high rate of adoption, users constantly purchase the tokens, to gamble and as a form of investment. The current scenario and market trend in the industry call for the listing of tokens that are exclusive to blockchain online casinos on exchanges. It will encourage people to trade the crypto casino coins, further boosting their value and the blockchain online casino business itself — a scale far beyond what can be achieved with just ICO campaigns.

Bancor Exchange has understood the industry’s as well as community’s needs and acted upon it by signing an agreement to list the crypto casino coins on its platform. The steady rise in the value of these coins has got people considering about investing in them, as they consider it to be a risk worth taking in order to benefit from the potential returns that are expected with a higher adoption rate. Bancor has what they refer to as the Bancor protocol, which is a standard for smart tokens. These smart tokens can be converted to other tokens that are in the network, carefully calculated by the Bancor formula.

Listing crypto casino coins on the Bancor exchange will not only make the coins more popular, but it will also act as a stepping stone to the revolutionary blockchain online casinos. This will help the blockchain technology to completely take over the traditional online casinos as they direct gamblers to the blockchain casinos. Users will be able to buy and also exchange crypto casino coins, especially with the Bancor formula’s ability to convert different tokens, Ethereum blockchain based and beyond. Exchanges are where the money is, and most cryptocurrencies want to be listed. They dominate the crypto world and hold the power to increase the popularity of crypto coins. Most CEOs state that exchanges mostly hold the great power to the success of your cryptocurrency. And therefore when crypto casino coins are listed, this means more dominance in the blockchain online casino gambling as gamblers will consider the listed coins first as the currency to use on supported decentralized casino platforms.

Most companies, when they consider an ICO, will also consider listing their tokens on at least one of the many exchanges sprouting everywhere in the world. They take the risk and promise their investors on great returns as they trade their crypto on the exchanges. A good exchange translates to good access to liquidity and when your crypto is listed on a good exchange, the risk is worth taking. That is why the owners of crypto casino coins are now happy and contented as they will be listed on the popular Bancor Exchange.

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