BITSMO Launches Its All-in-One Exchange Platform

Crypto enthusiasts all over the world have something to smile about after BITSMO launched its all-in-one exchange platform this month.

BITSMO network is taking a different approach through its new platform by offering its users a chance to look for the best prices on 30 different cryptocurrency exchanges when either selling or buying cryptocurrencies. This means, that these supported exchange platforms will have to compete with each other to provide the best prices in the market. Users will in turn, get an opportunity to make the best out of the competition to capitalize on their investments while trading on BITSMO platform.

BITSMO Platform Features

Besides providing the best prices, BITSMO exchange platform comes with additional features that places the exchange in the forefront of others. One of the most important features of the platform is its capability to process transactions in a rapid pace. As per the technical details, BITMO’s matching engine is currently one of the fastest in operation, capable of handling 10 MM transaction per second, which in turn translates to happier BITSMO users every day.

When it comes to platform’s security, BITSMO platform has taken things seriously. It implements advanced security features used by the likes of NASA, CIA, and NSA. Furthermore, user’s data is secure at all times through the services of Modulus and Bitgo – two companies best known for providing the highest security standards in the cryptocurrency industry. Moreover, BITSMO funds are held in cold storage to prevent hackers from accessing them.

Similarly, for security and compliance reasons, BITSMO has integrated advanced KYC and AML features in its platform. The KYC and AML services will be carried out in-house or via third party. Additionally, BITSMO exchange is in the process of acquiring a license from Estonian authorities which will grant BITSMO the rights to offer its services to more users.

BCN – BITSMO Community Network

BITSMO Community Network is the name of the network that connects more than 30 cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Some of the prominent exchanges in the community network include Binance, GDAX, Kraken, Poloniex, Bittrex, BitStamp, KuCoin, OKEX, Gemini and Bitfinex. The BCN is instrumental in ensuring that the BITSMO users get the best prices in the market, along with deep order books for efficient trading and exchange between 30 different cryptocurrencies.

Fund Transfer

Crypto traders, on many occasions encounter challenges when converting funds from fiat to cryptocurrency or vice versa. But on BITMO, users won’t experience any such problems. Thanks to its network of crypto friendly banking institutions, traders will have an easy time when converting funds to crypto. Moreover, the partner banking institutions allow traders to make coin transfers via their debit/credit card.

The BTSM Coin

BTSM is BITSMO’s native cryptocurrency which offers a range of benefits to its holders. The BTSM token holders are eligible for discounted trading fees (40%). A portion (25%) of the transaction fees will be allotted for distribution among the coin holders on a weekly basis. Another 10% will be set aside for the token buyback program which is executed on a monthly basis. Also, the platform gives back to the society by contributing 3% of the collected transaction fees to charity.

Customer Support

On many occasions traders encounter challenges while on any platform and need expert assistance to solve their problems. BITSMO understands that and has established dedicated live chat support channels and account manager hotline which can be used by the platform users to get their queries sorted. These channels are open 24/7.

The above BITSMO features are all tailor-made to suit the needs of its users. The amalgamation of advanced features, crypto exchange network with healthy competitive pricing allows its users to get the best deal in the entire crypto market and reap profits.

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