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Swap.Online to Launch Its Decentralized Platform

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With the development process completed, the Swap.Online platform is poised to be launched soon. The decentralized platform will be made available on the mainnet, allowing users to conduct transactions and enjoy services without having to pay any fees.

Created unlike any other crypto platform out there, Swap.Online is on a path to make cryptocurrency and blockchain services accessible and affordable to all. With respect to the platform’s development, Swap.Online’s CEO Alexander Noxon stated that the team has been working round the clock to create a common, easy to use wallet, like MyEtherWallet capable of supporting various cryptocurrencies and atomic swap functions.

Swap.Online platform comes with a built-in cross chain hot wallet and an atomic swap exchange. Through the swap exchange, users can carry out swaps between ERC-20 tokens, ETH, and BTC. To ascertain the functionality of the exchange, developers have already carried out the first atomic swap between EOS and Bitcoin both on mainnet and test blockchain.

Accessing the Platform

At the moment the users can only access Swap.Online via the web but developers are working to come up with a desktop version. Moreover, Swap is working to release a browser extension for Google Chrome. Swap.Online also plans to roll out another feature that will enable buying and selling cryptocurrencies for fiat.

Similarly, Swap. Online plans to add a Swap.Button widget which will allow users to carry out many transactions in one. Additionally, the Swap.Button will be used to accept contributions in crypto. Using the same technology used in processing payments via MasterCard or Visa at online stores, Swap.Button widget will enable users to receive ETH, BTC and any other tokens easily on its platform.

Swap Reward Campaign

Swap.Online has also launched a rewards campaign where it will use a special tool to award users with tokens. In order to win the tokens, users will have to make atomic swaps on the mainnet as well as testnet platforms.

Through their participation, they stand to get $500 worth of tokens from Swap.Online. To facilitate the management and distribution of the tokens Swap.Online has employed a special campaign manager who will handle everything. Similarly, from the 29th of August Swap.Online has been carrying out Airdrops of its tokens.

In addition to all the above, Swap.Online is planning to add more ERC20 tokens to its supported list of cryptocurrencies. And, at the same time, the platform is also open for suggestions from the community. Users can make use of the Swap.Online Telegram group to interact with the team, community and also submit their ideas and feedback.

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