AirPod’s Minimum Viable Product is Out, Crowdsale Continues

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With its ongoing ICO, AirPod has not only sold over 40,000,000 tokens to surpass the soft cap target, but also giving a glimpse of its product. The company has recently announced the launch of its Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that can be explored and tested even before the crowdsale comes to an end. As the idea grows in its investor’s mind, AirPod is giving them a chance to see the value of their investment and even encourage them to contribute more if they are convinced.

The first version of AirPod MVP will come equipped with a zero-gravity seat, providing users with the liberty to try the feature out. The company will continue to release newer versions of the prototype with additional features until all the features outlined in the whitepaper, as well as the user feedback and suggestions are implemented. The first MVP pod will be installed in the Capital of Slovenia’s Ljubljana Centre and will be available for consumers to use and provide feedback. The installation of the MVP pod showcases AirPod’s concept of giving users a private and conducive place to unwind in public spaces. Although the exact date of MVP launch is yet to be confirmed, the product will be ready for use in October.

Feedback from Consumers

Besides just relying on research, the platform has gone a step further and want real feedback from users. Users will have the liberty to use the products at their pleasure while giving either positive or negative feedback. From the obtained feedback, the platform will be able to know of any drawbacks or customer preferences and rectify the units accordingly before the actual launch. Apart from on-spot feedback, users can also send suggestions and recommendations on what aspects of the product needs to be changed entirely or improved further.

Sponsorship Program

The AirPod project has much bigger aims than running a token sale and installing the units in public places across the world. It ensures community involvement in each step of the business and one way of doing it is through the unique AirPod Unit Sponsorship program. The AirPod community can make use of the program to AirPod units at their location of choice and gain a lifetime passive income through revenue sharing. They will also have access to necessary information to make their sponsorship/investment decision.

Once invested in the program, members don’t have to worry about footing bills for any other expenses that may arise. The platform will take care of all the costs incurred during maintenance, cleaning, repairs and any other charges that may come up.

By introducing their MVP products for use, AirPod is building a rapport with both clients and consumers. The MVP will help set the expectations for the project, while potential customers and community members test the product. Feedbacks received in the process will go a long way to put the company on the path towards perfection. In entirety, AirPod has set its eyes on being a game-changer in the napping pod market.

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