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Meet RESTO – Groundbreaking Project Aimed to Change the Foodservice Industry With Blockchain Technology Implementation

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Resto has started the Token Sale on Oct 10 to launch the 4-pack Resto Loyalty Platform including customizable loyalty program with innovative marketing tools, user-friendly CRM system, an all-in-one app for payments with advantageous cashback and reliable feedback service.

Resto Loyalty Platform aims to integrate foodservice loyalty programs around the globe within the one whole Global Loyalty Space. The integrated loyalty space is meant to allow small foodservice businesses to launch loyalty offers and to send them straight to the targeted customer.  For the customer, in his turn, the platform chooses offers that are relevant to his or her taste preferences and gives a general currency to visit any foodservice operator participating in Resto anywhere in the world with cash back guarantee.

In a few words, Resto Loyalty Platform is a powerful competitive advantage for small business owners. It is a multipurpose customizable loyalty program. While the foodservice operator joins Resto, all it takes to create and launch a loyalty program is just completing a profile. The platform settings won’t let any operator cheat on customers and his final offer will be fair and advantageous. Moreover, the platform gathers and aggregates information about each customer’s preferences, assigning him or her a personal ID and continues to monitor them further. This way, as more customers are integrated into the system the superior customers’ database is being formed. It allows each restaurant to advertise their campaigns effectively, targeting customers according to their personal tastes, average amount spent, geolocation etc. Maximized personalization and cross-functionality of the marketing platform allows each operator to appeal directly to his core audience without involving a huge budget.

The playing field for Resto participants and users to interact within the Resto Loyalty Space is the Resto Wallet App. The app allows users to access all the services of Resto Loyalty Platform. Here one can get bonus RestoTokens from partner companies, can acquire tokens or even transfer them to other RLP users. RestoTokens can be exchanged for any cryptocurrency or fiat currency. Conventional loyalty program apps are often awkward and poorly adapted for use. Resto Wallet takes advantage of the QR-code function to make transactions more user-friendly than ever before. Each foodservice operator generates unique QR codes that can be scanned with the app and deliver transactions to the Resto CRM or any other foodservice POS system immediately. The user receives a QR code with his order payment and has 24 hours to scan it with the Resto Wallet app and get their bonus tokens.

Even more, for effective interaction between operators and customers Resto is going to launch Resto Reviews. It is a unique feedback service allowing only real consumers to submit a review of a foodservice operator. The platform is extremely simple, allowing small businesses to take pleasure in communicating with customers and make ratings grow to attract more potential consumers. Advanced statistics with breakdown by business units, products, average bill etc. help to provide conclusive summaries without costly research.

Resto is elaborated by the highly-experienced team with the support of a highly-regarded advisory team. Together we offer a universally beneficial solution to the real problems existing in the foodservice industry today. The solution is still unrivaled. It provides a chance to change things in fact. Resto Token is projected to perform at an ongoing growth rate through the engagement of each foodservice operator and the capture of each new country market. Step by step we will create a worldwide integrated loyalty space with crypto-cashback, the most competitive prices and the most attractive offers for consumers within the all-in-one mobile app and without any geo boundaries. Join the foodservice revolution!

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