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PeruCoin: A First of its Kind Cryptocurrency from Peru

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The overall adoption rate of cryptocurrency across the world has been impressive in the past couple of years. But all is not great as some countries like Peru continue to suffer from a rather low adoption rate, as less as 0.7%. There can be numerous reasons for such dismal performance so far, starting from lack of access to crypto-markets to sheer ignorance about this new-age economy. However, things are not all lost, as a bunch of experts from Bits2U are planning to change that, starting with the launch of PeruCoin.

As its name suggests, the PeruCoin is designed to meet the needs and requirements of Peruvians, and it also aims to create the much-needed awareness about cryptocurrencies, their underlying blockchain technology and the benefits associated with this new decade-old technological breakthrough. It will also encourage them to strengthen and diversify their finances by considering investments in crypto-economy. Further, the creators of PeruCoin also have plans to set up cryptocurrency mining farms across the country to put Peru on the world fintech map. These mining farms will also become a source of revenue and employment for locals, who will be trained in the technical aspects of crypto-mining.

Helping the Platform Help the Masses

In order to implement its big plans and build a strong community around it, PeruCoin has decided to opt for an ICO route. The crowdsale will give interested investors an opportunity to become part of a game-changing project in South America. The project, promoted by the founders of country’s well-known crypto platform, Bits2U, will be fueled by its namesake token – Perucoin (PERU).

PERU is an ERC20 compliant token on Ethereum Network. With a limited supply of 2 million tokens, the token main sale (ICO) is set to take place from February until April 2019. Each PERU has a fixed value of US$ 10, and the main ICO will have 500,000 units for sale. However, early adopters can take advantage of the early ICO sale to secure the tokens at a discounted rate of $6 until December 2018. Soon after, the platform will hold a month-long token presale, giving the last shot for participants to purchase PERU at $8.

The new cryptocurrency will be available across several exchanges and people can purchase it with a range of payment options. During the token sale, participants in the campaign can purchase PERU with various altcoins, BTC and fiat currency. The payment channels have been made available on the website.

Other Services Available

Apart from offering the tokens for investment, PeruCoin platform will be offering non-banking asset management solutions. Similarly, trading services, crypto-advisory, and alternative financial strategies services will also be available. Furthermore, the funds raised will facilitate the development of the mining farm in Peru. The mining farm is set to accommodate over 2000 mining machines. These farms will also be open for educational tours so that the local community can visit, understand and participate in the operation, first-hand.

Similarly, there will be 244,000 PERU available as a bonus for participants joining the affiliate program. Through the affiliates, PeruCoin platform is giving its users incentives to promote the coins while generating revenue. Moreover, the affiliates will be increasing awareness about PeruCoin hence propel the company’s goal further. PeruCoin has a hard cap of $10,000,000 while its soft cap is set at 5,000,000 USD.

As a part of their comprehensive roadmap, the project also has a token buyback program in place, which will be supported by the cryptocurrencies mined by PeruCoin’s mining farms. The platform will utilize about 30% of the mining revenues to purchase its native tokens from the crypto-market. The buyback program is designed to throttle the supply of tokens, and drive its demand upwards, which will further increase the token’s value.

With the token offering in place, the PeruCoin is also working towards supporting the token exchange over Bancor Network.

More information about the platform is available at

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