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The Fruitful Partnership Between GG World & Goldfingr Brings Various Benefits to Investors

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Recently, two big names have entered into a long-term partnership to offer a range of benefits to crypto investors and users. GG World Lottery, a unique blockchain based, transparent and mobile-friendly solution for government-regulated national online lotteries has joined hands with Goldfingr Investment Network – a well-known New York-based investment group to create attractive investment opportunities for accredited investors and players on the platform.

GG World’s Intervention in the Lottery Industry

GG World Lottery is successfully tapping into the unlimited potential of blockchain-based technologies and delivering unparalleled securities. The team is creating multiple African lotteries which are online, mobile-friendly, regulated.  The project ensures unparalleled transparency since it is based on blockchain-based technology and True Random Number Generator (TRNG) for additional security, transparency and traceability. The platform’s approach ensures draws occur as per the natural randomness of the world, based on the principles of quantum physics.

GG World replaces traditional, obsolete lottery infrastructure and mechanisms with an online solution capable of handling large-scale global lotteries made as per the preferences of the lottery issuer. The platform has acquired licenses to operate in multiple jurisdictions, in compliance with all applicable regional regulatory provisions.

GG World-Goldfingr Partnership – The Outcomes

The team members of GG World International have always been at the forefront of not only overseeing the regulation of public gaming markets but also in writing the rules and regulations globally to ensure the public maintains full confidence in the gaming products. Among the team members is Mark Hutchinson, CEO of GG International who is an industry expert with over 35 years of experience in the field, and also one of the leading authorities in emerging markets, especially Africa.

The latest partnership with Goldfingr Investment Network Club opens the doors for accredited investors and professionals, something which is not heard of when it generally comes to blockchain projects. Goldfingr CEO Rob Charles Wells and Partner Scott Nguyen are now backing the GG World project, adding further weightage to the highly credible project.

Speaking about his company and the roles it performs, Rob Charles Wells stated:

“In addition to capital, we connect entrepreneurs to the most influential investors and power structures that get deals done to accelerate businesses.” He further added, “Once a company is vetted and Goldfingr certified, they are more likely to close investment rounds and succeed.  For example, through our network, we’re confident that we can open doors for GG to 36 African countries, along with countries in Asia and Latin America.”

This partnership comes at the right time as the GG World already has big plans in place for the developing world markets like Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Meanwhile, Goldfingr members can easily consider investing in GG World and at the same time, GG World users can join the platform to find new investment opportunities.

A Successful STO

With its innovative blockchain-based technology, GG World Lottery will pioneer the industry within the continent, quickly becoming a trusted household name. Zambia is only the first of many countries where the team will deploy its lotteries to provide locals with a chance to access life-changing prize wins while, at the same time, support the local economy.

The GG World’s much-awaited public STO started on Nov 30th and the initial phase managed to raise over $5 million, which guaranteed the project’s further roll out. Since GG World bears differentiation in a way that it already has a well-developed product, the funds will solely by utilized for aggressive marketing strategies, securing prizes, securing advertising and launching the first lotteries.

To read more about the GG World and take part in its STO, please log onto its official website, or visit Twitter and Facebook page to receive regular updates or join the live discussion at their Telegram group!

Join Goldfingr

Goldfingr allows entrepreneurs and investors to become part of the exclusive club that comes with a range of benefits. They can gain more info about the platform and register themselves at Once registered, new users will get a place on the waiting list until their turn for confirmation. At any time, one can reach out to Goldfingr representatives over email at [email protected]

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