Zorax Algorithm: The Heart of Cryptoindex

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Since the time Cryptoindex launched the private token sale, it has been striving to enrich the digital trading experience, positioning itself as a fast-paced trading arena and depicting smart cryptocurrency indices and industry stats for traders.

Indices have been around on stock markets for a long time now. Since then, they have become indispensable as there is no other tool or strategy that can outperform the indices. Cryptoindex is a new generation index, that is implementing top-tech ML and Big Data technologies. Eventually, such new generation indices will appear in stock markets as well, as an inevitable stage of evolution of financial derivatives.

The Cryptoindex technology is based on the neural network algorithm called Zorax. The AI-based algorithm, being the heart of the Cryptoindex platform, applies a set of calculations to continuously balance the top 100 coins, representing the cryptocurrency market accurately on a real-time basis.

Cryptoindex & Zorax Algorithm

Cryptoindex100 is on its way to becoming the go-to market index for cryptocurrencies with Cryptoindex– a ranking platform that uses AI to generate results. Pointing to a unique algorithm called Zorax, the company’s AI assimilates a diverse range of data inputs from an equally diverse array of sources to create this index. The end results are noteworthy, as each coin is presented live at current prices as the index constantly updates. With the expressed aim of reducing, “human influences to a minimum,” the project has had some mixed reception, most of which have been positive so far.

The Cryptoindex’ CIX100 token is to fund a contender for the crypto crown. Some point to the fallibility of bots in legacy trading and question the abilities of such a highly automated approach to present worthwhile results. Cryptoindex is a complex platform that manages a user’s portfolio while monitoring the profitability thereof, ultimately eliminating under-performing coins.

More About Zorax Algorithm

The algorithm has been developed by mathematicians with years of experience in devising trading strategies for the markets. The AI seeks to give correct weight to data inputs based on comprehensive analysis, yet critics point to the need for breaking news and other inescapably human inputs to be a function of unavoidably human analysis.

VJ Angelo, the CEO of Cryptoindex, states:

“I find the opportunities and developments in the cryptocurrency world fascinating and exciting. Cryptoindex offers the opportunity to bring the new currency and banking world together with the traditional investment and trading model.”

Zorax’ Building Blocks

Cryptoindex’ system based on Zorax Algorithm, consists of 5 blocks.

1st block: the information collection system; a system of robots which aggregates information from tens of billions of actions from the cryptocurrency market participants, from various different sources.

2nd block: the analysis system, that uses the gathered data from the first block. The information is automatically systematized and transformed into factors on the basis of which the system will decide on the composition of the coins.

3rd block: neural network module; a set of five neural networks, which, on the basis of training, accumulates newly received information and creates forecasts for the most important metrics of cryptocurrencies.

4th block: test purchase module, that executes a test purchase and sale of each of the coins using a very small amount of funds from the platform’s special testing reserves.

5th block: rebalancing module; a system that makes a repeated analysis of all the coins every month, based on the whole dataset collected during the month containing long-term and mid-term factors.

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While the age-old debate on just how much speculation computers are capable of continues, Cryptoindex is stepping right into pole position as an industry touchstone. A portfolio aid for newcomers and experienced retail investors alike, the company aims to reduce volatility and thus risk in the average user’s portfolio.

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