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GG World Lottery: Earn a Steady and Passive Income

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GG World Lottery is a standard-setting project which is designed to be able to work within various lottery infrastructures. It introduces a lot of different ways for its users can make substantial returns. Most notably, GG World token holders will be entitled to receiving a lifetime GG revenue share, hence making a long-term and stable passive income.

Numerous Ways to Win

GG World Lottery is a unique project which puts the user at the forefront by introducing a variety of different ways for them make serious returns on their investments.

First and foremost, users will be able to participate in transparent, user-friendly and mobile online lotteries regardless of their current whereabouts. GG World Lotteries are designed with a mind for participants and they deliver unparalleled user experience.

Apart from this, users will also be able to support good causes and charities throughout all the participating countries. 

Lifetime GG Revenue Share

All GGCOIN token holders will be entitled to receiving a lifetime share of the revenue. This is based on every GG World Lottery Jackpot Prize win and, as such, every time someone wins the Jackpot, all of the investors are going to receive income with them.

This revenue string requires absolutely no further participation and it is entirely passive. The dividends are paid on a quarterly basis. They are based on all of the jackpot wins which have taken place during the given quarterly period.

The amount of GGCOIN tokens sold throughout the STO will determine the percentage of the overall dividends. The more tokens are sold, the higher the dividend will be.

In addition, participants are also able to profit from the unique Affiliate System as a total of 5 percent from the token supply is reserved for payments under the affiliate system. Each affiliate will be entitled to receiving 5 percent revenue share of all the tokens which are purchased by their leads. This will enable users to increase their passive lifetime revenue share potential.

International Lottery Powered by the Blockchain

GG World Lottery is a project which aims to deliver a fully online, government-regulated, as well as transparent lotteries. They take advantage of blockchain-based technology which enables it to solve a lot of the issues which are currently riddling the lottery industry.

At the same time, as seen above, it provides users with a range of different ways they will be able to make serious returns on their investment.

GG World is the very first project which takes advantage of a true random number generator with blockchain technology. This guarantees never-before-seen transparency, immutability, security, and auditability of the draws.

In addition, players can be certain that the numbers are drawn based on the quantum physics principles of true randomness in the world.

Having already raised upwards of $5.5 million through its STO, GG World Lottery will begin setting up the very first lotteries in Zambia.

You can take part in the project and benefit from the opportunity to establish a sustainable and passive income string by joining here.

Stay tuned on the project’s Facebook and Twitter page to receive regular updates. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them via the Telegram group.

What do you think of the numerous ways to win brought by GG World Lottery? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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