everiToken Conferred Blockchain Project of the Year Honor by the Southeast Asia Blockchain Alliance

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Asia is a prominent market for cryptocurrency and blockchain applications, and befittingly there are plenty of projects that have taken off in the region, attempting to solve a variety of industry issues. One such project is everiToken which recently won the “Blockchain Project of the Year” award from the Southeast Asia Blockchain Alliance. The award acknowledges the project’s design concept and key innovations, which are playing a crucial part in solving the problems of high development threshold, long development cycle, and poor security.

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The everiToken project has been in the news more times than one can guess, due to its collaborations and strategic partnerships with various public, private and government entities. At the same time, the ease of development and deployment of decentralized applications on the everiToken project is also said to have played a major role in enabling the company to earn the honor.

Based out of Jakarta, Indonesia, the Southeast Asia Blockchain Alliance is an international organization supported by various government bodies like ASEAN Technology Development Center, Indonesian Economic Coordination Department, Indonesian Ministry of Finance, Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs and more. Through this initiative, the region has attracted plenty of talented teams tapping into huge economic development opportunities in Southeast Asia. The recognition gained by everiToken is expected to help the project exchange information and share resources with Southeast Asian companies and enterprises for rapid development and application of blockchain technology to meet their needs.

A Huge Market Opportunity

The attitude towards Distributed Ledger Technologies is predominantly positive in Southeast Asia, with favorable terms of policies, and other contributing social and economic factors. Given that there is limited penetration of internet and banking solutions in the region, everiToken can potentially target a very huge market with its blockchain based payment solutions. The underlying everiPay protocol is capable of processing payments within seconds and it can readily support PoS machines, code-scanning guns, Bluetooth, NFC, and other widely used payment modes. In addition, by using everiToken over other cryptocurrency-based payment solutions, merchants don’t have to worry about high network fees in the form of GAS or equivalent on Ethereum and other blockchains respectively.

The everiToken project is much more than a blockchain based payment solution. It can be used for a range of applications across industry segments where implementation of blockchain technology is feasible. Few examples of such applications include smart door locks, smart factories, real estate, gaming, travel etc., where everiToken can provide standardized high-security solutions at low development costs and short development cycles.  The platform has already entered into strategic cooperation agreements with well-known names like HWG Group, Midas Protocol, everiPixel, LIYING, Cambodia Real Estate, etc.

The newly earned recognition combined with strategic partnerships are set to fast track the project to fame as everiToken’s solutions prepare to enter the market and empower local enterprises.

Learn more about everiToken at – https://www.everitoken.io/

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