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Milestone Achievement: GG World Lottery Obtains GLI Certification

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GG International, the company behind GG World Lottery, has successfully undergone a series of tests and acquired an important certification from Gaming Laboratories International (GLI). This marks yet another additional step to providing users with additional safety, transparency, and overall security.

GLI Certificate – Check!

GG World Lottery is proud to announce that it has obtained certification from one of the leading certifying entities – Gaming Laboratories International (GLI).

Gaming Laboratories International is an independent testing laboratory, accredited through ISO 17025:2005 and ISO 17065:2012.

The venue works to verify technical compliance of third parties and stacks them against the high industry standards. As such, GLI is trusted by 475 jurisdictions across the world.

The certificate signals that games offered on the respective platform are safe and secure for both the players and the operators. As such, it confirms that GG World Lottery’s landmark True Random Number Generator offers trusted security, guaranteeing that the draws are based on the quantum physics principles of true randomness.

The blockchain layer, on the other hand, is there to secure the transparency, verifiability, and complete immutability of the processes.

This milestone achievement adds one more layer of trust to the lotteries of the company. They aim to enhance the current condition of the lottery industry which is riddled by doubt and uncertainty.

Transparency as a Virtue

One of the core missions of GG World Lottery is to harness the power of blockchain and other emerging technologies in order to provide the much-needed trust and transparency in the industry.

While popular, legacy lotteries are getting continuously outdated due to a barrage of different factors, including the lack of verifiability, uncertainty surrounding drawing processes, and many more. GG World Lottery marches into the field, aiming to change all that, while, at the same time, still putting the player at the forefront.

Mind for the Players

Apart from all of the above, the project still puts the user at the driver’s seat by making sure that all of his preferences are carefully tended to.

Not only does the GLI certification add on the existing layers of security brought by GG World, but it also shows its commitment and willingness to go above and beyond.

This is fully complemented by a team of experienced professionals who are the backbone of the project.

Naturally, GG World Lottery has made sure that all of the STO investors and future token holders receive plenty of monetary incentives to participate.

Every token holder will be entitled to a lifetime revenue share paid quarterly. It’s based on every Jackpot ever won on GG World Lotteries. As such, it provides means for establishing a solid passive income and the greater the number of tokens they hold, the greater their share will be.

You can find out more about the project and take part in the security token offering on the official website.

You can also stay tuned on the project’s Facebook and Twitter page or join the live Telegram group if you have any questions.

What do you think about GG World Lottery? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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