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Avatar Vesa 1 year ago

What unifies humans is our unique ability to communicate. As slapstick stupid as that initially sounds, especially now that we seem to be failing at it so universally, I promise this comes from a fresh angle. Today, as there are many people opposing free speech and our societies are polarizing, upholding our point of view despite the pressure to conform, is essential. Also, those of us who have done it, know building something sustainable is hard. The effort to get a vision to thrive is an art that requires persistence and help from others. How do you keep the people you have fighting for your cause?

Flags most commonly used to signal the existence of tribe, an institution or a country. Red flags are symbolically used to alarm people of danger. The high wave of a flag on location, even in the face of war, brought people together against an external threat.It is the first thing that is planted when a territorial dispute is done. Under it, people often put their differences aside to maintain their community and way of life. The flag stands for the values and vision of the people hodling it. It served as a reminder towards what you are fighting for when running down hills to combat.  Do you have all those movies flashing in front of your eyes now?

Emancipation Of Value

After spending two decades with an integral creative perspective, I’ve now put it to the service of some companies. The process is very simple. My job is to listen to the founder’s vision, values, and service. Then interpret that into the most effective and powerful communication piece possible. The result can be transformed into many forms afterward.

This kind of thing is not for everyone. I wouldn’t be able to do it for people or companies who don’t make sense to me nor come from a place of integrity. In the case of David Johnson, the CEO of Latium, none of the mentioned were any issue at all. All things were aligned and the project was a delight from start to finish.

“Emancipation of Value” for Latium

As a part of it all, the best way to get the message across is to make a film about the process on Youtube.

Watch the mini-doc here

“Vesa is that rare individual who is dedicated to understanding someone else’s vision. His passion is overwhelming and he seems to connect emotionally with a founders vision. Vesa is an unmatched visionary in the crypto art space.”

— David Johnson, CEO of Latium

World Crypto Con

“Beyond Moon” for WCC

Thus far, the most elaborate project was done with Evolv Events for World Crypto Con 2018. ‘Beyond Moon’ put together the conference, crypto and Las Vegas in a whole package. It wasn’t only about showing one but 15 art pieces, a performance with a bodypaint dancer as well as a keynote about the importance of creativity in the space. Again, working with these guys was a breeze due to all of us being able to trust that we knew our corners.

You can watch the film about Beyond Moon here

Watch the performance and keynote here

Adam made sure our wall got built and fast.

Stay tuned for what we will do for 2019!

“Working with Vesa is a one of a kind experience. He has a gift for taking your vision and enhancing it into not only a beautiful piece of artwork but a story to share with the community. He is a true inspiration to the crypto and blockchain ecosystem. Not only as an artist, but as a messenger of what the future may have in store for all of us.”

— Adam Williams, Co-Founder of Evolv Events


I’ve also altered some of the originals to include company logos for re-paint pieces. The piece “Fork And Flip” was modified to include the wave-like OceanEX logo and I actually now prefer the altered version to the original. As an AI-powered cryptocurrency exchange, they deal with these two opposing forces on a daily basis, so the logo serves as a balancing force between the two.

The co-founder Daniel Kelman was easy to work with and finding the fitting visual match came together naturally. It was a strange feeling to think that a company collaboration would actually feel like an improvement of the art, as opposed to the other way around, but it’s true.

“Vesa delivered a customized piece that both commemorated the launch of my new exchange,, and enhanced the work’s uniqueness and collectability.  I own a number of his pieces but this one is without a doubt my favorite.” – Daniel Kelman, Chief Strategy Officer at and OceanEx

The same thing was done with Silver 8 Capital LLC.

Due to the previous two, the 3rd and only Fork And Flip in original form to be sold, is still available. It recently headlined an article on crypto art in Forbes.

In Media and Social

The other part of this all is me appearing on podcasts, TV interviews, lectures, traveling to speak and perform at conferences and written media to talk about the things I am working on. This is, in addition, to directly writing here on News BTC, straight to the community about it too. The whole thing ties to mass adoption.

The latest collaboration was with Data Bunker, who simply covered my travel and accommodation costs to go to The North American Bitcoin Conference and Art Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

Commissions Structure

Have a look at what is on offer at on the dedicated commission’s page on Art For Crypto.Com.

Get in touch for special bear market project prices.

By the feel of crypto right now, I doubt that they will be available for too long.

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Vesa is a contributing art writer on News BTC. He is credited for innovating an entirely new art form Artevo and his new platform Art For Crypto, focuses on art for and about the blockchain. He is best known for his collaboration...

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