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Dedicated Global Ecosystem Paves the Way to Real Cryptocurrency Adoption

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Powered by advanced technologies, all-in-one crypto trading platform aims to change the world of cryptocurrencies by creating a global ecosystem involving a range of blockchain-based services and products.

A new global ecosystem shaped around cryptocurrencies seeks to change the way people leverage different crypto-based products and services. Blockchain startup YPTOspace argues that in spite of the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, the user experience is impractical, making adoption slow.

The project’s value proposition is to develop a unified platform that works without delays or middleman. By merging finance and crypto in an all-in-one platform, YPTOspace claims it will be able to provide trading at the lowest fees; but also a wide range of other related services. The purpose is to increase utility while reducing volatility, ensuring higher security, better scalability, and increased privacy.

An all-in-one  crypto & fiat management platform

Cryptocurrencies are currently mainstream, being used in numerous ways and in various applications. In the absence of a universal platform to combine all services in a single place, YPTOspace was developed as a combined ecosystem where exchanging, trading, investing, betting, and accessing crypto-related news can be done from a single place. As mentioned in the YPTOspace whitepaper, the end goal of the project is to “create a global ecosystem that lets anyone send any currency and receive it like any other currency. Users can send Bitcoin and have them arrive as Dollars or Euros. Users can make payments in Euros, and businesses can receive them as Ether or the platform’s native cryptocurrency – YPTO Coins.”

On YPTOspace, users benefit from a variety of services and products, thus improving both personal experience and utility when operating crypto or fiat currencies. Two of the services currently functioning are TradeYPTO for buying and selling cryptocurrencies at low fees and PayYPTO where users can pay and get paid instantly in the currency of their choice. At the time of writing, the team is working on developing the ecosystem, with plans to add services such as  CardYPTO, BotYPTO, YPTOnews, BankYPTO, and more in the future.

YPTOspace aims to connect real-world payment platforms to digital assets with a next-generation ecosystem that will simplify and streamline cryptocurrency-enabled services. With blockchain at the core of the project, the platform seeks to drive adoption across an entire financial spectrum. The team at YPTOspace has mentioned that they: “will deliver a user-focused framework that offers seamless integration between blockchain-based digital assets and traditional payment gateways, solving existing problems of the current fiat and digital asset sectors.”

YPTO Coin will be the backbone of the entire platform. Deemed as a utility token on YPTOspace, it will be used to facilitate global transactions, cover fees, reward contributors, and compensate users for using the platform’s integrated products and services. By providing a full-fledged service geared toward people with limited financial or technical knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, YPTOspace claims it is determined to provide users with resources meant to help them make informed decisions when trading crypto via its upcoming apps such as YPTOnews, YPTOideas, and YPTOchat.

The core team at YPTOspace is made up of passionate experts in industries like software development, quality assurance, finance, marketing, and media. The project’s pre-ICO is now live, and registration will end on March 25. The ICO will span over the course of four weeks, from March 25 until April 26, and it will be conducted in four phases. The official launch of the YPTOspace platform is scheduled to go live in the second quarter of 2019 with four initial services: TradeYPTO, PayYPTO, CardYPTO, and BetYPTO.

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