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LendaBit Slashes Platform Fees, Offers Easy Borrowing Option Against Crypto Collateral

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As blockchain technology continues to make inroads into industries, changing how business models in place are working, many industry players have taken the opportunity to launch other platforms. And, LendaBit is one fintech company that’s leveraging blockchain technology in its lending platform. It has already pulled together lenders willing to offer loans to the people onto its platform.

LendaBit combines distributed ledger with a peer-to-peer feature to offer instant loans to borrowers once they fill out the necessary information and provide some form of crypto-collateral, entirely online. To achieve its primary goal, LendaBit has developed the platform keeping its users in mind. The platform has high-end user-friendly features, and its interface is well designed to enable users to navigate easily while filing in their loan application. The Unique Loan Wizard on LendaBit cuts down the time taken from signing up on the platform to the issuance of loans to new users.


Fee Reductions and Instant Unverified Loans

With the platform’s customer base increasing at a steady pace, LendaBit has decided to reduce its fees for both lenders and borrowers. It has managed to ensure what’s possibly the lowest fee in the sector, amounting to a fixed 1% from earlier 3% for borrowers and 0.5% for lenders. The new fee slab provides a great advantage to borrowers as they will be able to put most part of the loan to good use.

New users on LendaBit also have an option to secure a loan of 300 USDT without having to go through the process of verification.

Efficient Customer Support

Apart from all the above, users will now have access to LendaBit customer support center throughout the week. Furthermore, with a ticket handling capacity of over 12,000 per month, users are assured to receive the answers from support staff in as less time as possible.

In addition, LendaBit has forged partnerships with Exonum and Crystal Blockchain to provide users with a more secure and reliable service to its users.

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