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Gambling with skins and cryptocurrency has been around for a few years, with a range of websites to pick from. But not all websites offer a wholesome service as they promise. is a licensed online casino which strives to provide a fun, yet safe & secure online betting experience for users, hence the site is provably fair. A separate server is used to verify the fairness of each game, and users can also test the fairness of the game by entering the SHA256 hash.


First-class Games

Gamdom has a variety of exciting games in which players can gamble using their VGO skins, CS:GO skins, and Dota 2 skins. When depositing skins into your account, they are automatically converted into Gamdom coins, the platform’s own digital currency which you will use in your gambling activities.

With four available games: Tradeup, Roulette, Crash, and HiLo, users can deposit using their Bitcoin or skins for accepted games, such as CS:GO, and attempt to increase their balance by playing. The platform has immaculate graphics that give the games a good visual appeal and make the gambling experience purely fun. Moreover, users of the platform are assured that the games are legitimate, thanks to the websites’ provably fair system.

Free Coins

Gamdom provides users with free coins through daily rewards, giveaways, and Rainbot. Users can get free coins from any of those three by following different approaches as explained below.


What sets Gamdom apart from other skin gambling sites is its unique Rainbot feature. The site’s owners and wealthier users deposit coins in a pot and the bot then distributes the funds to the active chat users every 2-28 minutes.

Users can claim this bonus by clicking on the blue cloud that pops up in the chat. Also, if you add “” to your name, you can earn 50% more on your bonus. Keep in mind that the popup only stays on the screen for about a minute or so; be sure to click it as soon as you see it.

Daily Rewards

A user of Gamdom can benefit from daily rewards by ensuring that his account is verified. You can verify your account by using your phone (SMS verification), and you can always click on the settings tab on the website to check the status. Once your account is verified, you will be able to access the daily reward & free Rainbot coins.

The user level determines the daily rewards offered on the Gamdom site. If your experience is minimal, you can still increase it by using the Name Promotion and, thereby, position yourself higher by gaining XP points, increasing your account level, and receiving more coins from the daily reward and the Rainbot.


Gamdom provides users who follow the platform on VK, Twitter, or Instagram with numerous contests and giveaways by completing simple instructions, such as following Gamdom on their social media and sharing the post. Furthermore, users can claim a maximum of 2% of their total bet coins and receive a maximum of 2% of their total deposits for every free coin claim.

Extra Winnings with Bonus Jackpot Rounds

Crash Jackpot

Gamdom’s progressive Jackpot offers crash players the chance to win a very attractive bonus. The winner gets 75% of the Jackpot and the remaining 25% is divided between all the other users in that round according to their profit.

Roulette Jackpot

The roulette jackpot works on a similar basis as the Crash jackpot. Each round, the site adds 1% of the total bets to the jackpot. When the jackpot is released (which can happen at any time), 70% of the jackpot goes to the winner and 20% will be split between those that have bet on the winning colour. The remaining 10% is evenly distributed to those that have bet on the remaining colours. Players have the chance of winning the jackpot each time they participate in a roulette round.

HiLo Jackpot

When the HiLo jackpot is won, 52% of the jackpot is given to the winner, 30% will be divided among those that have bet on the winning card/cards and 18% will be split between players that have bet on the losing colors.

Gamdom also puts in 0.1% of the total bets each round to the jackpot. Players have a chance of winning the jackpot each time they place a bet on HiLo based on how much they have earned.

Provably Fair Policy is a verified site, which means that all games played on the platform are provably fair. A separate server is used to verify the fairness of each game, and users can also test the fairness of the game by entering the SHA256 hash.

The platform generates, for each game, a chain of 10 million SHA256 hashes. After a game ends, its hash is published so it can be compared with the previous game in order to determine if any modifications took place. The results of all future games are always predetermined based on the mathematical cryptographic distribution of the SHA256 function. In order to prevent anyone from choosing an alternate SHA256 chain, the chain is also publicly displayed on the website. This also proves that Gamdom is not able to manipulate the results in any form.

Stress-free Withdrawal

The procedure of withdrawing your bitcoins, items, or skins from Gamdom is very easy and stress-free. Once you deposit 1,000 coins and wager with 100% of the deposited amount, you are ready to withdraw. Simply use the “Marketplace” and chose the number of skins or Bitcoin you want to withdraw. Items and skins are delivered almost immediately unless there are any errors on the users’ side.

Bitcoin withdrawals are also quick and have low fees, but can sometimes take longer than usual because of unexpected blockchain delays which are out of the websites’ control. Thanks to a wide range of skins and items available on the Marketplace, users are rarely left without anything to withdraw for the amount of coins.

Available Support

Users can access three types of support on the platform: normal support, technical, and marketing support, meaning that there is experienced staff working in each department. Therefore, as a user, you would never be left unattended with your problem. The platform also offers a FAQ section to help address some of the pertinent questions that most users confront in attempting to use the platform.

To improve the website’s user experience, Gamdom is constantly looking for new and talented developers. If you are an interested developer, you can find out more by accessing the following link –

Gamdom is a CS:GO gambling platform that provides users with an avenue of multiplying Bitcoins, CS:GO, VGO & Dota 2, as well as vIRL items. It strives to offer gamers the best gambling experience with a safe, trustable casino environment.

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