Why The Fomo Bro?

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Please Don’t Bore The People

The yet to be published piece for the Litecoin Foundation commission piece ‘Invisible’ will arrive in a couple of days. The zoom session with Charlie was great to clarify some important elements to nail it. I can’t wait to get my hands on it to start the re-paint process and eventually share the piece with those interested. The above chat will be a part of the story video when I get to it eventually. The storyline became super ambitious and it will be a real mission to make the explanation part for it. Once again, with everything else going on simultaneously, the amount of work on my plate has left me fantasizing about a time warp ability, a body double or at least an extra pair of detachable hands.

Why The Fomo Bro?

With the new planned motion graphics pieces, it became painfully obvious my production gear is hopelessly out of date. Rendering the high-resolution visual effects on my current computer is like licking sandpaper for Jesus. No one knows why it has to be done in 2019 nor ever. Waiting for the multi-layered 5K resolution images that move is a challenge for a render farm so a MacBook shall not pass. This is why I’m now making a ‘fomoffer’ for a physical piece called ‘Red Eye’ as 70% off.

For the first time ever, also the digital origin piece is included in the deal. None of my other crypto works origin files have been sold even as one off’s stand-alone piece, let alone a package deal, so is truly an exception. Essentially it is two major works for the price of a radically reduced one.

Watch the 3-minute video on Youtube

This article is designed to work around the video above, so you might miss a few things if you don’t invest a couple of minutes into it. I take none of your attention for granted so it’s a ride.  I worked for a week on it and it features some of my stumbling beginnings in the visual effects world. The meaning of the art is explained there, so I won’t go into it in the text form.

Including the insight within the art and the expression as a whole, in commercial terms, the above video also represents the new era of promotion in terms of how art will be sold. In the traditional art world, there are likely many who would consider this kind of promo a sacrilege. This attitude, of course, benefits the legacy system nonsense and keeps the artists in poverty. If your art has substance, how you sell it is up to you. My coming keynote will go deep into this fuckery as I resent the old gallery system for a multitude of reasons. My estimate is that this kind of art promotion will be adopted by many artists in the coming years.

Finance Provenance

Not many crypto pieces have graced the pages of Forbes so in this way too, ‘Red Eye’ is an exception. For those new to the art world, this kind of provenance adds to the value of a work. The more notoriety and trackability the piece has, the more down the line proof of authenticity are available. Crypto art is playing the long game and those reading this are witnessing the top end of the beginning. Naturally, the permanent blockchain verification codes are even more important for this. Here is the one for the physical piece on Codex Protocol gallery. The digital piece will be added to the gallery once the work sells.

Proof Of Art

The digital version included in the deal (above)

Recently the NY based King Mallard aka Jarid Blue used the Red Eye digital file to be projected on the eclectic muse Zie. Recommend checking out their work. Jarid gives people projected art ‘light baths’. We realized we had many things in common while exhibiting at the Art Fort Lauderdale fair, which led to this and some coming collaborations. It is again something that adds to the value history of this art.

The Offer Many Will Have To Refuse

Let’s be real, $12.000 is a lot of money to most people in the world. I certainly could not afford my own works currently. These are high-value luxury items, which will eventually mostly be in museums, galleries, and security protected homes. Humbling as the journey has been, I know the value of these pieces in my bones. The substance and delivery deserve a top spot in the industry and I make no apologies for it.  Through a couple of decades of personal sacrifice, I’ve been able to build something with a global reach and what will keep delivering in a holistic way. I work hard for this art to keep increasing its bull trajectory. You might be buying it for a multitude of reasons but the smart collectors will have a point of view of a future decade or more.

This is piece and expression is definitely for those who have made some great financial decisions in their lives. Luckily those aren’t scarce in the world of crypto so that’s why fomo. Is it you who gets it?

Offer video on Youtube

Direct buy link via fiat

Direct contact

Viva! Again.

As mentioned in the video, much of the new expression, performances, and keynotes will first be heard and seen at the Vegas Blockchain Week. The Litecoin Summit 2019 project will have many layers to the experience, which I’ve already been working on for the past two months. Looks like this thing is keeping me busy until the rest of the year so won’t be able to attend many conferences before then. You can see all on offer via Evolv Events for the week here.

By buying this piece, you will become an integral part of the unfolding story.

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