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CryptoSlots Player Pockets Over $100,000 on the Provably Fair ‘Jackpot Trigger’

Avatar Guest Author 12 months ago

One crypto player has lucked on a $100k win across a single payline in CryptoSlots’ unique Provably Fair game Jackpot Trigger. It gives its players the chance to win up to $1,000,000 in one spin with player LETTERMAN43 being the biggest winner to date.

“All I can think of right now is hitting the beach this summer,” the player replied when contacted by the casino. “I think my wife and I will spoil ourselves a bit!”

The Jackpot Trigger is one of the shiniest jewels in this casino’s crown, a slot that can only be played with tokens collected by playing other games. No money comes out of the player’s account when they bet on this slot, so any win is a bonus. The aim of the game is to match symbols across the 10 paylines, with the help of a useful ‘Hold’ feature. LETTERMAN43 matched three Red 77s to secure the massive $100,000 milestone win.

How does Provably Fair work?

As with all of CryptoSlots’ games, the Jackpot Trigger is Provably Fair. This blockchain tool is being readily adopted by trustworthy casinos as a way to let players test the fairness of games. Any game that is Provably Fair can be fully verified as trustworthy.

Before any game, a set of outcomes is randomly generated and hashed. Once the player has made his spin, he/she can then check the hashed outcomes and see the one that their outcome was among the set of nine. CryptoSlots was one of the first crypto casinos to adopt this concept across all games and it offers a detailed and easy way for players to verify any game.

Crypto’s Role in Online Gambling

The player also remarked that he had enjoyed some successful Vegas trips, but that he had never won such a sum until now. This hits home at the impetus for casino players towards making their wins on the internet. The rise in mobile use and ease of online payments has skyrocketed the casino industry.

The more astute players have now been using cryptocurrencies as a means of depositing and withdrawing for a long time. And more crypto gamers are being welcomed into the fold. The simplicity and transparency offered by using crypto cuts out payment issues that have long plagued an otherwise burgeoning industry. Zion Market Research highlighted the significance of cryptocurrencies in the growth of the online casino market in years to come.

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