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Sessia: A Social Network that Suits the Needs of Businesses and Individuals Alike

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Social networks are becoming an important part of our daily lives. These platforms have undergone a lot of transformation since the days of Myspace and Orkut to today’s largest social networking platform, Facebook. However, the rise of Facebook is mired with controversies starting with the platform’s idea itself. In recent days, Facebook’s attempts to monetize all available avenues at the cost of users’ privacy has received a significant backlash.

In spite of all these, the importance of these social networks for businesses is undeniable. However, shoving business messages to unwitting users on conventional social network platforms and monetizing their private information doesn’t go well for these platforms or the businesses that are using them to reach out to their audience. An ideal solution in this scenario is a dedicated platform for businesses and consumers alike where everyone has something to gain. Sessia is making this possible with its new generation social network that is based on blockchain technology.

So, how is Sessia different from other social networks? In the words of Sessia’s Founder and President, Narek Sirakanyan,

“We aren’t just developing the most revolutionary business app – we are changing the eco-system of modern online sales. Now, any business, big or small, can not only attract new clients without the help of third parties, but also promote loyalty, while clients can earn money from their own and their friends’ purchases.”

Narek’s Experience and Vision Realized

Narek Sirakanyan has over the years established himself as a visionary entrepreneur and a proven leader. Having studied in Canada’s leading McGill University, Narek has held some of the impressive positions in huge organizations. After having started as an Analyst at the Investment Banking Department of Credit Suisse Bank, Narek has over 8 years’ experience as an investment banker, during which he has managed over $20 billion worth of IPOs and M&A transactions. During his stint in the sector, he mastered the skill of managing multiple projects, which has come in handy in his recent endeavors.

Moving from investment banking, Narek Sirakanyan joined a Russian state-owned corporation – Rosatom that specializes in nuclear energy. As the Vice-President of International Mining Division, he was personally responsible for the organization’s bond issue worth more than $500 million which was followed by a currency swap transaction. These two crucial career moves helped him look at things in a different light, sensing real opportunities and the potential impact of realizing them.

Since then, there has been no turning back for Narek. And now, he is managing 48 different projects, in different verticals, all of which is consolidated under the Freedom International Group with Narek Sirakanyan as its President. Sessia is born of Narek’s vision of combining all these businesses into one useful app, which will not only help his own Freedom International Group but also other companies, irrespective of their size.

In a recent interview, Narek stated the importance of IT technologies and networking when it comes to businesses by stating, “Everything was not born in one day. You have time, if you work properly structured and systematized, and if all projects are somehow connected with each other. I was lucky that I managed to link all the projects. And customers who are associated with one project, buy products or use the services of other projects. A huge synergy is created among the projects. And in terms of savings and turnover. Pretty quick growth. There are clients who know us, trust us and use our services in different countries of the world.” With Sessia, he is creating a similar effect, on a much larger scale involving both businesses and consumers.

Overview of Sessia

Sessia is predominantly focused on the needs of businesses while catering to the online social needs of consumers and regular users. It is designed in such a way that the companies using the platform achieve their goals of advertising, promotions, and sales while benefiting users with attractive deals, cashbacks, loyalty programs and satisfying their need to interact with friends, family, and peers, all at the same time. Sessia is a social network where one can buy all they need and earn money while doing that.

Last year, turnover of Sessia LLC has reached more than $30 million. Now Sessia has opened offices in the USA, Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Russia, and Taiwan, and the community of loyal customers surpasses 200,000 members and more than 100 businesses. It has built a robust ecosystem with the platform being accessible on the web, or through mobile applications available on Google Play Store and Apple AppStore. The underlying blockchain infrastructure is fueled by KICKS token, which also acts as a universal medium of value exchange within the ecosystem, further supported by fiat and cryptocurrency payment options.

Sessia for Individuals

Users on Sessia have access to many major brands from across the world, as the company forges partnerships with reputed business houses, retailers, cafes and restaurants and service providers. The shopping options with attractive cashbacks, discounts, and deals, allows users to get more bang per buck and flaunt their new acquisitions or leisure pastime to their friends on the social network.

What if you are a Business?

For businesses, Sessia has a whole suite of tools designed to help them perform better in terms of sales, customer acquisition and promotions, while keeping their cost overheads to the minimum. All business users on Sessia will have access to 6 tools:

SessiaPay – provides any business with an instant crypto merchant account. 
SessiaMarket – allows offline business to launch e-commerce with maximum ease and speed.
SessiaCRM – a smart CRM system with integrated AI features. 
SessiaSMM – an innovative approach on how to advertise products and services to the friends and followers of their current clients. 
SessiaLoyalty – the first globally connected cryptocurrency cashback system in the world with instant payouts. 
SessiaLogistics – ability to easily integrate with all the logistic companies without API. 

The cost of doing business with Sessia

For users, it is virtually zero. Instead, they get to profit from loyalty programs, cashbacks, and endless deals.

When it comes to businesses, Sessia offers the platform and tools for free. The platform makes money through commission fees, which is set at 20% of the cashbacks and other kickbacks offered to customers.

And then there are investors in the project who could potentially be the biggest beneficiaries of Sessia’s growth and associated reputation. Last year, the platform registered a turnover of over $30 million. It also has a 200,000 strong community of users, while the platform continues to test new features before making them available to the public across the world.

Sessia is currently in the process of organizing an IEO on some of the top exchanges including Coineal and Bitforex.

Learn more about Sessia at

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