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Cryptowl Group Brings Passive Investment Opportunities in Bullish Cryptocurrency Industry

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Cryptowl Group has introduced five investment plans for investors interested in exploring opportunities in the bullish cryptocurrency industry.

The Hong Kong-based firm is a miner and supplier of some of the world’s most promising cryptocurrencies. Those services prompt Cryptowl to set up specialized mining farms equipped with dedicated hardware and a constant flow of electricity. These farms allow the firm to participate in the running and securing of several blockchain networks. In return, Cryptowl earns incentives in the form of blockchain tokens, which it later sells for fiat money at the best available exchange rate.

“Our specialists are engaged in active altcoins mining while using specialized high-tech equipment, which gives a great chance to use crypto mining resources to provide the highest efficiency level,” reads Cryptowl’s business website.

“Our traders use the coins they managed to mine for their further sale and profit-making as well. We sell the cryptocurrency at the most favorable rates, due to in-depth analytics and accurate forecasting, thereby providing both our investors and us with high profit.”

Cryptowl’s investment plans, as a result, tend to make investors, partners. Their financing goes into running a substantial part of Cryprowl’s day-to-day operations and therefore deserves the maximum returns, as explained in the section as follows.

Cryptowl Investments Plans

The five investment plans, as introduced above, cater to investors of all kinds: retail and institutional alike.  Those with a weak capital can choose Cryptowl’s Start Investment Plan. It allows investors to begin earning daily returns in 1.5-2 percent range by injecting money as little as 0.01 BTC to as high as 0.29 BTC.

The Start Investment Plan requires investors to invest the capital for 85-114 days.

BASIC Investment Plan, the second among the total five, requires investors to inject anything between a minimum of 1.3BTC and a maximum of 3BTC. In return, the plan brings a daily return on investments ranging between 2.5 and 3 percent daily. The investment period is 76-64 days.

The third one in the offerings is the PREMIUM Investment Plan. It takes about 76-64 days to expire and requires 1.3-3 BTC in investments. In return, the plan provides a 2.5 to 3 percent daily return.

The last two plans are named VIP and Piggy Bank. With the VIP Investment Plan, users can invest a minimum of 0.01 BTC and a maximum of 50 BTC to earn a flat 3.5% per day. The investment period is 58 days.

Meanwhile, the Piggy Bank is a life-long deposit period with a 1% return per day. The investment range is 0.01 BTC to 50 BTC. Investors can withdraw the body of the deposit at any time, minus a 20% commission.

There is also a sixth, unique plan: the Reinvestment Plan. If an investor chooses to activate it, he/she will be able to withdraw their payments before the date of break-even. At the same time, the investor will receive any further deposits in their balance account. They will only be available for a withdrawal only when the net profit has is automatically sent for reinvestment.

Proprietary Script, Security, and Expansion

Cryptowl ensures guaranteed returns mainly because of its proprietary script that allows them to trace and mine only those cryptocurrencies whose interim market bias is bullish. The firm also employs a workforce to work alongside automation, so that it does not miss any significant market opportunity.

Also, investors can trust in receiving their returns timely, in full, while enjoying world-class DDoS protection with uninterrupted user experience.

Cryptowl also intends to open representative offices in the USA, Australia, and Great Britain. The firm also has plans to launch a futures exchange.

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