A Relaxed Crypto Meet-Up In London

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I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE CRYPTOOOOOOOO! Yes. I’m a fanboy. So much has happened again I have to write another right after this to not lose what is about to go down. As you can sense, not formal on this one everybody. Every now and again, you run into humans with a lot of life and positivity in them — the kinds of people that wake a place up when they walk in. They know a better way to improve things, rather than to just complain, is to make good things happen. Together, we decided to shake things up a bit here in the meetup scene here in London. They can be a wee bit dry you see. The first one is starting from Richmond, West London, on the 4th of July. We can only accommodate about 40 people. It’s time London can send some rockets in the air that day too.

The ladies in question are Sarah Louise and Enrica from the Unblocked Podcast. We all agree a large part of the tech world should more utilize creative solutions to make things more interesting. Some magnetism in the people making it happen is helpful, Obviously, while not compromising what the big picture is. Don’t worry, we ain’t gonna Bitconnect it. The substance is king. In many meetups, you have to first hear a million companies pitch stuff in long-winded ways. We do it differently. We ain’t formal nor making money from this.

Don’t let the monster out!

Whats a Vape got to do with it?

To back up a bit, some time ago, I ventured into the House of Vapes in Richmond Upon Thames in search of some CBD to potentially sooth my asthma. The otherwise funky place has nothing on the walls, and I’ve got art that is wrapped up in storage. With the theme of improving things in a way where everyone wins, I blurted out a collaboration idea. This short episode with the ladies first mentioned shows a preview of the first joint crypto meet up / art show & after drinks.

As you can see we were off to a rough start but sailed through it! Watch it here.

I’ll also bring in the potentially $1,000,000+ unique physical “Blood On The Podcast Floor” piece with me. I’d love to hear some feedback on how to improve the process, impact, and solutions to maximize it’s potential. Here it is, below, at the most recent Crypto A.M conference a couple of days back. Many thanks for the Crypto Insider James for hosting this amazing event.

As a regular at the SO Bar, I thought those not yet satisfied with the amount of crypto conversation can try to shake their bodies uncontrollably off-beat while drinking some delicious cocktails. You know, just to return back to the subject at hand.

Also STEREOSCOPIC will be on view both physically and as an AR piece.

We are starting with a couple of short speeches and then it is all about informal networking and talking about crypto. Both are a short walking distance from Richmond Station.

HOUSE OF VAPES, Richmond Upon Thames, TW9 1DNLondon

Thursday 4th July 6PM

Likely shifting to SO bar at about 8PM.

10 Brewers Lane, Richmond, Tw9 1hh

Tokencard.io and Craft Coin Company are the kind sponsors of the free drinks offered at HOV and SO Bar so feel free to check out them out!

See you there.

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