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Avatar Vesa 8 months ago

Once more, I was proud to present the BAD charity project to a group of people from various ethnic identities, faiths, gender, political views and temperaments. With some courage, amplified by the liquid form of it, we attempted to lower to bar to participate in something good. The main feature of a crypto meetup, for once, was creativity and fun. To spectrum tech people, this might come as a surprise, but business is a natural byproduct once people talk to one another casually. The new political climate is challenging for everyone and a positive facilitated atmosphere is more important than ever. When many display their uncompromising online virtue, we proudly showcase our flawed but optimistic nature in real life. Once in person, our instinct to get along kicks in. Under the umbrella of crypto, free beer, and ‘literally on fire cocktails’, we were all brothers and sisters.

I’m grateful to have co-hosted the event with the Unblocked podcast ladies. They worked incredibly hard inviting people, getting Rodolfo involved, sourcing the wine, foods and making sure the event felt vibrant. Together with our sponsors, we were able to pull in a serious selection of movers and shakers of crypto. Watch the Crypto, Art & Chill event video by Rodolfo Chrisafulli here.

Watching Paint Dry

After being a homebody for months after all things US, I was socially bored out my skull working indoors and just waiting for the summer to escalate. Nothing much of fun and of real interest was going on in London. This mental one direction rubber band twist unraveling, with the help of Crypto Arnie’s champagne, got me way too drunk a couple of times just now. With new opportunities to present my work to the community via City A.M’s resident crypto insider James Bowater, London is finally starting to open up. The Crypto A.M event, Goldfingr club opening by Rob Charles, the crypto breakfast and now our meetup with the Unblocked ladies, the past two weeks have been a festive earthquake.

Watch the video by here

Watch the Goldfingr opening video here

Crypto, Art & Chill

Before the House of Vapes event, I was kindly invited by the Craft Coin Company people to come to see the German Kraft Beer brewery, a partner brewery, where you can use the Craft Beer Coin. At that point, I thought it would be an industrial location with beer I can’t drink (forced gluten free life), so I wasn’t yet sold. Arriving on the beer garden mini-city scene though, not only did they have the most glorious ‘live beer’ (unfiltered, unpasteurized & gluten-free option), but the place was like a movie set built for foodies. The uncompromising sustainability aspect was further immersion. All the world’s foods, drinks, a mini-cinema and the ‘Glass Haus’ outdoor tap room to serve beer – all of which can be ordered and paid for using the Craft Beer Coin app. This way it is 20% cheaper and quicker with fast lane pick up points on the bar. Florian K CEO of Craft Coin, helps push adoption of this tech by funding small breweries and artisans to do the same. It’s like an adult Disney world holiday compressed to one location without the kids. Afterward, they brought the fun to us to the event. It’s usually me who receives the wow effect, but this time it was reversed.

Usually, after you’ve listened to companies pitch for way too long at events, you might get a couple of drinks, and at best, a slice of pizza during networking. With the help of Tokencard, once we had gotten everyone pretty merry already, we continued to So Bar to raise the bar higher. There Yannis showcased the power of their fancy credit card as well as opened up a tab so you could order what your heart desired. To close a previous loop, this part and parcel of me getting a little wobbly towards the end. Coming from the difficulty of making a living as an artist and the fairly ruthless world of business in general, the communal utopia we were able to create for a bit is a ‘user experience first’ idea. Many money coaches say wealth is not acquired, it is created. We resonate with this and agree. Creativity is the force through which the next thriving world is generated. Crypto needs to embrace this wholeheartedly or get trampled under those that choose to take it seriously before it’s too late.

Back In The Day

With this, I’m also finally able to give some attention back to Helsinki Capital partners for supporting me in the past. The #HCPSPIRIT project has supported many artists and community projects in Finland to become a reality. The LUX project was able to send a crew of people to Austria to twice to capture many essential parts because of them. A while ago, they became a B certified company for corporate sustainability and social responsibility. Knowing many of them personally, this is another rare case of more than calculative greenwashing. They are also with us for the statement that creativity matters. They covered the costs of sending the Veena Malik works over to London when I first moved here. Up until now, it has only been in a private show residence so happy to have it out in the open.

The works on the walls will be at the House Of Vapes, Richmond for a year and are available via major coins. Go check out the AR aspect of “Stereoscopic” and see a project that changed the world.

The Future Is Bright

In case you haven’t yet heard it, also check out Charlie Shrem’s podcast episode with Moe Levin. The big picture and the last words by Moe are important.

Keep elevating but stay humble peeps,

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