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Groundbreaking Updates from PrimeBit

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The world of peer-to-peer trading has just been given a substantial boost thanks to four new features from PrimeBit. As a leading platform for fair bitcoin trading, PrimeBit has enabled users to have full transparency, with no expirations and a fixed point value. Now, PrimeBit debuts four features to allow the bitcoin community to flourish.


The first new feature is an API. The company already had in place MQL; the programming language used exclusively with MetaTrader 5 (MT5) software. The new PrimeBit API integrates with this to create automated trading robots and financial market indicators. The robust API features lets traders stream real-time market data as well as place and cancel orders. All account stats are viewable. Two types of APIs are available: REST API with trading functionality and WebSocket API, which is used for real-time updates on private market data and channels.


Payments directly from MetaTrader platform

Next, users will have the opportunity to make deposits and withdrawals via the MT5 integration. With this intuitive tool, users no longer need to go to the Dashboard to make payments, meaning they no longer have to pause trading. It’s possible to make payments or withdrawals in just a few easy steps.

New languages

Third, PrimeBit has added 4 new languages to its website. With this expansion of languages, global expansion will be aided greatly. MT5 currently has 40+ translated languages. This unique offering sets the platforms apart from others.

Enhanced tutorials

Finally, PrimeBit has developed tutorials for users. These well-defined tutorials allow traders to dive into using the software with a minimal learning curve. The company created them so that users could understand the product without frustration, allowing them to make higher profits. The playlists for these tutorials can be found here.

PrimeBit has long been focused on creating the best user experience for its traders. With the power of technology, traders have a transparent platform to facilitate peer to peer trading. The new features will further enhance the user experience and allow our traders to gain more profits.

About PrimeBit

PrimeBit is the first peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading platform offering up to 200x leverage. It is also the only p2p cryptocurrency trading platform integrated with MetaTrader 5 trading software, commonly used by forex traders worldwide. PrimeBit also offers a comprehensive affiliate program with a host of attractive benefits. Learn more about PrimeBit at


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