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The Virie Project Creates a Free Market for Purists

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A free market is when supply and demand rules all without government intervention. Despite economists recognizing a positive correlation between free markets and economic well-being, governments will obviously stifle them since they go against the state’s self-interest. However, we could all experience the benefits that accompany a free market if there were a decentralized, fool-proof platform with the necessary criteria for it to actually work.

Virie is the first decentralized free market of its kind that has a user-friendly, secure payment system with zero forced transactions or conditions on transactions. You can pay with any currency you’d like, including crypto, fiat or goods and services, and you don’t need to provide any private information.

Some examples of potential transactions with Virie: 

-Buy an apartment located in Paris from your home in Los Angeles with Bitcoin, Ethereum, fiat or trade a work of art for it.
-An American can send funds to a Russian web designer.
-Buy a controversial book that can’t be found on Amazon or in stores due to political incorrectness.
-A developer in Venezuela can be paid in USD for working for his or her employer in China.
-An e-commerce store (or any business for that matter) can use the Virie Market as its payment system.
-Someone who has had their Paypal account shut down can receive funds much faster using Virie without the expensive fees.

Security is Guaranteed

By using Virie, you can trust the other party will deliver thanks to the built-in escrow system, which requires everyone involved in a transaction to have skin in the game. Each party has to make a deposit, and both need to be satisfied in order to get it back. Such a system makes personal information unnecessary. Exchanges, on the other hand, need ID verification and make it so that you can only ever create one account. With Virie, you can create unlimited password-protected accounts and you’re entirely anonymous from A-Z.

Truly Peer-to-Peer Transactions Become a Reality

The paradox of current “decentralized” transactions on cryptocurrency exchanges is that they’re still technically centralized. They have one address, so they can be hacked and shut down by governments for “breaking the law.” Virie is entirely decentralized and could never be shut down even if someone wanted to. It’s fully peer-to-peer.

Transactions are fast (take 5-15 minutes), can never be rejected, and can be done from anywhere at any time.

Regulated markets, which we’ve had the displeasure of becoming accustomed to, involve growth-blocking bureaucracy, monopolies that charge exorbitant prices, and the stifling of innovation through over-regulation. Unfortunately, we’ve had no other option but to participate in regulated markets to survive, until now.

Check out the  Virie Market at

For more information or collaboration requests, contact [email protected]

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