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Coinremitter Makes Crypto Transactions Easier for Businesses and Enterprises

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There has been considerable progress in cryptocurrency adoption with few players offering crypto-based payment services. However, the reach of these payment providers has been limited, and some of the terms and policies governing their services make it a hard task for many merchants to comply, thereby forcing them to stay away from offering an additional payment option to their customers. In this scenario, if there is a no-frills, secure and easy-to-use cryptocurrency payment gateway solution available in the market, that can be readily integrated into existing systems without having to fill forms and submitting documents, then these businesses may have a change of heart. In addition to businesses, the crypto payment solutions should also target individual crypto users by providing them with tools to effectively manage their cryptocurrencies as it opens up a huge market for the platform.

Promoting Crypto Adoption with Simple, Easy to Use Payments and Storage Solution

Coinremitter is a cryptocurrency payment gateway services platform that has been gaining traction among small businesses, enterprises, and even individuals, encouraging them to seriously consider accepting and managing cryptocurrency payments from their customers. Coinremitter is offering an easy to integrate, multi-crypto supported payment gateway solution at zero upfront cost. Currently supporting Bitcoin, Tether (USDT), Litecoin, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin and Dash, the payment gateway can be set up on any website or mobile application to start accepting crypto payments. Users on Coinremitter can use the platform to store, receive and send cryptocurrencies, generate invoices and make use of the Instant Conversion feature to covert one crypto to others in no time.

What sets Coinremitter apart from other crypto-payment solutions is the platform’s minimal KYC process, which doesn’t require the users to prove their identity or share their banking information while signing up. It helps individuals and businesses maintain a degree of anonymity while being able to make transactions across the world – just like the way Bitcoin was envisioned by its creators.

The Coinremitter crypto payment gateway APIs are designed keeping various use cases in mind. They can be readily used in e-commerce portals for online shopping cart payments, to receive registration and membership fee payments, receive payments for listing and advertisements, and more.

It is not necessary for one to own a business in order to use Coinremitter’s service. The wallet solution offered by the company is also open for individuals to send, receive and store digital currencies. This way, cryptocurrency holders, investors, crypto-traders and even freelancers can start managing most of their crypto assets on a single platform instead of looking for multiple options to satisfy their requirements.

Privacy and Security

There is always the question of privacy and security, which Coinremitter addresses by providing secure digital wallets on blockchain. All transactions happen on-chain, without the involvement of any third party, which essentially means that the funds are secured by the respective blockchains of cryptocurrencies. It also implements security features like code card, 2FA and secure login gateways to secure the user accounts. Given that Coinremitter doesn’t have any mandatory identity verification or KYC requirements, the chances of any private information getting compromised is negligible.

Fees and Referrals

Currently, Coinremitter has ready plugins available for WordPress, Laravel and PHP, along with REST APIs that can be integrated into almost all web and mobile platforms. Users can either opt for a completely free plan or the premium plan at $99.99 per month. In addition, to support for all cryptocurrencies, email, chat and call support which is available in the free plan, the premium plan allows users to accept XRP and ETH, along with early access privilege for new features and round-the-clock assistance. Both plans have a withdrawal fee of 0.23% along with access to an affiliate program where successful referral will result in Coinremitter rewarding 75% of revenue share generated such referral accounts to affiliates.

Listing New Coin / Token

Coinremitter has a listing facility where new cryptocurrencies and tokens can be listed by relevant projects without third-party interference. The Coinremitter payment API can be customized to accept various cryptocurrencies. This facility can be availed by crypto and blockchain developers to create use cases for their ICO and ITO tokens, while enjoying most of the security features that are already available to Coinremitter’s global customers. By providing an option for ICO participants to spend their tokens, the project owners can also witness a growth in the value of the project as well as associated tokens.

At any time, if there are any issues related to new coin listings, the Coinremitter team is available 24/7 for assistance.


Coinremitter is an entire package that can suit the needs of any online business, blockchain project, and even the entire cryptocurrency community. One can register on Coinremitter here and start using the platform to manage their crypto transactions.


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