Improve Your Trading Experience with PrimeBit’s Personalized API

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Deciding which cryptocurrency trading platform is the best can be a problematic choice. With updated API trading, PrimeBit app makes it easier for you!

PrimeBit is the first peer-to-peer cryptocurrency derivatives platform with up to 200x leverage. This, together with the fully integrated MetaTrader 5, makes it the first application of its kind which meets the international standard of cryptocurrency trading.

Why is API important?

API stands for application programming interface that facilitates user experience on the page and simplifies trading. In a way, it works as your personal automated broker. PrimeBit’s new functions will allow all the visitors of the platform to easily manage their trades. You will be able to read accounts, instruments, and prices at once. And the software will keep you updated with the latest cryptocurrency value, activity, and leverage.

The main goal of cryptocurrency API trading is to minimize latency and maximize the trading experience for the users. That’s why integrating it to the application will allow PrimeBit to remain equally effective for both the institutional clients and experienced cryptocurrency traders.

So, how does it all work?

PrimeBit offers two API types. REST API will grant you a full trading functionality. WebSocket API is better for real-time updates on public market data and it grants the users access to some private channels. Each app user will be able to choose among the variety of new functions brought to the trading platform by the new API update. Subscribing to the order channel will be associated with a specific account. This will allow the user to focus on the fields they are most interested in.

priimebit, APIRequest Header REST API Examples

Primebit, APIChannel Order Private Web Socket API Example

PrimeBit cares about its users. This is why the main purpose of the new API is to bring more benefits to your trade experience.

  • It opens the door for the advanced trade which allows using multiple trades and instruments at the same time.
  • The entry conditions are now updated so that the orders could be activated after a set period of time, the desirable price change could be specified, and many more. Remember, it’s all about the customized experience!
  • If you’re not a big fan of built-in indicators or if you are looking for a more sophisticated way to analyse the markets the new API has you covered! Custom indicators are adjustable for every user and will make sure you focus only on the bits of information that are relevant to you personally.
  • Now, how about risk management? Our new API will enable you to preview the risks of new and existing trades. This way you will be able to stop loss and take profit from live trading.
  • Finally, if you want to make sure that you don’t miss out on the new trading opportunities from the global financial markets task our API to monitor them for you. It can even send you an alert every time something worthy of your attention happens.

The world is changing fast and it is crucial to keep up with it. PrimeBit is a constantly evolving cryptocurrency trading application that wants its users to have the best experiences. Right now PrimeBit’s team is working on a completely new and simplified webtrader, new payment channels, and updated trading pairs.

Don’t leave your financial future to chance. Join PrimeBit now and become a part of a crypto revolution!


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