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Rocketpot Offers a New Flavor of Bitcoin Gambling

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With a valuation of close to $500 billion, the global gambling industry has seen a lot of developments in the recent past. The rise of online gambling platforms and the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies by these platforms have played a significant role in pushing the industry’s estimated annual growth rate to 5.9% (CAGR). While the implementation of new technologies by industry participants have fueled rapid expansion, not much has changed for the players when it comes to the gaming experience as most online gambling platform continues to offer the same set of games in different packages.

One game that begs to differ from the current industry trend is Rocketpot – a simple, easy to play Bitcoin gambling platform with refreshingly new gameplay. The provably fair and transparent cryptocurrency game of chance by Danneskjold Ventures B.V. offers a brand-new experience to the players by giving them a chance to not only bet within the game but on the platform itself. The game is designed to keep players on the edge with its unpredictable nature while giving everyone an opportunity to multiply their wager. However, winning and losing mostly depends on the risk appetite of the player as well as the provably fair game engine.

Keeping the Game Simple and Players Happy


On Rocketpot the player will have to just create an account, make a deposit and select the amount they want to bet. Once the game starts, they will see Rocketpot’s Multiplier rising. As the graph inches upwards, the value of their bet also starts multiplying proportionally until it crashes back to zero. To make a profit, the player should CASH OUT before the crash, resulting in a winning equivalent to the Multiplier’s position during Cash Out times the original bet. If the Multiplier crashes before CASH OUT, then they will lose the bet. To make it a bit easier, the game allows users to set the AUTO CASH OUT option to exit the game when the Multiplier hits a certain preset number during the round.

And then there are the three different jackpot types, activated when the Multiplier reaches specific values

Types of Jackpot




Number of Sectors on Wheel




Triggering Multiplier Value





Full Jackpot, 5-8 mBTC, Respin, no prize

Full Jackpot, 5-25 mBTC, Respin, no prize

Full Jackpot, 5-100 mBTC, Respin, no prize

Bet on the House with Rocketpot Bankroll

Players can also turn investors and bankroll Rocketpot, effectively betting on the house to reap profits whenever the house wins. The Rocketpot bankroll is a fund pool that collects and processes all bets and wins and investing in the bankroll offers investors an opportunity to hold a stake in it. Whenever players lose money, the bankroll participants get to earn a portion of the platform’s profits, proportional to their stake after the completion of each round.

Ticks All the Right Boxes

Rocketpot is a Bitcoin casino game platform offering all the benefits of an online cryptocurrency gambling solutions in the form of secure infrastructure, quick transactions with no geographical restrictions, transparent handing of funds etc. The platform also has an exciting joining bonus of up to 1 BTC on offer to new users. The security and digital asset handling features implemented by Rocketpot is good enough to convince more and more gambling enthusiasts to start playing on it. An account can be created with minimal information so that the players don’t have to share their personal or banking details. Further, most of the user funds are stored in multisig cold wallets to safeguard them from any potential threats.

The Curacao eGaming license holder, Rocketpot is a pleasure for gambling enthusiasts with its flexible betting amount of up to a maximum of 1 BTC, a lower house edge of 1.5%. for players, bankroll feature and an efficient risk management system for those planning on putting their money on the other side of the table as investors. In the end, all the outcomes can be verified using the provably fair feature.

Now, with all these features and an impressive gameplay, Rocketpot has everything that one looks for in an online gambling platform, making it something worth trying for anyone who is looking to place some bets and try their luck.

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