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Bitcoin Art And The 21.000 London Explosion

Avatar Vesa 3 months ago

The London & Thailand Connection

Now that most crypto conferences have been experiencing an elephant burial ground experience due to the long hard winter and a somewhat complacent routine order of business, the Blockchain Tech World is boasting a ‘real world’ staggering 21.000 expected attendees. I’m proud to say ArtForCrypto.Com will be displaying a spectrum of art and the new piece made with the inspirational Didi Taihuttu from the Bitcoin Family. The re-paint series, as per tradition is limited to three only and the price is one BTC for each.

Frontline” could just be an essential gathering of ideas and execution to deserve the title ‘Bitcoin Art’. If you haven’t yet gotten to know Didi’s story I warmly recommend it. When the guy is on stage, video or presenting in any way he leaves only dead bodies still cold.  Inspired by the death of his work-a-holic father, he sold all of his businesses, put everything into Bitcoin, travels the world evangelizing crypto and on-the-go educates the three children that travel with him and his wife. We hung out, drank beer and did this bodypainting at the Litecoin Summit of 2019. It was quite an experience and I’m proud to showcase the nr.1 re-paint at the coming gathering. The man currently resides in a hammock in Thailand so the rest of us can re-evaluate our lives.

Even the signature of the piece has more substance than most art pieces produced this century.

See the Fight Club inspired explainer video about the piece here

Vegas Punch

The Tone Vays Unconfiscatabe experience in Vegas was legendary. Old Vegas was a very different experience than the high street hustle. Admittedly, the number of lost souls inhabiting the Fremont Street was disturbing at times, but catching a glimpse of the low rider side through the high-end bubble of crypto made it all a balanced blast. Tone now has a second piece of mine in his collection.

Mr. Willy Woo collected the nr.2 with the major speaker signatures including Max Keiser, Stacy Herbert, Trace Mayer, and many others. The winning bid was 0.6 BTC, which was an absolute steal. People just don’t get the value these historical pieces will soon have IMHO. I’m just happy about the direction it is all heading with more and more legends getting their own.

Of course, right after the conference, the news broke of Trace’s controversial promoting at a Bitcoin Maximalist gathering so the piece gathered some notorious history to back up the value. I’ll be forever grateful to Trace for having been the first-ever major influencer to tweet out my work back in the day. It was great to be able to thank him in person for it.

The Nr.3 is still available and then it’s done. Big ups also for Tone for making all 50 of the print series of the ‘Selling Banks Their Fat Asses back‘ piece, which will soon appear on sale via his site. I managed to sign the first 20 already.


The Bloomsbury Gallery show was a hit. The NFTlondonUK, Mocda, and Blockchain Art Exchange, the co-organized event was packed and the questions would not have run out from the audience. The solutions I’ve been craving to emerge for the past 12 years are starting to be here. We are undoubtedly at the cusp of a digital art revolution and the scales are tilting. There are now five-figure collectors emerging and competing for potentially historic pieces, coming to the aid of this emerging space to become something to be taken seriously. Those jumping on much later will have missed the crafting of mythological success. It was great to have the first proper show for the Veena Malik Project at a reputable London gallery also. They looked good on that wall don’t you think?

With the other artists Lans King, Jonathan Hillson, Tom Badley, BAE CEO Sasha Bailey, and the one and only Mocda Founder / CEO Serena Tabacchi.

Congrats also to the crypto artists making history via the aSyncArt platform.


By the way, for those hoarding toilet paper at the moment, this statistic might help put things into perspective. The stupidity around the virus is likely to be much more potent than the virus itself. See you soon at Blockchain Tech World. My placement is by Stage 6 in a nice visible location, so should you be around you can’t miss it. Come say hi!

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Vesa is a contributing art writer on News BTC. He is credited for innovating an entirely new art form Artevo and his new platform Art For Crypto, focuses on art for and about the blockchain. He is best known for his collaboration...

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