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Understanding Bitcoin Circuit – A Review

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Cryptocurrency auto trading software is not a new thing, as there are plenty of those around in the market. These software constantly monitor the market and allows traders to automate the entire trading process by setting specific parameters. Whenever the market conditions meet the user-defined parameters, it automatically executes the trades accordingly.

One such platform, Bitcoin Circuit has been making a lot of noise in the crypto market, with a lot of people claiming it to be one of the most profitable auto-trading robots. It is said to have a daily profit generation potential of as high as $1500. In this review, we will see if there is any substance to the claims or is it just some misleading marketing message.

What is Bitcoin Circuit? Is it Legitimate?

Bitcoin Circuit is a cryptocurrency trading platform where transactions are handled automatically by the trading robots. Thanks to the automation, investors do not have to be always active on the platform to successfully trade the cryptocurrency. Irrespective of the levels of trading experience, anyone from a beginner to a seasoned trader can trade profitably on a daily basis.

Bitcoin Circuit is one of the auto-trading robots recommended by numerous experts to those interested in profiting from crypto markets and achieve financial freedom. As a part of the review process, 6 key areas were analyzed, and the platform scored well at all fronts, making it one of the best-suited trading tools for cryptocurrencies.

Some of the reviewed areas include:

  • Customer Service
  • Transparency
  • Ease of Use
  • Performance
  • Reputation
  • Security

Other Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

There are many cryptocurrency auto-trading platforms in the market. However, not all of them are as good as they claim to be. In fact, some of them can be very deceptive, and users may not get what they expected while signing up on such platforms. On the other hand, Bitcoin Circuit worked as advertised and all features seemed to work flawlessly during testing.

Testing Bitcoin Circuit

The operations of Bitcoin Circuit trading robot are smooth and accurate. It operates using advanced artificial intelligence that drastically improves trade quality and speed. It is definitely a significant upgrade from buying and selling crypto in the market manually, which requires the traders to monitor the price movements of various digital assets continuously and implement strategies that could generate the maximum profits. Here, there is no need for the users to continually keep track of the markets as most of the heavy lifting is handled by advanced algorithms.

The Advanced Algorithm

With a best-in-class auto trading system algorithm, Bitcoin Circuit is one of the fastest and efficient trading robots in the crypto industry. It keeps a constant track of users’ preferred assets on the market and based on the set parameters, find profitable traders to execute on the trader’s behalf.

Margin Trading and Leverage of Bitcoin Circuit

Margin trading involves traders borrowing funds from a broker to use while trading a financial asset. The partner brokers for Bitcoin Circuit provide leverage between 1:100 and 1:500. That means a deposit of $250 on the platform by an account holder will enable the trader to trade for a maximum of $125k at 1:500 leverage.

However, it is to be noted that trading with higher leverage also means the losses, as well as profits, will be magnified. However, compared to other platforms, the risk on Bitcoin Circuit is minimal due to its higher degree of accuracy, which is close to 90% most of the time. Still, it is advisable for traders not to put in more money than they can afford to lose while trading on any platform as there could always be a chance of sudden market fluctuations that could lead to losses.

The Workings of Bitcoin Circuit

Bitcoin Circuit is the creation of a software engineer and crypto trading expert. The trading robot implements a high-frequency trading mechanism that is supported by insights from big data analysis of the assets and their price movements.


Apart from the speed of transactions, auto trading software like Bitcoin Circuit goes about trading by relying only on the pre-set preferences and market data analysis fed by complex algorithms. By doing so, they eliminate the impact of emotion on trading, which is a usual occurrence when it comes to manual human trades.

The intelligent trading bots have the capability of doing almost everything humans can. The difference is the supersonic speed and improved accuracy. They are capable of reading news, take positions prior to markets, having time to react and make higher returns based on market events for more profitable trades.

Simple Layout

Bitcoin Circuit incorporates a simple layout that makes understanding and using the platform easy for everyone. The entire process of opening an account, depositing funds and starting the auto trading robot could be completed by following a few easy steps.

Earning Passive Income

The auto trade robot on Bitcoin Circuit presents an ideal opportunity for everyone to invest in cryptocurrencies and earn some passive income. All it takes is to open an account, deposit the funds, and let the auto trading robot take care of the actual trading. The auto traders are much suited to trade efficiently as the crypto market is open for trade 24/7, and the associated volatility with crypto instruments opens up a lot of profitable opportunities that the robots can capitalize on.

The Bitcoin Circuit trading robot is much faster than many others, and they were found to perform 0.4 seconds faster than typical trading systems, which gives users a tremendous advantage over other traders.

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Making money from the cryptocurrency market

Earning profits from the cryptocurrency market using Bitcoin Circuit is a three-step process.

Step 1: Open an account on the platform

It takes less than five minutes to open an account on Bitcoin Circuit. The users will have to first fill a form with details like name, email and phone number, following which the email and phone numbers should be verified. They may also have to share a copy of their valid ID for identity verification.

Step 2: Make a deposit between $250 (minimum limit) and $15000 (maximum limit)

Once the account is verified, users can deposit funds using MasterCard, Visa, Bitcoin, VLOAD or wire transfer. The funds deposited to the account are entirely used for trading with no licensing fees charged by the platform.

Step 3: Begin live trade

Bitcoin Circuit is 100 percent automated with the market analysis and trades performed by a robot. Users will have to select the preferred leverage and activate live trading to begin trading on crypto markets.

It is worth noting that higher deposits translate to greater profits. However, in the beginning, it is better to start small and gradually increase the stakes once the user is familiar with the platform.

Bitcoin Circuit has a claimed win rate of 90 percent and is available to traders from over 120 countries across the world, and given the global nature of the solution, the platform’s customer support is available 24/7.


Bitcoin Circuit was found to do what it promises. The platform is highly transparent and all the information provided on the website could be readily verified. There are no licensing fees involved and the platform charges a small commission on profits generated by the auto trading robots. While it claims that traders can make as much as $5000 in daily profits, it may not be realistic but quite possible as such huge profits will depend on lots of factors, including the amount invested, volatility and market conditions.

Customer service is available 24/7 on Bitcoin Circuit. Users can reach out to them either over the phone, live chat or email. However, the customer service representatives handle only queries regarding the trading robot, and any other trading related requests or queries have to be addressed to the broker.

When it comes to security, the platform ticks all the right boxes. It implements strong encryption to prevent hacking attacks and to safeguard any user information stored on the platform. Bitcoin Circuit is also GDPR compliant and doesn’t share user data with third parties without user consent.

The platform also enjoys a good reputation on various online forums and review websites. The majority of traders seem to have profited with Bitcoin Circuit, and the reviewers satisfied its performance. The platform’s ease of use, quick account creation and the profit-making potential are some of the factors that were most appreciated by the community.

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How Much Money Can be Made Through Bitcoin Circuit?

While some say, one can get as much as $5000 in daily profits, the realistic figures indicate that up to $1500 is quite possible. During one of the tests, the platform offered a 150% return of $125 in profits against a $250 deposit. All withdrawals are processed smoothly, with the funds being transferred to the designated account in a short time once a request is raised.

Is Bitcoin Circuit a Scam?

So far, there aren’t any indications to prove that the software is a scam. It has performed well during the testing, and the trading community has put their faith in it. The platform was found to generate good returns with reduced risk, even in highly volatile market conditions.

Bitcoin Circuit is a platform worth considering to automate trades and create a channel of passive income. However, it is always advisable not to invest more than one can afford to lose and follow good trading practices for better profits.

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