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Eco-friendly EcoHashes Project Makes Crypto Mining Profitable

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Cryptocurrencies have gained the distinction of being a safe haven financial asset, mainly due to the absence of a direct correlation with the traditional markets. The impact of the prevailing global situation is far more cushioned on the cryptocurrency markets compared to the well-established traditional financial system.

Even though one can’t deny that the prices of leading cryptocurrencies have been witnessing fluctuations during this period, there are other events happening in the crypto world that have a bearing on not just the prices but also on the underlying infrastructure itself. Mining is one of the critical aspects of any blockchain operation and miners are individuals, groups or companies contributing the necessary processing power to maintain the cryptocurrency network while verifying and storing all the transactions on it.

Some of the issues that have got the Bitcoin mining community concerned include the falling value of cryptocurrency, increased input costs for mining and the upcoming Bitcoin halving event. As the number of bitcoins rewarded for block discovery reduces by 50 percent, the cost of crypto mining may end up being higher than the rewards generated by the process. While it is speculated that the fall in BTC price is temporary, recovery to higher levels will take time and it is important to ensure that the operating costs are kept as low as possible for efficient and profitable mining.

Mining Profitably in Today’s Market

The trick to continue making profits through mining is by keeping the input costs to a minimum, which can be achieved by optimizing energy utilization and increasing the hashrate. EcoHashes is a London based cryptocurrency mining project that is working on making the entire mining exercise economical, efficient and eco-friendly at the same time.

The company was created by a professional mining group with the aim of offering quality and transparent service at much lesser costs than its peers. In order to achieve its mission, the cryptocurrency mining project relies on renewable energy sources like wind generators, solar panels and hydro generators to meet their electricity needs. The combination of clean energy with the latest energy-efficient mining equipment from leading manufacturers in the industry helps EcoHashes achieve its objective.

The EcoHashes mining data centers are equipped with Antminer S17e and Whatsminer M20S hardware capable of generating 64 TH/S and 70 TH/S respectively. These mining rigs are operated using tried and tested software designed to enable high levels of automation while maximizing profits for miners using their facilities. Apart from low-cost energy and high-efficiency machines, EcoHashes also optimizes cooling systems with scientifically designed ventilation system that uses the least energy for efficient cooling.

The EcoHashes mining project supports mining of leading PoW cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum through different mining packages. In the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the high levels of automation implemented by EcoHashes has proven to be a savior. With many countries going into lockdown, suspending non-essential businesses, a lot of mining data centers have been forced to suspend operations temporarily. However, the EcoHashes mining centers stand capable of wading through the lockdown without really needing people to be deployed within the facility to manage the operations.

Getting Started on EcoHashes

It doesn’t take much to start mining on EcoHashes. All one has to do is sign up on the platform, choose the package, and make the necessary payment. The entire process takes as little as 3 minutes, and once the account starts mining, users can gain access to detailed statistics of the operation. Miners on EcoHashes can begin withdrawing the payouts on a daily basis without having to worry about the minimum payout threshold as there is no such precondition.

EcoHashes also has an attractive referral program, available in 3 different packages – Silver, Gold and Platinum, which offers 5%, 7% and 10% share of the referral generated profits respectively.  The referral program acts as an additional source of revenue for miners.

Currently, EcoHashes is running a new offer where miners purchasing 2 packages can get the third one for free. It will reduce the upfront cost on the mining contract by about 33%; however the offer is available for a limited period – until April 23, 2020.

Even though relatively new, EcoHashes is known for its reliability and transparency. Most of the reviews about the project are generally positive. In fact, EcoHashes claims that there is not a single negative review about the project on the entire internet, which goes on to say a lot about it.

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