Shiba Inu Price Poised To Reach $0.01 With Shibarium Upgrade, These CEOs Say

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Shiba Inu (SHIB) is experiencing a remarkable surge in its upward movement, fueled by growing anticipation among meme coin enthusiasts for the upcoming introduction of Shibarium, an innovative upgrade to its layer 2 blockchain. 

Scheduled for release this August, Shibarium holds the key to addressing the prevailing scalability and network congestion issues that the Shiba Inu blockchain currently grapples with. Its primary objective is to propel the SHIB token to unprecedented success.

While investors in Shiba Inu eagerly anticipate this significant milestone, a group of financial specialists has recently been consulted to offer their expert perspectives on how SHIB might respond following the successful implementation of the Shibarium upgrade.

Shibarium’s Potential Impact On SHIB, According To Experts

Jonathan Merry, CEO of, elucidated that Shibarium is a developer platform to revolutionize the accessibility of SHIB-related token transactions. Additionally, it will establish a central space for developers to forge and unveil their projects, Merry elaborated.

 Merry noted:.

“In any case, as long as Shibarium is used, SHIB will profit. Suppose it is extremely successful and becomes a global sensation. In that case, SHIB may have a better chance of hitting the $0.01 target with the enhanced Shibarium and the new burn mechanism.”

Ultimately, the potential realization of SHIB reaching $0.01 and the ascent of the BONE token price from $1 to $1,000 could be catalyzed by Shibarium, the executive suggested.

SHIB market cap nearing the $5 billion level. Chart:

Adam Garcia, CEO of The Stock Dork, delved into the significance of the forthcoming Shibarium upgrade, underscoring its role in mitigating the scalability and network congestion obstacles currently confronting the blockchain.

Garcia said:

“The expectation is that an improved and more efficient blockchain infrastructure could attract greater interest and adoption, thereby increasing the demand for the SHIB token.”

He added that there is optimism that the token’s value could experience a substantial increase in the short term, especially as the network capabilities are upgraded and “supply-side pressures are reduced.”

A Pivotal Juncture For Shiba Inu

The analysis provided by these experts underscores the significance of the Shibarium upgrade for the SHIB token’s future. This juncture marks a technical evolution and a potential turning point in SHIB’s journey toward greater adoption and value appreciation.

The crypto community awaits the unveiling of Shibarium this month, and all eyes are on how this upgrade might catalyze a new era for Shiba Inu and its associated tokens.

At the time of writing, SHIB was trading at $0.00000842, up 2.4% in the past 24 hours and notched a seven-day surge of 7.4%, data from crypto market tracker CoinGecko shows.

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