WooCommerce Store Owners Will Soon get Another Plugin to Accept Bitcoin Cash

Altcoins often struggle in the retailer adoption department. That is only normal, as most retailers want nothing to do with cryptocurrency. Especially complicated solutions are absolutely unacceptable in this regard. Anyone with an interest in Bitcoin Cash can soon accept such payments through a new WooCommerce extension. It is not the first of such plugins, but more competition can only be considered to be a good thing.

Integrating cryptocurrency payments into WooCommerce has become a lot easier in recent years. Various plugins exist to do so when it comes to Bitcoin. For altcoins, there is a bit more work involved in most cases. A new extension for Bitcoin Cash payments will come to market in the next day or so. It offers a lot of functionality for e-commerce store owners to benefit from. There are other plugins which offer similar functionality, though. It never hurts to check out different solutions which try to achieve the same goal.

More Ways to Accept Bitcoin Cash Payments

This new plugin offers an API to take orders paid in Bitcoin Cash. It works similar to using PayPal or BitPay, as store owners will be notified if the transaction is confirmed. It is possible to set up zero-confirmation transaction times. That is always somewhat risky, but the extension can be fully customized in this regard.. Moreover, the merchant will see all orders in the backend as they are placed in real-time. It is a valuable addition to promote Bitcoin Cash adoption among WooCommerce users.

Whether or not a lot of retailers will use this solution, has yet to be determined. There is certainly a lot of positive momentum for Bitcoin Cash as we speak. It’s a cheaper and more efficient form of Bitcoin. Moreover, it is also a rather valuable altcoin, which makes it rather appealing to accept as a payment method. This plugin is seemingly the first which has a native callback for transaction confirmations as well. An interesting development, as improvements like these are always welcome.

It would be great to see more merchants experiment with different cryptocurrencies. This ecosystem is about so much more than just Bitcoin or even Bitcoin Cash. With global availability and rather fast payments -in most cases – cryptocurrencies should be preferable compared to payment cards. Right now, that is not the case. Plugins like this one may help turn the tide in the long run, though. An interesting future lies ahead for Bitcoin Cash, that much is certain.

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Bitcoin users all over the world have high expectations for the Lightning Network. This technology is not close to being production ready, though. Several users have conducted some LN tests on the Bitcoin testnet. So far, these tests yield some great results. Low fees and fast transactions are everything Bitcoin doesn’t have right now. It is an interesting development to keep an eye on. It is evident the Lightning Network will spur a lot of debates moving forward.

For the Bitcoin ecosystem, scalability has been a big problem for many years. High fees and slow transactions have become the new normal. It is not an ideal situation for the world’s leading cryptocurrency whatsoever. In fact, it has caused a lot of friction in the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. The Lightning Network needs to hit the main net soon rather than later.

Lightning Network Tests Yield Positive Results

For now, one can test LN functionality on the Bitcoin testnet. It seems the technology delivers on its initial promise. Fast confirmations and extremely low fees are what everyone is looking for. Unfortunately, that is impossible to come by when using regular Bitcoin transactions. It is evident a scaling solution needs to be put in place as soon as possible. Bitcoin used to be rather cheap to use, but things have gone awry some time ago.

It is evident the LN technology will help Bitcoin scale first and foremost. Whether or not it will be too late by then, remains to be seen. Bitcoin has lost a fair bit of its appeal in recent months. There is a growing list of altcoins which are cheaper and faster to use. Litecoin is a good example of how this can be achieved with relative ease. Then again, Bitcoin is still the top cryptocurrency in the world. It is also regaining some of its lost value as we speak, which is a positive sign.

What the future holds for Bitcoin, remains to be determined. The Lightning Network can bring much-needed relief to this network in the future. It is unclear when LN will effectively hit the main net, though. These successful trials are a positive sign. Using it in a real-life situation is something else entirely, though. If the Lightning Network fails to fulfill people’s expectations, things will not be pretty whatsoever. Bitcoin won’t disappear, but it’s not the currency people want it to be.

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The demand for services supporting Bitcoin Cash continues to grow. Especially when it comes to exchanges and wallet providers, there’s plenty of room for improvements. KeepKey, one of the world’s leading hardware wallet manufacturers, now supports BCH. Users will need to upgrade to the latest production client. For nearly all users, this process should happen automatically once they connect their devices.

Hardware wallet support is a big boon for any cryptocurrency in the world. Although these devices are not as convenient, they offer top-notch security. In this day and age, enthusiasts need to learn to control their own funds. Using a desktop wallet client or a mobile solution is a good start. Both of these methods still lack security, though. Hardware wallets such as KeepKey are an absolute must-have in the golden era of cryptocurrency. It requires a small investment, but knowing funds is 100% secure and offline at all times well warrants the cost.

A Much-needed Update for KeepKey Users

Especially now that KeepKey supports Bitcoin Cash, things will get very interesting. It is the big “announcement” of the update, but it’s not the only change. Many users who own a KeepKey have been wondering if BCH will ever be integrated. The company has taken this feedback to heart. It was quite some time since we last saw the last KeepKey software update. It seems the developers were working on some big changes. Integrating Bitcoin Cash support is a big step forward. Cryptocurrency is not just about Bitcoin these days.

Additional changes include overrides for Etherscan API calls. Additionally, there’s better ShapeShift support without fees. Plus, the user interface got a big overhaul which is a lot more friendly toward novice KeepKey users. It is good to see some of these much-needed changes come to this popular device. A big software update is exactly what the hardware wallet needs at this point. It will be interesting to see how many Bitcoin Cash users will go back to using KeepKey in the future.

Moreover, the KeepKey wallet software can help users claim their missing BCH as well. Within the software, users can open their BTC account and see the Bitcoin Cash value listed alongside the balance. Thanks to a small button, it can be sent other crypto assets support by this wallet. A very nice touch, as a lot of users have been wondering why they didn’t get this ‘airdropped’ currency. With all of those matters behind us, interesting things will happen. Last but not least, Bitcoin Cash is the only Bitcoin, according to the team. The regular BTC refers to the SegWit1x chain. An interesting opinion.

The world of Bitcoin always has some interesting developments to keep an eye on. Some of those developments take months to come to light, though. The departure of Gregory Maxwell from Blockstream, for example, was known back in November 2017. For some reason, the information was only made public last night through an email. This sudden departure causes a lot of uproar in the world of cryptocurrency. How all of this affects the future of Bitcoin, remains to be seen.

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts do not like Blockstream one bit. Nor do they appreciate the public faces of this company, including Gregory Maxwell. These individuals are trying to either strengthen or destroy Bitcoin, depending on whom you ask the question to. The departure of Maxwell from Blockstream will bring a lot of joy to the people who had hoped for such a development. The big question is why this only become public knowledge two months after the facts. We do know Blockstream quickly took their staff page offline in light of this recent disclosure.

Gregory Maxwell Leaves the Blockstream Stage

According to Gregory Maxwell, he wants to focus on different Bitcoin ventures. More specifically, developing cryptographic privacy and security technology related to the world’s leading cryptocurrency. It is evident this agenda is not part of Blockstream’s plan, hence a departure is more than warranted. So far, this particular company has not built up any major trust between themselves and the cryptocurrency community. Even though Bitcoin has grown a lot, many people gladly blame Blockstream for any wrongdoings and odd decisions.

It is quite interesting to read the email sent by Gregory Maxwell. In the message, he claims how no contributions from Blockstream would be “no problem for Bitcoin”. A rather interesting statement that will certainly spark more debates in the coming weeks. It is evident there are a lot of companies and developers contributing code to this project. However, it is unclear who is “steering” the direction exactly. It should be a decentralized consensus decision, but many people doubt that is the case. Either way, Blockstream is not going anywhere, but Maxwell is no longer affiliated with them moving forward.

What this means for the future of Bitcoin, remains to be seen. Graphics Maxwell will focus on bringing new technologies to Bitcoin. Unsurprisingly, he is looking at the only fungible cryptocurrency in the world to borrow some ideas. With a focus on Bulletproofs, CT, and other privacy tools, the inspiration clearly comes from Monero. Additionally, he wants to help mature Bitcoin as a subject matter for academic researchers. An interesting decision, but Bitcoin can only come out stronger because of it.

Over the years, we have seen multiple stories regarding people scamming Bitcoin holders. It is a very worrisome trend which only grows more popular, it seems. More specifically, a group of fake Interpol agents scammed Russian tourists out of their Bitcoin holdings. A total amount of 4 million Baht worth of BTC was taken from them. It is not the first nor the last time such incidents will occur. An official investigation is underway to hopefully retrieve the stolen money.

According to Thai Visa, the incident took place in Muang District. More specifically, a Russian couple found themselves face to face with two Russian men. At that time, the men identified themselves as Interpol agents. They immediately claimed the couple was involved in some irregular Bitcoin activity. No evidence of these claims was ever provided during the incident. That is not surprising, as it is clear these individuals were looking to scam the Bitcoin holders regardless.

Fake Interpol Agents Want Your Bitcoins

By taking the couple by force, the tone was set rather quickly. A third Russian man entered the room shortly afterward. His demand is simple: the password for the netbook computer. Additionally, he obtained the Bitcoin account password. It is unclear if this applies to an exchange or a desktop wallet. For now, the details regarding that particular aspect remain rather vague. Either way, the account held a total of 100,000 Euro worth of Bitcoin.

The couple was scared and eventually gave in. Facing a threat of being drugged and handed to the Thai police is not all that appealing. It took a total of five hours before the fake Interpol agents got what they wanted. Thankfully, no physical harm is done to the couple, although they are still pretty shaken up. After contacting the Thai police, we now have to await what the investigation turns up. Bitcoin transactions are rather easy to trace due to the transparent nature of its blockchain.

So far, it seems the fake Interpol agents have fled to Malaysia. This seems to confirm the Thai police knows all too well what is going on or who is behind this theft. Assuming that is the case, it should be easy to rectify the situation. Whether or not the Russian couple will get their money back, seems highly unlikely. It is evident cryptocurrencies will continue to attract criminals all over the world. This is a rather problematic development, but there’s little one can do about it. Criminals have become very bold in their attempt to steal BTC, though.

Transaction accelerators have become a lot more popular as of late. This is mainly due to Bitcoin’s network issues as of late. People don’t like to pay high fees or wait for network confirmations. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many free acceleration services out there for Bitcoin users. ConfirmTX is one of those services, but they charge a hefty fee to get transactions through. It seems that paying for this service will not necessarily result in any success whatsoever.

It is always troublesome when a Bitcoin transaction accelerator charges a fee for their service. While it is commendable to see the service help Bitcoin users out, they are not exactly the most reliable either. Their fee is $5 for a major transaction, which is still acceptable. However, if people don’t see their transaction sped up whatsoever, there is no reason to pay for it. After all, a $5 fee is not all that much compared to what a regular transaction could cost.

ConfirmTX Users Voice Complaints

With ConfirmTX, it seems some people have run into issues lately. More specifically, there are complaints about no transactions being accelerated for days on end. Nor are people getting any response to their customer support tickets either, which is always bothersome. It is unclear how this situation will evolve in the coming days and weeks. For now, your mileage will vary when using this service, by the look of things.

It is evident the Bitcoin world needs more services like these. More specifically, users need a reliable way to accelerate transactions. It seems the mempool has finally cleared out a bit, but this may only be temporary. Bitcoin has had issues for quite some time now. Until that situation improves, high fees will remain a normal occurrence. It also means people will continue to rely on services such as ConfirmTX. We can only hope the team provides a more reliable service at that point, though.

It is unclear what the future will hold for Bitcoin and its transaction accelerators. More specifically, the Bitcoin network issues are far from over, despite this temporary reprieve. No one knows what next week will bring, though. ConfirmTX will have some explaining to do when it comes to their lack of customer service. There are other services out there which charge even higher fees, though. Rest assured there will be some more issues regarding Bitcoin transactions in the near future.

A lot of things have happened in the world of cryptocurrency. Upbit, one of Korea’s oldest trading platforms, had all but disappeared from people’s mind in the past few months. That is somewhat surprising, as the platform was only launched in October of 2017. Ever since that time, the company has not been too transparent regarding its daily transaction volume. Surprisingly, they did so earlier this week, and the results are somewhat shocking. In fact, they are now the world’s biggest exchange in terms of daily transactions.

It is good to see Upbit make a name for itself in the world of cryptocurrency. Although the platform hasn’t been around that long, it is of great interest to its users. More specifically, their 24-hour trading volume last night shattered most records to date. Nearly 5 trillion Won – worth $4.62bn – was exchanged on this platform in 24 hours. That is a very steep amount, although it is not entirely surprising either. South Korean trading platforms are dominating all trades these days and things will not change anytime soon.

Upbit Notes an Impressive Trading Volume

The disclosure of the Upbit trading volume is rather controversial. it is unclear why the company is doing so only now. After all, these metrics are shared by all other trading platforms without any problems. It seems the company purposefully waited until a major development could be reported. It is evident these numbers make some other exchanges pale in comparison. Upbit even successfully surpassed Binance in terms of trading volume, which is rather impressive.

It will be interesting to see how things will evolve in the future. More specifically, the South Korean government wants to clamp down on cryptocurrency trading. Whether or not they will be successful in this regard, remains to be seen, though. Domestic cryptocurrency trading is subject to major speculation and irrational behavior. That is evident by the current cryptocurrency prices most people see on these platforms right now. Curbing this enthusiasm will not straightforward or even appreciated.

It is unclear what the future holds for Upbit and other cryptocurrency exchanges. For now, the regulatory measures in South Korea have made a negative impact on the markets already. This is only a temporary dip which will eventually lead to higher lows, though. Upbit has a big role to play in the future of cryptocurrency, that much is evident. Whether or not they can keep producing such massive trading volume, remains to be determined. It is not unlikely this is only the beginning for the South Korean exchange.

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Getting more businesses to accept cryptocurrency is anything but easy. Price volatility, high transaction fees, and slow confirmations are all holding Bitcoin back right now. According to Mark Cuban, things will change for the better very soon. More specifically, Cuban is also the owner of the Dallas Mavericks sports franchise. He told Twitter the team will start accepting Bitcoin payments next season. An intriguing development which leads to plenty of speculation.

It would be a major feather in the cap if another NBA team started accepting Bitcoin. More specifically, Mark Cuban claims that will be the case as far as the Dallas Mavericks are concerned. It will seemingly apply to game tickets, but there has not been any official confirmation as to how this will play out. Cuban told Bloomberg Bitcoin will not be the only cryptocurrency payment option. That in itself is interesting but also more than warranted. Bitcoin is not in the best of places right now. Some other currencies make a far stronger use case than BTC right now.

Mark Cuban Makes Some Major Promises

According to Mark Cuban, Ether will be a second cryptocurrency payment option. The choice for Ethereum’s native token is rather interesting. Similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum struggles with network congestion on occasion. Moreover, its network fees are also higher than they should be, albeit much lower than Bitcoin’s. Adding these two currencies would be an interesting start, to say the least. Moreover, the Dallas Mavericks might accept tokens as well. This will only apply to tokens issued by companies the team has business relationships with.

It is uncanny how Mark Cuban did a complete 180 on cryptocurrencies. Six months ago, he claimed bitcoin was in a bubble waiting to burst. At the end of 2017, he finally decided to invest in cryptocurrency. He’s also involved in a digital token and a blockchain fund. It is evident Cuban has finally seen the light, although things can always change in a heartbeat. After all, the cryptocurrency markets are currently in a state of mass panic.

For now, all of these proxies need to be taken with a grain of salt. Business people will gladly say one thing and do the complete opposite in the end. The Dallas Mavericks are a major sports franchise. Associating with cryptocurrencies can be both beneficial and a major risk at the same time. Rest assured there is still a lot of work to be done before these promises become a reality. In fact, it may never happen, for all we know. Mark Cuban certainly is an intriguing figure, but nothing he says should be taken at face value.

With all cryptocurrency markets tanking in value, it is evident there will be some big changes. More specifically, some currencies are all but crashing to the ground as we speak. BitConnect, the infamous Ponzi Scheme, is finally meeting its demise, by the look of things. Thanks to the recent price declines, the value of BCC dropped by over 80%. Moreover, the native exchange has closed its doors and the subReddit is turned to private. Good riddance, according to many cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

It was only a matter of time until BitConnect would finally collapse. Thousands of people bought into this scam and some of them may have even made money. Most users, however, probably never got their money out of this program whatsoever. That is only normal, as over 95% of all trades were conducted on the native BCC exchange. When a currency’s developers also run the main exchange, you know things are not always going to end well.

Curtain Call for BitConnect

To put this into perspective, the BitConnect price has dropped by a lot. Over the past week, it went from nearly $400 all the way to $27. Such a steep decline seems to confirm the developers finally completed their grand exit scam. It is also possible they used the ‘stolen” Bitcoins to crash the current market. Whether or not that latter part is a conspiracy theory or the sheer reality, remains to be seen. It is evident the BCC exchange had access to a lot of BTC, though. Either way, it seems this Ponzi Scheme is gone for good, which can only be considered to be a good thing.

Furthermore, it seems the project’s subReddit is no longer accessible. Rather than leaving it open to the public, it is now completely private. No one who isn’t “approved” can’t access this subreddit or see what is being posted there. A very worrisome turn of events for the people still waiting to get their money out. They were warned dozens of times about this Ponzi Scheme, though. Anyone who lost money due to BitConnect only has themselves to blame. It is a harsh reality, but that’s what people get for falling for snake oil practices.

For now, it is unclear what the future will hold. It seems the BCC Exchange has also shut its doors for now. This is more evidence of the nefarious nature of this particular “investment program”. It is a matter of time until the other exchanges remove BCC from their platform, by the look of things. We can only hope not too many people lost money because of BitConnect. At the same time, it seems likely the team ran off with a few dozen million Dollars in the end.

Finding a reliable cloud mining service provider is not an easy feat. A lot of companies are shady or stop paying out after a while. Genesis Mining has been around for several years now, and they continue to provide a reliable service0. Although not everyone is a big fan of this service, cryptocurrency mining is always unpredictable. One thing is certain: the company plans to integrate Bitcoin Cash payments. An interesting decision, although one that makes a lot of sense.

The public opinion on Genesis Mining is a bit of a mixed bag these days. The company has seen some minor issues, but those are mainly due to cryptocurrency’s unpredictable nature. At the same time, they are still standing several years later. Customers are still receiving payments, and the company is looking to keep moving forward. Over the years, Genesis Mining added new currencies to mine. That change has been well-received by the overall cryptocurrency community.

BCH Payments are Coming to Genesis Mining

One thing that hasn’t changed much is the payment options supported by this platform. Most people purchase Genesis Mining cloud mining contracts with Bitcoin or a credit card. It is due time more payment options are added to this list. The company is seemingly experimenting with Bitcoin Cash integration as we speak. That would be an interesting addition. Given the high fees and slow transactions of Bitcoin, it is evident computers will eventually start to butt in.

Unlike Bitcoin, the Bitcoin Cash network seems to run smooth as butter. Granted, there was a minor transaction backlog last weekend. Issues such as those are often resolved very quickly,  though. As a result, BCH makes for a better payment option than Bitcoin right now. Genesis Mining is at least willing to give this altcoin a fighting chance. This doesn’t mean there will be any major surge in customers paying with BCh, though. Only time will tell if that can be the case.

For now, Genesis Mining users won’t be able to use Bitcoin Cash just yet. This is mainly because the company is out of hashpower to sell to customers. It’s a good sign for the company, although they will need to bring more hardware online very soon. Cryptocurrencies are still “hot” right now and people want to get in on the action. With so few reliable cloud mining providers about, Genesis Mining can strike it rich. The addition of BCH payments will certainly have some sort of impact as well.