The PreSale Phase of FLOGmall ICO is completed

The FLOGmall team is happy to announce the successful completion of its ICO PreSale, during which the target soft cap was reached.  Currently, over 500 thousand dollars, or 387 ETH, has been raised from 26 investors. The PreSale phase took place from December 14, 2017, to January 14, 2018, with a Mallcoin exchange rate of 6000 MLC to 1 ETH.

What Is Mallcoin?

FLOGmall has introduced an open-source cryptographic token, Mallcoin. Mallcoin is a cryptocurrency that will be able to be used as payment in the FLOGmall platform. The token will be used as a payment unit for all transactions in the FLOGmall system and as a basis for interaction with other digital services.
Mallcoin is a limited-edition token. It is not a subject to long-term inflation. Mallcoin tokens are equivalent and translatable. A plan is in the works to trade Mallcoin on cryptocurrency exchanges.

FLOGmall’s primary and most attractive innovation for its participants is the built-in automatic token exchange system (ATES) for Mallcoin. The system is simple and transparent, with an internal token exchange rate, as well as a clear algorithm for trading tokens between the platform’s buyers and sellers.

The functionality of this service is partially similar to an internal mutual commitment service. An automatic token exchange happens in return for beneficial activity on the platform.

When buying FLOGmall tokens at the pre-ICO or ICO phase, a user who wants to become a token holder receives a significant discount on purchasing them. Once the primary ICO has concluded, the platform will initiate the monetization process by providing additional services and functionality. The platform will make a commitment that the token exchange rate in the ATES will be higher than the rate during the pre-ICO and ICO.

Token holders will gain an access to the ATES after the platform launch. They can use the ATES to exchange the tokens they received during the ICO phases both with sellers and other users of the platform’s services. In this way FLOGmall will share the platform’s revenue with token holders from day one. Token holders can also sell their tokens to any user who sees a potential for token growth as a result of the token being issued on the exchanges in the near future.

ICO Phases

The next phase will be the Pre-ICO, which will be conducted on the FLOGmall platform and a crowdfunding platform from February, 22 up till March 8, 2018. The soft cap for this phase is set at $2.5 million, and the Mallcoin exchange rate will be 3000 MLC to 1 ETH.
Next is the ICO phase, which will take just three weeks. It will be conducted from March, 22 up till April 12, 2018, with a soft cap target of $5 million. The Mallcoin exchange rate will be 2000 MLC to 1 ETH.
Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies can be used to participate in the ICO.



The current plan is to issue 250,000,000 Mallcoin tokens (MLC). The Mallcoin sale price is pegged to Ethereum and will change from one sale phase to the next. This means that as the Ethereum exchange rate rises, so does the Mallcoin exchange rate, and vice versa. For the convenience of ICO participants, the approximate USD value of Mallcoin will be displayed, automatically recalculated based on the current value of Ethereum as of the current date.

About the Project

FLOGmall is an international e-commerce platform created for users from around the world who buy and sell various goods and services with tokens. As of now, there no real analogues to this service. Stores will be displayed on FLOGmall in a new, unique format called LiveStore. The “live store” is a combination of blog and video content about sellers, stores, goods, and services.

When working with FLOGmall, sellers will no longer need expensive marketing. FLOGmall makes it easy for them to create their own marketing campaigns to directly attract buyers.

Meanwhile, buyers will have the opportunity to purchase mass-market goods for cryptocurrency. Various electronics, appliances, clothing, and other day-to-day items will now be available to token holders.

New directions for services including real estate (renting, sales), digital marketing, financial services are planned to develop.


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A well-known expert in the field of cryptocurrencies David Drake and highly skilled banking executive with many years of experience Ilya Zibarevhave joined Connectius.  These masters will act as advisers of the international startup team Connectius with Russian background.

The Сonnectius project is a SaaS-solution for electronic commerce based on blockchain technology, one of the basic tasks of which is to fight online fraud while making online payments for goods on trading platforms.

Integration of innovative solutions to the existing e-trading platforms, such as securing of any transactions by means of smart contracts and arbitration for dispute resolutions will allow reducing the number of fraudulent transactions without the presence of a card and the unfair abolition of transactions.

At the time of writing of this article, the team is working hard on the testing of the alpha version of their own trading platform, mobile application, which is designed to demonstrate a Connectius idea as a universal decision. Besides they are busy with preparation for official beta-version release of this product, which is planned for the last decade of January.

David Drake, through his family office, LDJ Capital, has acted as GP & LP investor with his partners in fund-of-funds, realty funds, venture capital funds and hedge funds. Mr. Drake’s investments currently have 50+ global directors which span across institutions and family offices with $1.5 trillion in assets.

Mr. Drake’s access to 100,000 investors is maintained through his media asset, The Soho Loft Media Group, which has produced and sponsored over 1100+ finance conferences since 2002, such as events with institutional media leader, Thomson Reuters and sponsors from Nasdaq, NYSE, KKR, and the Carlyle Group. LDJ Special Situations partners have invested $100 Million in Alibaba and Palantir.

As David’s main objectives, the founders see the project development by attracting highly qualified experts and specialists to the team, a partner base developing, and building trust relationships with the potential token-holders.

“I am glad to join this ambitious and promising project as an adviser. The blockchain technology integration into the e-commerce market will be able to take the fight against fraud to a new level and significantly reduce this aspect of costs that affect the pricing of market offers,” said David Drake.

Ilya Zibarev came to a decision to support the project as a strategic adviser and business consultant both at the time of ICO and after its ending.  Ilya Zibarev’s     primary objective is advising of the project in the main vectors of its development and help in crowdfunding.

Ilya Zibarev, a highly qualified expert having 8 years of experience working in executive positions in Alfa-Bank JSC, the largest private bank in Russia and the seventh largest bank in volume of assets, ex-chairman of board of the “Russkiy Standart” bank and one of the leaders on the credit card market, said: “”Connectius draw my attention primary by its ambitious plans to reduce the level of online frauds. Contrary to many other startups Connectius has real benefits and already functioning alfa version of the product, supported by a serious design team, besides its ambitious development plans”.

Startup team in its turn is sure, that experience of such highly qualified specialist as Ilya Zibarev will favor the project not only at the time if ICO, but will also help to choose the corresponding direction in business development.

Let us recall, that at the present moment Connectius Tokens are being actively sold. All terms and detailed information you may find on: Crowdsale will end on the 20th of January 2018.

White Paper, English.:


15 January 2018 – In line with Metaverse’s aim of expanding its global presence and increasing community engagement, we’re pleased to announce the launch of the Metaverse Ambassador Program: a comprehensive plan to support a community of driven blockchain enthusiasts and elevate their reach.

Metaverse aims to revolutionize the way financial services and transactions are processed, and confidence is growing among financial institutions that blockchain technologies will ultimately transform how services are conducted, operated and delivered. As an extension of our vision of building a new reality, ambassadors will take the lead in fostering authentic and long-lasting relationships with the Metaverse community globally.

Become an Ambassador

We’re looking for global-minded and regional experts, practitioners, influencers, instigators and innovative and strategic thinkers who are:
– Passionate about Metaverse’s vision and values
– Ready, capable and motivated to nurture awareness about Metaverse and build connections around the world


As an ambassador, you will receive exclusive opportunities to attend meetups, coaching sessions, and webinars that will expand your skills, knowledge base and social network.

Apply to be a Metaverse Ambassador

Join us on our journey towards constructing a new reality! Visit our website at for more information.

March 6, 2018, Bangkok will host a major international conference dedicated to blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICOs – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Thailand.

The conference is aimed at cryptocurrency investors, blockchain startup representatives, developers, marketing specialists, lawmakers, lawyers, financial experts and advisors engaged in the cryptocurrency and ICO sector.

Participants will discover the current condition of the cryptocurrency market, blockchain trends, ICO aspects and investments in tokens.

The conference will reveal the following issues:

  • blockchain technology application in Fintech and Govtech sectors;
  • how to launch an ICO of your own project and attract investments;
  • technical features of blockchain-based solutions;
  • legal regulation of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Thailand is organized by Smile-Expo, an international company that has been holding blockchain and cryptocurrency events since 2014. Every conference brings together from 200 to 2500 participants.

Tickets can be bought on the official website. The earlier purchase, the more profitable price:

  • until February 5 – 10 000 THB (255 EUR);
  • from February 6 till March 5 – 15 000 THB;
  • on the event day – 20 000 THB.

Registration details can be found on the website of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Thailand.



Octoin project is happy to announce the release its own cryptocurrency OctoinCoin! The release is planned for the beginning of February 2018.

Our Team has done really hard work so that the product that we present to the market would be really outstanding. OctoinCoin (OCC) has got many advantages which differentiate it from the rest of cryptocurrencies. Three wales, which OCC is based on are the security, speed, and convenience.

Advantages of OCC comparing to other cryptocurrencies:

  • PoS mining which is possible without using the expensive equipment. It is enough simply to keep your wallet open with the balance;
  • Using the SegWit gives additional 4-times optimisation of block of OCC. It multiplies by many times the speed of transaction.
  • The Lightning Network technology is a completely new opportunity of conducting instant transactions with almost no commissions!
  • OCCode is the opportunity of cold storage and sending coins using the code. This technology is reminding the electronic cheque to bearer. It is easy and safe method of sending the coins to the user, who might not even have the wallet at the moment of receiving the coins. When someone receives and activates the code, he is refilling its balance for the amount of OCC, which is was indicated while created OCCode.

We are sure that start of our own cryptocurrency with such functionality will allow us to straighten our leadership positions at the cryptocurrencies market. So that our Partners can attract new users to the system!

90 Long Acre


Fund distributions equal to 40% of the fund’s profit, totaling $105,000.

January 14, 2018 (Hong Kong, China) – Sharpe Capital is a blockchain based platform committed to building a decentralized investment ecosystem. Their focus is on helping both retail traders and institutional investors better understand traditional and crypto financial markets. The Sharpe Platform crowdsources market sentiment on traditional equity and blockchain assets. Users receive Ethereum service fee payments for making predictions on equity and cryptocurrency price movements in relation to current events.

Machine-learning linguistic analysis, quantitative trading strategies, and crowdsourced investment sentiment are all used by the platform to generate top quality sentiment-based data-feeds for use by retail and institutional investors. Sharpe Capital also has a proprietary investment fund, the Sharpe Fund, which implements the platform’s sentiment data. The fund launched on December 4, 2017, and achieved an incredible 85% ROI benchmarked against USD.

The month’s profits totaled $105,000, 40% of which will be returned to platform users, the average payout being $972. The average service fee payment per SHP token staked is $0.02 but jumps to $0.12 per SHP token for those with the highest stake and work. The payment is scheduled to be dispersed among 108 users on Saturday, January 13th. The next payment is slated for February 13th.

Dr. James Butler, the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Sharpe Capital, noted about the inaugural month’s performance:

We are delighted to have received over 15,000 asset predictions during the first month of our launch by Sharpe sentiment providers, paying almost $1,000 per user. Through Sharpe’s unique combination of quantitative trading strategies and crowd-sourced human intelligence, we are very well positioned to continue our initial success in generating over 100% ROI in just 5 weeks.

We look forward to working with our commercial partners, including TaaS and ETHLend, to develop the Sharpe Global Sentiment Index, helping investors to better understand financial markets and creating valuable new revenue streams for the Sharpe community.

Those interested in joining the Sharpe Capital community can do so through their token sale, which is live now. SHP tokens are available for purchase through February 5, 2018.

Press Contact: Rachel Brosca
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +972 545 464 238

3D-Token Attains ICO Soft Cap Earlier Than Targeted Date and Is Now Launching the Development of its Robots’ Network Through The Affiliation Of New Hubs

3D-Token is running on the back of an already existing business (Politronica srl) and a highly-experienced award-winning team. Politronica is a spin-off company of the Italian University “Politecnico di Torino.”

The 3D-Token sale was launched on the 18th of December, 2017 and is to run through to the 11th of February, 2018 but already, remarkable strides are being recorded. The ICO soft cap was reached on the 28th of December, just 10 days into the campaign with over 1 million dollars realized.

In order to sustain the fast development of its business, Politronica is starting from now to offer a free of charge lease of 3 Qubit3D machines (an FDM 3D-Printing Robot developed with proprietary technology) per affiliated Hub, and proposes to the affiliate to work for its Network and to take part of the just-in-time manufacturing revolution. Politronica will provide the affiliate with the bioplastic material necessary for the manufacturing projects at its expense, granting the affiliate a fee of $ 2 for each printing hour executed (paid in Ether).

For more information about the Robots’ Network and how to join it, please contact: [email protected]

Meanwhile, 3D-Token ICO is running with an interesting Bonus, if you wish to Join The Project, please click here


Pay less and discover more: buy tickets to Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Manila with 50% discount  

Only from 15 to 17 January, register to Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines and get a ticket with a 50% discount.

Pretty soon, on January 25, Manila will host the largest conference dedicated to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines.

The best industry professionals will share their experience and talk about major sectors and relevant trends in the FinTech industry, including the following:

  • legal regulation of blockchain and cryptocurrencies;
  • economy of initial coin offering;
  • special features of cryptocurrency operations;
  • application of blockchain in various business areas.

Besides presentations, guests will be also able to attend an exhibition zone with top solutions for the blockchain industry.

One of the crucial aspects of B&BC Philippines is networking. Everyone interested will be able to find new business acquaintances and to communicate with speakers.

Your discount

You can buy tickets for 7500 PHP instead of 15 000 PHP only on 15, 16 and 17 of January!

To activate the discount, enter the promotion code – phil50 – and register to Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines!   

Media Contact

Nick Besedin
ICO Events, Blockchain & Bitcoin Conferences
E-mail: [email protected]


January 15, 2018, Kowloon, Hong Kong – Ethearnal has decided to put up its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to provide investors an opportunity to monetize and benefit from a full-fledged P2P freelance system. The company is planning to launch the ICO 2.0 offering in January 2018.

Ethearnal is a peer-to-peer freelance platform developed with the aim to serve as a bridge between businesses and skilled individuals. It is a holistic, secured platform where all parties can engage with each other, gauge competencies, and enter into a client-freelancer relationship to achieve a mutually agreed upon result. Disputes are settled fairly through a decentralized arbitrage system where a pool of independent moderators resolve issues through voting.

“Ethearnal has the potential to revolutionize the way freelancing systems work. Thanks to Ethereum smart contracts, both employers and freelancers can have peace of mind that their investment, be it money, time, or, effort, is safe and secure. That’s the beauty of working using blockchain technology – you incur lower trading costs and have a trail of transactions on public record,” says Stanislav Uzunchev, Co-Founder of Ethearnal.

What makes Ethearnal unique are Ethearnal Reputation Tokens (ERTs). The company has managed to create a framework that tokenizes reputation for businesses, freelancers, and even moderators. The rule of thumb is that the more ERTs you have, the higher your visibility will be in the network.

“The secret behind the high effectiveness of our reputation system is that ERTs are worth real money. The owner can buy, sell, transfer, or trade them in any way they wish. Creators decide how much reputation or ERTs each party must put at stake. It’s only natural that bigger projects will require a larger amount of ERTs, ensuring that only serious and capable people participate in them,” said Vladimir Vladimirov, Co-Founder of Ethearnal, while explaining the USP of the Ethereum-based freelance model.

Ethearnal levels the playing field for small investors and ensures equal investment opportunities through a dynamic ICO cap that increases by the passing hour. Investors will have complete control over their investment, empowering them to continue or terminate the project at any stage to get a refund for their investment.

When asked about the future game plan for Ethearnal, Vladimir said, “By the start of Q2 of 2018, we will have our decentralized system online for moderating and curating records, followed by the release production network and software. By the end of 2018, we will launch Ethearnal iOS and Android apps. Also, our team is working on a number of technologies to fine-tune and innovate the system, which are planned for 2019.”

About Ethearnal

A seamless peer-to-peer freelance system designed to connect freelancers and employers, Ethearnal enables businesses to hire skilled and talented individuals to work on their projects in a well-organized and secure manner. Ethearnal utilizes the optimal functionality of trustless smart contracts, a decentralized arbitrage system, and a well-thought-out tokenized reputation management framework to enable everyone involved to keep their end of the bargain. With employers, freelancers, and moderators all having ERTs at stake, every party strives to deliver on their promises.

Learn more about Ethearnal’s ICO at

Media Contact

Company Name: Ethearnal
Contact Person: Stanislav Uzunchev
Email:  [email protected]
Location: Kowloon, Hong Kong

Projects Districts, the world’s first fully decentralized virtual ecosystem designed to project real-world and ethereal experiences to users, is now making the headlines on a regular basis. After attending the just concluded Dubai International Blockchain Summit, the team is all set to take part in the North American Bitcoin Conference scheduled to be held in Miami on January 18th and 19th 2018.

January 10, 2018: Blockchain Technology LLC, one of the earliest blockchain startups in the Gulf States, is pleased to announce that their team Project Districts will participate in the upcoming North American Bitcoin Conference. Project Districts was also one of the attendees at the just concluded Dubai International Blockchain Summit. The North American Bitcoin Conference will take place in Miami on January 18th and 19th 2018, bringing together all the major players of the industry and showcasing ICOs as the next big thing in the in the crypto-currency community.

Project Districts was created by Blockchain Technology LLC out of their passion for creating a system that will help overcome the traditional barriers to innovation by providing the necessary tools for transforming ideas into workable solutions. This goal was accomplished by the Districts development team by leveraging the core efficiencies of two groundbreaking technologies, the blockchain and Virtual Reality.

The first ever synergistic manipulation of the Blockchain and Virtual Reality, Project Districts allows the integration of a diverse range of functionalities into the Districts 3D world. The goal of Project Districts is to be the world’s first ubiquitous interface for propagating traditional and ethereal experiences to both the common and technology savvy internet user.

3DCoin, Project Districts’ own cryptocurrency based on the bitcoin and dash source code and updated by a new smart script, serves as the official medium of transaction in the Districts ecosystem. The 3DCoin blockchain utilizes a set of public key cryptographic methods to further enhance its safety and allows the use of the already existent keys from sister cryptocurrencies or from any other system.

Following the recent launch of the ICO by Project Districts, the demand for 3DCoin has skyrocketed. Some of the key advantages of the new generation 3DCoin blockchain are scalability, fast confirmation, 3D Dapps, user-friendly interface, low transaction fees, safety layer for developers, programmable contracts, secure mining, instant transactions, and more. Given its fiat nature in the 3D world, 2018 certainly promises to be a great year for this new cryptocurrency.

Though the experts have predicted an immense potential for the VR/AR market, the existing VR/AR frameworks, in general, are complex to use, expensive to set up, and rather limited in terms of their applications. Built on a robust P2P system, Districts 3D world looks to cut down the traditional costs associated with setting up and running an AR/VR based ecosystem. Project Districts also comes with its own Districts Visual Studio (DVS), a specialized development module that bridges the technical gap between the 3D world and its users. This versatile ecosystem is poised to deliver efficient solutions to multiple sectors including retail, gaming, real estate, education, healthcare, application development, advertisement, and much more.

Highlighting their experience at the Dubai International Blockchain Summit, a senior team member stated, “It was an excellent opportunity for us to showcase Project Districts as the world’s first fully decentralized virtual ecosystem that can be used to develop content, applications, and share experiences for personal, public and commercial use. The team also benefited immensely by interacting with some of the most renowned personalities in the blockchain space.”

“With the North American Bitcoin Conference just around the corner, we are excited about yet another rewarding experience. This two-day event promises to be the most important blockchain conference of the year, and we are looking forward to making it a grand success for Project Districts,” he added.

To find out more about Project Districts, please visit

About Project Districts

A brainchild of Blockchain Technology LLC, Project Districts is an unlimited Virtual Representation of the real world.  This is an efficient system that will help overcome the traditional barriers to innovation by providing the necessary tools for transforming ideas into workable solutions. Project Districts has been created by combining the core efficiencies of the blockchain and Virtual Reality.

Contact: Mohamed Zakaria Samai
Email: [email protected]