BYZANTIUM ICO Agency Annual Report – Madly Successful Year

This Year is Over…

During 2017 BYZANTIUM has successfully provided their services to the most promising ICOs, including Crypviser, CryptoPing, Goldmint, Mircomoney, Naga Token Sale and Bankex. Moreover, they worked with The Token Fund. Most of the projects received Strategy & Consulting / Marketing & PR / Community management & Support / Branding & Web-development services from BYZANTIUM which resulted in more than 12,000 BTC gathered (in total for all projects based on the sum collected on the last day of the token sale converted to BTC in accordance to exchange rates).

BYZANTIUM generated more than 1000 crypto and investing media publications for their clients as well as attracted thousands of ICO investors to the projects.

Speaking about business development, BYZANTIUM Agency has attracted big crypto “stars” as advisors and investors to their clients.

BYZANTIUM specializes on PPC advertising, providing services of paid advertising on social media and searching engines. Thus, clients get thousands of precisely picked conversions with great conversion rates and smart optimization.

Moreover, BYZANTIUM negotiated and organized more than 50 strategic partnerships for their clients (like partnerships with Bancor, Cointelegraph etc.).

Let’s give particular attention to the last two projects BYZANTIUM has had this year. NAGA and Bankex have collected $50 million and $66 million accordingly during their ICOs. BYZANTIUM managed to bring more than 60 thousand backers to NAGA making it the second biggest ICO in terms of backers up to date. The key formula for success making BYZANTIUM so unique is the deep level of immersion into the team of a project it works with and the results speak for themselves.

…And Now the New 2018 Year is About to Begin!

Now that the year has ended, BYZANTIUM ICO Agency is willing to offer to their future clients a whole array of different services:

  • Strategy & Consulting
  • PPC advertising in social media and search engines
  • Marketing & PR  
  • Community Management & Support
  • Branding & Web-development
  • Business Development
  • VC Support and Pitches
  • Roadshow Creation & Conferences Organization

The key value proposition of the Agency is the ability of the core team to integrate inside the client’s team and become a part of the existing functional entity to be able to provide as much value for the project as possible. Thus, the Agency provides not only consulting services but integrates themselves with the projects they are working with.

Moreover, it is important to mention that BYZANTIUM is working with no more than 2 clients at a time in order to maintain high KPIs and efficiency, which is uncommon nowadays due to the fact that most agencies work as ICO boxes providing their services to tens of projects which usually results in poor quality and low conversion rates.


BYZANTIUM is a Leading Token Sale Consulting Agency founded by a team of professionals with backgrounds in blockchain technology, investing, PR, and marketing. The whole team consists of 17 members. Moreover, the Agency has lots of subcontractors on hand. This whole “marketing army” can convert any promising project into a super successful one.

The co-founders of BYZANTIUM Peter Bel and Max Uperyaka have an impressive background. Peter was among the first members of the CoinTelegraph team. Together with Max, they managed traffic and PR on the Humaniq project that turned out to be a big success. After that they founded BYZANTIUM and began as a marketing agency, which transformed into an ICO Agency as of today. Thus, now it not only provides full-cycle ICO services but also attracts private and institutional investors.

Also, BYZANTIUM owns event tracker that can help everyone keep track of the latest blockchain events out there. It’s completely free of charge to use.

So, if you have a promising project with an existing product, thought out tokenomics, as well as a really cool idea in mind, and you are planning on doing an ICO – feel free to contact BYZANTIUM via an email: [email protected] or Telegram: @bzntm to start the cooperation ASAP!


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Date: May 18th~19th, 2018
Location: Great China International Exchange Square, Shenzhen China

The 6th China Forex Expo was a great success for both exhibitors and attendees. The 7th China Forex Expo will strongly return on May 18th~19th, 2018 at Great China International Exchange Square, Shenzhen China. It gears up for brokers, IBs, affiliates, fintech providers, media, investors, blockchain experts, and companies to achieve a better result in the new year.

Here, industry masterminds will share the greatest insight and all attendees can understand better the forex opportunities in one of the biggest and most important markets — China. Also, you will learn how to localize your business, how to be friends with Chinese clients, and how to avoid conflicts because of cultural difference, etc.

China Forex Expo is the most professional and influential forex expo in China, covering forex, precious metals, CFDs, stocks, indices, commodities like oil and gas etc, and blockchain applications etc. Since the very first event, the China Forex Expo aims at bringing together professional forex market players from different countries and help to get an unrivaled opportunity to promote their products and services to the international market.

Organizer:Interaction Pros Limited
Tel: +86-21-3126 1015
Skype: chinaforexexpo
Email: [email protected]

Whether you’re a neophyte hoping to pick up a thing or two from industry veterans—or a veteran seeking new customers or business parters; a startup owner looking to attract investors—or an investor searching for a hot new project to back; attending trade events is a great way to jump-start your efforts. Conferences in particular can be tremendously helpful in establishing bridges across geographical distance, technological gaps, and cultural differences. As such, they are of vital importance when it comes to learning “the lay of the land,” establishing your brand, or expanding the scope and reach of your business.

The BlockYard conference is an international gathering of people interested in the blockchain technology, with particular emphasis on cryptocurrency applications. Its inaugural edition, scheduled for 13 April 2018, is expected to attract approximately 1,000 participants, including—among others—developers, startups, FinTech specialists, miners, traders, investors, and journalists. Attendees will have a chance to hear from and interact with some of the movers and shakers of the crypto market, and to network with hundreds of like-minded individuals.

In stark contrast to many similar events, BlockYard eschews the “all things blockchain” approach in favor of a more selective agenda. In keeping with this year’s main theme of “investing, mining, and trading,” presentations will focus specifically on various aspects of the cryptocurrency business. Speakers will address the audience from two stages, Novice and Advanced, providing both broad basics for the benefit of complete beginners and expert advice targeted at seasoned cryptocurrency aficionados.

The 2018 conference will take place in the historic Polish city of Gdańsk, on the coast of the Baltic Sea. In the post-industrial space of Centrum Stocznia Gdańska—a repurposed shipyard assembly hall, dating from the mid-1930s—attendees will be treated to a tightly packed program of provocative talks, pitch sessions, and networking events. To ensure that everyone’s needs are adequately met, the organizers have prepared a wide range of exhibitor and sponsor options, including an attractively priced ICO package. Conference tickets are on sale now, with discounted Early Bird rates available until 2 February 2018.

BlockYard aims to bring together individuals and organizations involved in various ways with distributed consensus networks: users and developers, investors and startups, businesses and clients. In doing so, it hopes to create an open space for free exchange of information and experience related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Would you like to be a part of that exchange? Find out more about BlockYard 2018 at:

Today social networking sites make billions of dollars from users’ activity and content merely by showing ads to them, while users don’t get anything in return. All the profit is taken by corporations and none of them tend to share it with their users.

But the world is changing fast. is a new generation social network based on an advanced principle of fairness and transparency between the social media and a user. It combines the benefits of the digital currency of the future, the Bitcoin, and blockchain technology and gives its users an opportunity to get rewarded for using the service.

А Revolution in Visual Advertising

Aside from standard SNS features, every user’s account can be used as their ad space, therefore all their followers become each user’s own advertising audience.

Thus, by activating their advertising account in one click, a user allows their account to automatically post ads that will appear in all of their followers’ news feeds, and gets rewarded by for every ad display. The reward can be up to 50% of the ad cost per view. The important thing is that the social media does not reward users with its own money, but shares a part of the client’s payment. And this truly revolutionary approach of’s developers is unparalleled in the world. It is also important to mention that all the processes are fully automated and require no further action from the user.

The Business Model of the Future

Our business model is a total win-win.

Every user gets rewarded simply by spending time on the social media. So, it is not hard to imagine how many people would jump at the opportunity to effortlessly build a source of passive income. Our clients get a big, easily targeted and inherently ad-friendly audience, which is financially motivated in placing ads on their social media. Meanwhile, the social network provides itself with a constant inflow of new users and clients, thus increasing not only its profit, but also its popularity. The only question is: how is it technically possible to perform millions of transactions for millions of users at a time?

Blockchain, Bitcoin and ALL.ME (ME) Token

The answer to this question lies in innovative Blockchain technology. Implementing our business model without its opportunities would be nearly impossible. will also use Bitcoin for external payments, particularly for transactions between the social network and the client. This is another unique feature of the project, unrivaled throughout the world.

All the internal payments, user rewards and other transactions within will be carried out with the use of ME Token, the network’s digital token. provides users with ample opportunity to use the token: purchase of stickers, gifts and profile themes, premium subscription, music subscription, Bitcoin exchange and — coming soon — the “Showcase” platform. It is a unique trading platform within the social network, where users will be able to purchase goods not only from trading companies, but also from each other. One doesn’t have to be a financial analyst to see the economic potential of “Showcase”. In the long term, it can even challenge the e-commerce companies dominating the global market today.

It is worth mentioning that, aside from a wide range of uses within, ME Tokens can be used outside the network, too. Each user will have a cryptocurrency wallet and an exchange service integrated into their account, so that they will be able to send remittances to each other, exchange ME Tokens to Bitcoins or sell them at the Exchange.

ICO as a Powerful Impulse for Worldwide Business Expansion

The innovative social network is now fully completed and ready for use, and anyone can already reach the future — in every sense of the word. All they have to do is tap the download button in the App Store or Google Play.

The owners of are currently preparing for implementing an ICO in just a few weeks.

Now is launching ICO. The project meets the highest expectations: ALL.ME tokens pre sale has gathered more than 1.8 million US dollars  for less than 24 hours!

The important thing is that the main aim of the initial coin offering is considered to be our business model expansion to all the regions and the continents of the world. And it’s perfectly reasonable, because is a truly unique, breakthrough project that opens a new chapter in social network development. This is the platform whose development is absolutely natural. This is the social network anticipated and deserved by every person from all over the world using a social network service. And while back in the day one couldn’t but bitterly agree that spending time on social media is a pleasure, but a total waste of time, now it is safe to say that every minute spent on has a real value and can give each user not only pleasure but also real profit. And all this is possible thanks to — the future that has already happened.

The Finwise Summit Macau 2018 will be held in Macau from 12-13 January 2018. The summit aims to encourage interaction among global fintech industry participants and to drive global fintech developments. Focused on blockchain technologies on the bleeding edge of the financial technology landscape, the event will gather outstanding fintech and blockchain companies from around the world and outline the opportunities that lie ahead for fintech and blockchain applications.

Finwise Summit Macau 2018 will bring together the hottest and most representative companies in the industry, and feature fresh content that brings value to exchanges, miners, investors, members of the press, mining pools and blockchain projects.

As a guest to the summit, you can gain access to events on the following topics:

– State of the Blockchain industry & Future Trends
– Blockchain Applications in Finance, Social Networking & Cross-Border Payments
– Innovative Investments & Financing in Blockchain Projects
– Development of Global Digital Currency Trading Platforms
– Exhibitions by the latest blockchain projects
– Offline display of the latest blockchain project worldwide

Summit details

Date:January 12 – 13, 2018
Location:Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel, Cotai Central, Macao, China

Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsor applications for Finwise Summit Macau 2018 have officially been released. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please send Email to [email protected] before 5 January, 2018.

Note: Finwise Summit Macau 2018 does not support on-site registration. If you are interested in attending the event, please visit the official event website or buy tickets on

Please visit the event website for more details:


Raymond HE
Email: [email protected]

Ticket Purchase

[email protected]

Throughout 2017 we have witnessed a plethora of Bitcoin “hard forks”. Some of them were just a simple cash grab, some of them offered interesting improvements to the Bitcoin technology. But Bitcoin Flash seems to be outpacing them all, finally introducing much needed instant confirmations feature to Bitcoin, and other interesting aspects like the opportunity to earn Bitcoin Flash by running a masternode.

In original Bitcoin, the transaction propagates fairly quickly through the network, but it is not considered “cleared” until it gets mined into the block, or better yet, two or three of them. The software auto-adjusts itself to keep the interval between blocks 10 minutes on average, which results in the waiting time of 10-30 minutes for the transaction to be confirmed. Needless to say, this severely damages the chances of Bitcoin being widely accepted in physical retail stores.

Dash, which runs a modified Bitcoin code, alleviated this problem by inventing InstantX — a technology that locks the transaction outputs in such a way that it cannot be double spent, and thus providing instant confirmations for everyone accepting Dash transactions. This property is achieved by incentivizing people to run thousands of masternodes. They lock in the consensus, and earn more coins for their service in return. The process is trustless and decentralized, and the technology has been working very well for the past several years, and there was no incidents so far.

Now that it proved itself useful and functional on the separate blockchain, it’s time to merge this into Bitcoin blockchain. Dash has never achieved the same market share that Bitcoin has, and it’s mostly because Bitcoin having a “first mover advantage” on the market and people being inert. Now they will have a choice to support the better chain, with all their balances properly migrated. It will go live on block 502502, which is approximately January 5, 2018.

Unlike other forks (Bitcoin Gold, for instance, didn’t have working code at the time the fork happened), Bitcoin Flash code is ready to be used, with small changes being introduced but all main features working (BitcoinTalk thread contains a call for all developers and Dash fans to support and help the development, and earn bounty in return). And the documentation doesn’t need much work, because it’s almost the same as for Dash.

As usual, Bitcoin Flash is soon to be added to various Bitcoin exchanges, and the futures of it would be traded before the fork date. It is expected that crypto enthusiasts which don’t have access to powerful mining equipment, will still be able to earn Bitcoin Flash by running masternodes. Similar to Dash, to run a masternode, its operator has to have 1,000 BTF locked as a collateral (similar to proof of stake). While there’s not many people that have 1,000 BTC in their wallets and willing to run Bitcoin Flash masternodes, BTF itself is expected to initially be traded cheaper than Bitcoin Core, allowing for a window of opportunity to obtain the needed amount, which is expected to have a primary role in increasing Bitcoin Flash demand in the first days and weeks. After that, it will depend on Bitcoin Flash securing its place in checkout lines in the retail stores as an “instant Bitcoin”.

Bitcointalk thread:

Native Video Box is on its way to change the way people host and share videos. The platform, referred to as NVB, in short, is leveraging the blockchain technology to create a holistic monetary ecosystem for video content industry. In order to gain a better understanding of the platform, we spoke to Alexander Shishow, the CEO of NVB.

NewsBTC: NVB, sounds like a great concept. Can you please let us know how it is different from the already existing video sharing platforms?

Alexander: If we look at YouTube or its competitors like Vimeo or DailyMotion for instance, we will find out that any particular video, most of them, can be embedded to third party webpage. Of course, they run ads before content, but usually that ‘third-party web page’ does not get any advertising revenue. NVB aims at changing every element in this game. We choose relevant videos automatically and share advertising revenues between ‘third-party webpage’ and video content creators.

NewsBTC: Can you explain what exactly do you mean when you say NVB is a decentralized platform?

Alexander: We deliver videos on the web pages, so there was a moment when we considered using third-party video content delivery networks. But it’s really expensive. So, we decided to create decentralised content delivery network, maintained by the community. Being the part of our video cloud storage, publishers can host videos and earn some extra money from it.

NewsBTC: How does NVB plan to build its community?

Alexander: With NVB any video creator, even inexperienced, can instantly gain traffic for the video and get paid for it. It’s a unique opportunity on the market right now.

NewsBTC: Would you like to give a brief overview of the platform to our readers?

Alexander: Sure. From publisher’s perspective NVB is a widget that can be easily installed on a website. It’s a widget that shows videos to the audience and provides bundled monetization solution.

From advertisers’ perspective, it’s a video content discovery platform that provides unique and high-quality instream video inventory with the transparent tokenized economy.

NewsBTC: Are you planning for any tie-ups or partnerships? Anything in place already?

Alexander: Yes, first of all we have already gathered some advertising demand providers (BetweenX, Dynovid and Vispot). We also have commitments with startups (Adhive, for instance) and some video content aggregators and video bloggers. Publishers and networks are also welcome. Unfortunately, I can’t disclose more for now – stay tuned for updates on our website!

NewsBTC: How much are you planning to raise during the ICO? What will the funds be used for?

Alexander: We are planning to raise 15M USD during our ICO, but we also will be content with a smaller sum (e.g. 3M USD). This will mean a slower pace of development for us, but still it won’t prevent us from reaching our goals!

NewsBTC: Tell us about your team

Alexander: Native Video Box brings together a dream-team of experienced professionals from AdTech, community management, and blockchain.

For instance, Petr Kozyakov, NVB IR Director is a Strategic Partnerships professional with 10+ years of experience in banking and finances. Andrey Smirnov is a machine learning and artificial intelligence pro with 10+ years of experience. Among our advisers is Julian Zegelman, serial entrepreneur and angel investor, whose previous successful ICOs include Starta ICO, Suretly,, Blackmoon Crypto, Cindicator, and ParagonCoin.

NewsBTC: Anything else you would like our readers to know about NVB?

Alexander: Our mission is to bring value to all ecosystem participants, from user to advertiser. We have reinvented content discovery: we deliver people videos they will love, but never knew existed.

Native Video Box aims at changing the game for all market players. While offering transparent revenue share, we will fight fraud with help of multi-tier blockchain. We invite everyone to join us in creating the future of advertising, which you can do by purchasing NVB tokens, placing your video content on our network or installing our widget on your websites.

The main ICO of Qurito, a platform to discover, share and gain ideas and knowledge, is successfully underway since it started on December 8, 2017. Qurito, aiming to sell 250 Million Quro Tokens in its ICO, is on the way of revolutionize the way people learn and share things.

The Background

The Qurito platform is designed with the intention of providing authentic and meaningful content to the users. The great part is that all of it is advertisement free and doesn’t incorporate unwanted content. This leads to users exploring and growing in a way that is both time and energy efficient.

How Qurito is different

There are a number of existing knowledgeable platforms; however, Qurito differentiates itself via its incentive program. The state-of-the-art rewarding system of the platform rewards users for their respective contributions over the platform. This strategy leads to the generation of more qualitative and quantitative content for the users.

The Problems Qurito addresses

The existing platforms don’t provide high-quality content shared by users in the form of Q/A, Forums, Polls and other means. There is a poor structure, making it difficult for the users to index and search for their required information faster. Above all, the biggest problem that these platform overlook is the reliability of the information, which is low due to absence of any incentive given against genuine, quality, and timely feedback.

The Core Elements

Qurito is the first, blockchain based, decentralized, globalized platform that rewards knowledgeable, curious and passionate people for their intelligence and knowledge. Users are rewarded with Quro Tokens upon answering questions, taking polls, participating in surveys, discussing in forums and teaching. The platform experiences an increasing volume of qualitative content. There is a strong element of reliability since users are given a unique rating on the basis of their profile and how strong it is in terms of contribution.

The Latest Technology

Qurito is being designed taking into an account all technicalities and critical factors like Design (UI & UX), Programming a strong backend engine, and Hosting the content on a reliable and popular platform. Latest and smart technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are to be integrated within the system. In addition, SEO will help in ensuring maximum content outreach. Maintaining an easily indexable content, leveraging on the latest technology enables a great user experience overall.

Get the Quro Tokens

Qurito will be run via Quro Tokens, being offered in the Main Sale. Quro Tokens are deposited into the main wallet. The derivation of Qurito token ensures security, scalability, and stability, which also encourages currency liquidity. Users can earn Quro either via User Activity (Q/A, Forums, Polls) and Web Analytics (Search Engine Traffic and Social Media).

To know more about the platform and participate in its on-going ICO, please visit

The cryptocurrency funfair has grown at a staggering rate throughout December and the year as a whole. People are not only looking to expand their crypto-portfolio but also bet on the various offerings. The crypto-market left its mark on 2017 with a combined market value that has soared to just under $500 billion from $18 billion at the start of the year. However, the cryptocurrency market lacks a level playing field for ordinary people and all market participants which form the basic functions of money, including acting as a medium of exchange and a store of value. Cryptocurrencies are not yet in a position to replace traditional money.

For this reason, there is a need to combine all isolated blockchain networks into a unified open network to kick off a revolution in commerce backed by blockchain technology. So, what is Open Trading Network? Open Trading Network (OTN) is the first 100% collateralized decentralized trustless network to support fully secure exchanges between the blockchain networks.

At the moment, there are a number of decentralized crypto exchanges available. What makes OTN stand out is that it was not created as a standalone technology but as an integrated part of IQOption’s (the online trading platform) functioning trading platform. OTN Exchange (to be launched in April 2018) will act as a fast, centralized order matching engine that can sign token exchange orders in record time in the safest way possible. This will provide flexibility to meet all of the market’s needs and fast implementation of the ecosystem, due to a modular iterative approach to deployment.

Open Trading Network will create a public API for all their products tailor-made to contribute to the growth of the market. At the base of the crypto market growth stands four major types of players; Individuals, Businesses, Traders, and Regulators, who also form OTN’s target clients. OTN will focus on creating customer-oriented solutions to satisfy the need of each cryptocurrency player.

One such product, OTN Wallet is a universal cryptocurrency wallet which will support a maximum number of cryptocurrencies and provide secure operations for exchanging and purchasing tokenized assets in the most versatile and powerful way. The OTN wallet will have features that will support the storage of all assets, buying and selling of cryptocurrencies and tokens for fiat money, tokenization and detokenization of assets, peer-to-peer transfers and direct exchanges among others. This component of the system will be implemented without waiting for the Open Trading Network infrastructure to be fully functional.

All transaction data from the blockchain will be available through OTN Explorer, which will allow regulators to identify users and their transactions. The user can also store their assets on a fairly new product, OTN Depository (to be launched in October 2018) will store assets in its accounts using OTN as a security guarantee, with a separate application for managing and analyzing the depository and monitoring profits. In February 2019, Open Trading Network is expected to roll-out OTN Business, a product that will make it easy for users to perform widely-used operations such as issuing tokens and listing them on the exchanges instantly, and crowdfunding among other features, which will be available as ready-made smart contracts with a user-friendly interface.

OTN has already outlined the tentative timeline in its roadmap for deployment of various features, which it intends to strictly adhere to. Some of the significant launches include  OTN.x in September 2018 and OTN Clearing in the same year by the month of November. The OTN Integration feature will be implemented by April 2019.

The global prediction market is growing at a very fast rate, and this is due to the increasing level of information available over the various fields of predictive outcomes that make up the industry such as the prediction markets and sportsbooks.

A largely redundant system

Despite how widely the awareness surrounding this industry has spread, the huge potential therein and the flexibility that it could offer to participants is yet to be achieved mainly because of the current structure of the industry. For instance, the centralized nature of traditional betting platforms implies that users deposit funds while earning no interests and more or less leaving such funds dormant for long periods of time. Also, on these platforms the rates at which betting odds are renewed or refreshed do not represent real-time data efficiently, therefore participants are deprived of the opportunities to have the best odds per time.

Another setback that comes with the existing system is the process of scanning various sportsbooks to find the best line, which is time-consuming. This process, combined with the liquidity issues discussed above, leads bettors to spend time doing monotonous, inefficient work, with a fraction of their working capital available.

Unleashing the resident potential

By implementing blockchain technology, BlitzPredict is focused on releasing the numerous underlying potentials of the betting industry to make for an efficient and trusted practice amidst improved beneficial opportunities for participants.

Such issues of trust and liquidity are still lingering among participants in the betting industry, sports betting “experts” aren’t held accountable for their predictions. Experts can lie about their track records and claim they bet at numbers that never existed. As it stands, being a successful sports betting tout is more an exercise in marketing than in accurately predicting the results of events. Also, the rivalry that exists between different analytics groups who compete independently toward the same goal, instead of cooperating makes for a non-progressive industry.

By providing a suite of smart contract tools for users to better interact with sportsbooks and prediction markets, a transparent and trusted ecosystem is being introduced by BlitzPredict. On this platform, users will be able to set up smart contracts to execute when specified criteria are met. The goal is to bring the power of an advanced betting syndicate’s tools to our users.

The blockchain efficiency

While also functioning as an aggregator of sportsbooks and prediction markets, by constantly refreshing the odds like a stock market ticker, it will be ensured that users will always get the best odds available for a given bet. Blockchain implementation streamlines the process to make prediction markets as simple to navigate as traditional sportsbooks.

One of the utmost desires of users of blockchain products is how efficient the platforms exchange process can function, especially in the spontaneous prediction market, where players want to cash out and take profit as often as they can. The Bancor protocol that is implemented by BlitzPredict enables users to convert their tokens without waiting for any third-party buyer or an external exchange. This same protocol further provides liquidity and low rates for users of the platform.

Achieving independence

The ability to function from an independent angle is a key character in the prediction market. This can only be possible for participants when they are equipped with sufficient analytical tools that will help them understand the market direction in real time. This is one of the rare benefits that the platform offers by incentivizing sports analytics experts who contribute to the platform and work to create powerful predictive models.

The secure and streamlined implementations of blockchain protocols will onboard casual users to partner operations, bringing users with no previous blockchain experience to the low-vig, high-volume options in the space, and deliver a beautiful, easy-to-use experience.