Our quest of listing best online casino platforms has now brought us to the doorsteps of Compared to its counterparts, BitDice has been active for a pretty long time. It was launched in 2014 with an aim of becoming a pacesetter in the Bitcoin casino industry. So after all these years, has it achieved what it set out for? Let’s check out in this exclusive BitDice review.

Introduction, a classic dice game, has a different feel about it. It doesn’t appear like a regular run-of-the-mill platform you usually encounter these days. It is not a white-label gaming product, which means that everything you see and access at BitDice is made from the scratch. This also proves that BitDice believes to offer an evolvable and sustainable casino solution to its clients, where conducting active researches and identifying grey areas to improve the prevailing casino industry issues always remain a priority.

Trust and Security

While accessing the platform, we came across many features that proves BitDice means business. The casino has lately received a license to go public in Costa Rica, which itself is a pretty important thing to ensure a security blanket for players. Moreover, BitDice remains a tested provably fair platform, where only random number generation technique is made to provide the outcomes of each bet.

As for the security of clients’ funds, we are very impressed by the decision of BitDice to integrate Trezor cold wallet storage solution to safeguard players from online attacks — on the top of 2FA. It is perhaps the only casino in Bitcoin industry that offers such a unique cold storage solution, something that is evidently better than the security protocols found at a Bitcoin exchange.

Platform Quality

Though not as much as flossy as its counterpart such as FortuneJack, the BitDice official website still manages to make a mark of its own by offering an easily navigable experience. The design is simple and elegant, and features many helpful service such as an automated betting robot, and crowd-investing option.

BitDice also features the innovative WebSocket Technology with mobile-centric focus. This technology helps BitDice execute almost 20-30 bets per second on a good internet connection. We were able to execute 18 on a 10 Mbps internet connection which is pretty good.

Real House Edge

As common with most of the dice websites, BitDice has a generous house edge of only 0.8% which is evidently the lowest we have seen. We also compared the house edge with the total Bitcoins wagered on the platform, and found that it was nearly the same percentage claimed by BitDice. It proves BitDice house edge is real and consistent.

Profits and Bonuses

Though big wins are hard to come buy, it happens quite often at BitDice. As we dwelled into the history of BitDice, we realised how the website has cleared huge payouts to its clients in the past. Even in this very year, a player at had won a whopping 300 BTC and his payout was cleared within a few hours.

This is a very genuine testimonial that proves the credibility of BitDice as a sincere casino platform.

Coming to bonuses, BitDice has a lot to offer. Albeit the platform does not rely on welcome/sign-up bonuses that much, it still manages to impress players with bonuses that actually matter during a bet. For example, we find Bet Back bonus pretty good for its ability to credit the player back a percent of the amount they lost.

Other bonuses available at BitDice include Loss Back, Daily Treasure Chest and JackPot.

BitDice also features an innovative Rain system, which enables users to tip each other.

Customer Support

The best way to reach BitDice for support is via email. The casino ensures to respond within 24 hours.

Overall, BitDice emerges as a very decent option if you are looking for a hassle-free and speedy Bitcoin betting. The decent gaming, security, auto-betting, speedy bets are some big pluses. The site has almost no drawbacks as far as we can tell. BitDice evolves on weekly basis and adds new functionality each month.

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