Coinplay Sportsbook: A Quick Guide To A Legit And Crypto-Friendly Sports Betting Platform

Online betting provides an avenue for sports enthusiasts and lovers to participate in an action-packed environment minus all the physicality of being actually involved in most sporting activities.

This, however, doesn’t mean that online sports bettors are free from risks as every time they place their bets, they risk losing a portion of their riches.

Luckily, a new platform such as Coinplay and its sportsbook give fanatics the chance not only to show their support for their favorite athletes or teams but also to have a viable option for additional revenue.

Coinplay has mastered the art of being the best in terms of user-friendliness, security, leveraging emerging technological innovations, facilitating fast, accurate and secure transactions and giving bettors better chances of winning.

Wide Array of Betting Opportunities

From popular sports like basketball, football, ice hockey, mixed martial arts (MMA), boxing, tennis and cricket to lesser known and even peculiar events such as boat racing, fishing, ski jumping, hurling, among many others, the Coinplay sportsbook provides tons of betting opportunities which, in turn, increases a player’s chances of winning.

Accessing the betting lines is very easy as it can be done by just selecting the “Sports” section which can be found in the top menu of the platform’s website.

As a cherry on top, Coinplay makes it possible for bettors to place their bets before the start of the sporting event (pre-match) and during the actual competition (live).

To increase the odds of winning, all betting and statistical markets are offered by Coinplay. One can bet on the outcome of the game, double chance, correct score, handicap, total, on corners, cards, goal scorers, shots and off sides.

Why You Should Choose Coinplay

As mentioned above, Coinplay has mastered the art of being the best in terms of utilizing emerging and innovative technologies to further enhance the experience of its clients.

There’s no better way to demonstrate this than to leverage what is being considered by many renowned personalities in the world as “the future of money” – cryptocurrencies.

Currently, more than 40 digital currencies are supported by Coinplay for its betting and gambling services with the stablecoin Tether (USDT) serving as the platform’s default currency.

Users have the option to add more wallets using other crypto coins such as μBTC, mLTC, mETH, DOGE and TRX.

Meanwhile, for deposit and withdrawal transactions, Coinplay showcases its flexibility by giving online sports bettors the option to complete their businesses through popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Polkadot and Cosmos Atom, among many others.

Moreover, in order to show its love and support for the sporting world, the virtual gaming center also allows transactions for fan tokens of PSG, AS Roma and Juventus.

To make life easier for its clients, Coinplay has made it possible for them to purchase cryptocurrencies directly through its website.

Doing this is also a simple process that only involves clicking a specifically-designed widget that provides detailed instructions on how to complete the conversion of fiat funds (via bank cards) to a player’s preferred digital currency.

Hefty Bonuses as Welcome Gift

Coinplay has prepared a welcoming bonus for all new users who will bet on its platform for the first time and again, claiming it is so easy.

Players who have successfully made an initial deposit of 20 USDT or more and have wagered in accordance with the terms and conditions for the gift are entitled to a 100% welcome bonus of up to 5,000 USDT.

It is important to note that the bonus a player earns can already be used for online sports betting which indicates their start-up funds are always bound to increase the very moment they enter the exciting and rewarding world of Coinplay.

But if you think that this is it, wait until you learn about the sports cashback feature of the platform which basically awards a certain percentage of a bet to the player who made it regardless of the outcome of the betting line.

This gives the chance for bettors to get at least 10 USDT back for every bet they make in any of the many events offered by the Coinplay sportsbook.

Tried And Tested: On Security And The Place To Be

Being secure, safe and legitimate is one (if not the most) important considerations that online bettors must keep in mind when finding the ultimate platform for their kind of activity.

Coinplay keeps that in mind and is glad to inform its prospective users that, as far as these aspects are concerned, it is definitely the place to be.

On legitimacy check, the platform operates under a license granted by the island country of Curacao. All users are encouraged to check its status by finding its appropriate link below the Coinplay website.

All financial transactions conducted and completed through the website can be traced back via the blockchain so any questions regarding them can be answered satisfyingly.

As for security and protection, Coinplay uses a system that will prove to be a real challenge for even the best hackers out there.

There are two ways at which users can log in; through email address and account number. As a precautionary measure, the platform advises players to use the latter as it is more secure as they are the only ones that are supposed to know it.

There’s a set 2-Factor Authentication system and a security question that requires an answer that needs to be fulfilled before a user can access his or her account.

Finally, players can use the “recent sessions” tab to track all of their account’s activities, giving them the chance to determine if there are security issues that need to be addressed immediately.

As the advent of modern technology puts sports betting into a more exciting and rewarding phase, Coinplay continues to adapt to the necessary changes to make sure it is able to give the kind of experience its clients deserve.

Its sportsbook and all of its salient features that make it stand out among its competitors make Coinplay the perfect “gaming buddy” for the “other kind of sports enthusiasts.”

And There’s More

Coinplay also supports the live broadcasts of all major sports and esports events, allowing users to stay engaged by watching their favorite event while they place bets. 

Learn more and sign up for an entertaining betting session at – 

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