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The gambling sector is extremely volatile. With the coming of the internet age, the gambling sector adapted to the changing landscape by using the benefits that internet can offer, to its advantage. Thus online casinos and the practice of using cryptocurrencies were born. Now a mammoth industry, the gambling sector is at a dire need of online casinos that can match up to the ever changing landscape of the industry. This is where CryptoGames steps in. With its renown for fast cryptocurrency deposits, secure interface and its multitude of old-school games CryptoGames is  one of the most entertaining and reliable online casinos in the industry.

Starting off as the site was a slot machine that only supported Dogecoin but as the years progressed, CryptoGames has come a long way  and is now an online gaming mammoth hosting a number of fun and entertaining games and supporting over 9 different cryptocurrencies. Managed by a team of professionals and entrepreneurs, who bring the vast amount of experience they have accumulated over the years, CryptoGames has garnered  a reputation of being extremely secure and being uncomplicated for new users.

Why CryptoGames is perfect for you

Nowadays users crave for a site which offers safe cryptocurrency deposit options, easy-to-master games, fantastic odds and entertaining games. CryptoGames fits all of the criteria and more, giving it the potential to be one of the most likable and entertaining online gambling sites available. 

A Simple and Efficient Interface

CryptoGames has an extremely simple and user friendly interface, making it easy for users to explore the casino effortlessly. Users can easily open new accounts, make deposits and withdrawals and place their bets with minimum effort, courtesy of the excellent interface. The casino also has a mobile playable interface making it convenient for users to access site privileges wherever and whenever they please. The site also has a small number of games that are simple to understand and have tutorials so that users do not get easily intimidated

Provably Fair and Excellent Odds

The site is provably fair; thus it does not cheat against its users. This is ensured by the fact that CryptoGames uses hashes and seeds where users can verify each and every bet themselves.  Moreover, a third party website called Randompicker is used for lottery, which uses anti cheat measures to generate completely unbiased and random results. This gives gamblers the ability to play with confidence as they don’t have to be worried about getting cheated out of their winnings.
Furthermore, with one of the lowest house edge in the industry, CryptoGames presents its users with the chance to win big. The house edge of dice is only 0.8% making it one of the sites with the smallest house edge.

Flexible Payment Options

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two of the most widely used cryptocurrencies in the online gambling world. CryptoGames accepts both of them along with eight other cryptocurrencies , giving users a multitude of payment options and making financial transactions a lot easier for gamblers as they don’t have the added worry of converting one cryptocurrency to another. Crypto Games also has a built-in exchange further making it easier for the gambler to switch between the supported crypto currencies types. The user can also choose to withdraw coins from his account whenever he chooses. CryptoGames also has integrated CoinSwitch on their platform making it possible for users to deposit reputed coins they own to one of the coins supported by the casino without any hassle.

Top Notch Security

The CryptoGames team gives the issue of security the utmost importance and has taken measures to ensure that users face no security concerns. Two-factor authentication is used so that attackers are able to do nothing even if they gain the account password. An extra feature makes login and withdrawals require two-factor authentication.  Email confirmation is always needed for withdrawals, adding further layers of security and making user details even more secure. Finally User funds are stored in cold wallets which mean that even if the casino was directly attacked all of the user funds are safe and secure.

Regular Promotional Events

CryptoGames also holds regular promotions and events where users can win lots of coins. These events also allow users to win voucher codes and lottery tickets, making the events even more enticing. In the previous years, the casino held Halloween and Christmas events where gamblers got free coins sent to their emails and multiple giveaways earned users even more coins and lotto tickets. Every Monday the casino hosts a regular No Bet Speed Limit Dice event where users can place numerous bets per second. There is also a monthly wagering contest, where the casino rewards the top players on leader board based on the wagered amount.

There are also Jackpots in dice and roulette. If the necessary criteria for hitting the jackpots are correctly met, one single bet can win the entire jackpot. The Dice jackpot of Bitcoin is currently standing at a staggering 3.9 BTC waiting to be snatched by one lucky user.

There are also Jackpots in dice and roulette. If the necessary criteria for hitting the jackpot are correctly met, one single bet can win the entire jackpot. The Dice jackpot of Bitcoin is currently standing at a staggering 3.9 BTC waiting to be snatched by one lucky user.

The Games:


The classic game that involves tossing a cube with numbered sides, is very different from this crypto-oriented version of Dice. This version comes with a much greater range of potential outcomes (0.000-99.999). Players have to determine whether the outcome from the rolling of the dice will be higher or lower than a predetermined number. The bet speed depends on the bet size, though this limit is taken away every Monday which means users can place numerous bets within seconds no matter what the bet size is. For complete novices, CryptoGames comes with detailed tutorials on the entertaining game.


Named after the French word for “little wheel”, Roulette is one of the most popular casino games out there. Even though the rules are easy to grasp, Roulette holds a lot of potential for serious gamblers. CryptoGames offers a variant called “European Roulette” which uses the same payout table like its American counterpart but has a house edge that is reduced by half due to the single zero on the 37-number wheel.


This simple game is fairly easy to understand. The four reels spin back and forth before coming to a stop. A payout is won only if four winning symbols line up in the middle of the slot. CryptoGames offers “single line” slots with a horizontal pay line. The maximum amount that can be claimed with a win is 5BTC.


Blackjack or 21, is one of the most entertaining casino games in the world. It’s basically a banking game where the players hand has to have points nearer to 21 than the bankers’ points. 

Video Poker

Video poker games are available in all casinos across the internet due to their vast popularity and exorbitant payouts. CryptoGames offers three popular variants of Video Poker known as Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, and Bonus Poker which can be toggled in the top left corner of the game board.


Short for “Lottery” this game involves players buying tickets. CryptoGames hosts two draws per week, on Wednesday and Saturday, and selects three winners. All of the cryptocurrency accumulated during ticket sales is then split between them.


Plinko is a very simple game where you drop a ball from top of a pegged pyramid and watch it bounce slowly all the way down. Once it reaches the bottom, the payoff value is assigned according to the slot into which it falls. Before the ball is dropped, the amount one chooses to bet is entered and the colour or the ball is also determined.


Minesweeper is an entertaining game that has existed long before the birth of online casinos. It has a playing field where players click on as many boxes as possible without hitting a mine. CryptoGames only accept bets that have a profit not greater than 4 BTC (maximum win per bet), which indicates that a player will not be allowed to uncover additional fields, if the pending win reward exceeds the aforementioned threshold.


Cryptocurrencies for an online gambler are golden tickets for gambling and he needs to figure out the best possible place where he can invest his wealth without the fear of sham, lack of security and absence of provability. CryptoGames understands this, which is why they have focused on ensuring that their site is provably fair, has the best security options available and offer excellent odds which would grab the attention of any gambler out there. So don’t delay, open an account today at CryptoGames and start relishing a supreme gambling experience!

Further Information

Company: Muchgaming b. v.
Location: Curacao
License: Internationale eGaming Lizenz, Curacao
Supported currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, DASH, Gas, Stratis, PlayMoney
Affiliation: Crypto Gambling Foundation, Curacao Gaming


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