Enjoy Up To 100% Bonus, 100 Free Spins, And More When You Bet With Vavada

Online casinos have grown in popularity in recent years and are now offering experiences so real that players can often feel they are in a physical location. With this rise in popularity has come more competition, meaning that online casino owners have had to take steps to separate themselves from the competition.

One of the platforms that have been able to move ahead of the competition is Vavada, and it has done this by offering mouth-watering bonuses to users. These bonuses start from the minute a user signs up to the cashback that they get from wagering. With this, Vavada has barreled ahead of the competition and is now a highly sought-after online casino for players.

Get Bonuses On Vavada

One of the most beloved bonuses offered by the Vavada online casino is the free spins that are offered to users on sign-ups. This bonus is available to the user regardless of whether they make a deposit or not, they are able to use their free spins on the slot games on the website.

It is also incredibly easy to access the 100 free spins gotten on signup by simply navigating to the “Bonuses” page. Here, the user can activate the bonus and place a wager of up to x20. What this means is that a player would be able to place the amounts of bets equal to the bonus given x20.

Another bonus that has made Vavada a player favorite is the up to 100% bonus that is given on deposits. In this case, the player is able to get a 100% deposit bonus for their first deposit, regardless of the amount. These are basically credits that Vavada gives to users for free to enable them to place wagers.

Unlike the free spins, the 100% on first deposits can be used to wager up to x35. While the minimum win rate using the bonus funds is capped at x10. However, it is important to keep in mind that a user loses their deposit bonus when they request a withdrawal.

Last but not least is the cashback program offered by Vavada. With this, users are able to get back up to x10% of their bets and winnings. The formula for calculating this is simple; all bets place minus all winnings times 10% minus previously paid cash back.

All cash backs are credited on the 1st day of each month to all players who qualify for it, and the wager for the cashback bonus is capped at x5. But unlike the deposit bonus, there is no maximum win that can be made from cash backs.

Important Information To Know

There is some important information that users should keep in mind when accessing their Vavada bonuses. For starters, all bonuses offered by the platform will be available for a maximum duration of two weeks once activated. To avail maximum benefits, users should aim to utilize them within the specified duration.

One interesting thing that separates Vavada when it comes to bonuses is the fact that there is no limit to how much a user can bet when they are placing a wager. Additionally, all bonuses can be used in any game in the “Slots” tab. However, free spins cannot be spent on Tables and Live games, while other bonuses can be used for them.

Furthermore, users cannot have two bonuses active at the same time. If they activate another bonus while they already have a running bonus, the first bonus will be deactivated in favor of the new one. The only case where a user can have two bonuses running concurrently is if both bonuses are activated in different currencies.

To activate a bonus in a particular currency, the player would have to make a deposit in that currency and then navigate to the “Wallet” tab to activate the bonus. The bonus will then be activated in that currency. In a case where a user can’t find a preferred currency, they can contact support for prompt assistance.

To earn bonuses, users can follow Vavada’s social media platforms or go to the ‘Partners’ page. These promotional codes are limited and vary across free spins, deposit bonuses, and bonuses without making a deposit.

All bonuses can be managed right from the “Bonuses” tab. A user can view all of their current wagers by having over the bonus wagering scale, and the amount of bets made is displayed.


To learn more, visit the Vavada website


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