Evolve Markets Review

Website: https://evolve.markets/
Founded: 2016
Country: St. Vincent and the Grenadines
US Clients: Yes
Owner: Evolve Markets Ltd
Bitcoin Trading: Yes

Online trading of stocks, currencies, commodities and similar financial instruments have become very popular in the last few years. The facility of having an automated trading platform right on your lap, which you can speculate on some of the world’s high-volume financial assets, has become possible with the inclusion of web and web-based payment gateways.

Speaking particularly about the payment gateways, particularly Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and Wire-based transfers, they have eased the ways with which a trader deposits and withdraws his/her money. But despite their simplified services, these particular payment services are loathed for their monumental fee structure and speed of transactions.

In 2009, the launch of Satoshi Nakamoto’s ambitious decentralized payment currency Bitcoin changed the scenario to a great extent. Bitcoin, as the world knows by now, could eradicate middlemen and third party services (like the ones mentioned above) from a transaction between two parties. This reduced the cost burden, as well as transaction speed; thus, giving people a greater alternative against expensive services.

When we visited Evolve Markets’ official website, the nostalgia was inescapably natural.

Now there is a company, painted in blue, bringing together the best of the centralized and decentralized world, mixing it in a bag, and giving us a great way to participate in global trading using cheaper transaction tools as collateral. For a traditional trader who mostly ends up paying 4-30% commissions only to withdraw and deposit his money, Evolve Markets’ Bitcoin-based service is a steal.


Evolve Markets is registered under the ownership of Evolve Markets Ltd., a company based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The brokerage firm offers forex, commodities, indices, and crypto-trading instruments to its clientele. Evolve Markets aims to connect independent traders to the potential of global financial assets, while using advanced payment protocols like Bitcoin.

Some of the most traded financial instruments at Evolve Markets include BTCUSD, EURUSD, USDJPY, OILUSD, SPX500, ETHBTC, ETHUSD, and many others.

Trading Platform

Evolve Markets relies on a platform which is already considered the most trusted one among the forex and stock traders around the globe. MetaTrader4, as everybody knows, is an award winning platform that offers cross platform solutions for online traders. It is equipped with some of the most handy features, particularly the analytics and algorithm trading, that helps its takers enjoy a flexible, and interactive trading environment.

Speaking of Evolve Markets’ MetaTrader4 particularly, the trading platform is both desktop and web-based. It is equipped with 23 analytical objects and 30 built-in technical indicators, as well as a trading robot to execute and manage trades when traders are away from their laptops/mobiles. Speaking of which, Evolve Markets’ MetaTrader4 platform does come on smartphones — iOS and Android.

Account Types

Surprisingly, Evolve Markets keeps it pretty simple when it comes to offering diversity in accounts. The broker only offers two kinds of accounts: Classic and Pro. Have a look at their features:

Institutional Grade STP SpreadsForex Spreads from 0 Pips
Zero Commission on All AssetsZero Commission on Crypto and CFDs
Bitcoin BIT Account Base CurrencyBitcoin BIT Account Base Currency
500:1 Leverage on Forex500:1 Leverage on Forex
5:1 Leverage on Crypto5:1 Leverage on Crypto
MetaTrader4 Desktop, Web and MobileMetaTrader4 Desktop, Web and Mobile
Scalping AllowedScalping Allowed
EAs AllowedEAs Allowed
Hedging AllowedHedging Allowed
Negative Balance ProtectionNegative Balance Protection
Instant Account ApprovalInstant Account Approval
Deposit on 1 Blockchain ApprovalDeposit on 1 Blockchain Approval
10,000 BIT/lot on FX and Commodities

For a new platform, we think the features are user-friendly, allowing a smooth trading experience. It reflects how Evolve Markets is more concerned about delivering on time, with accuracy than just being another brokerage firm with a big mouth.

We also confirmed, traders are allowed to switch between Classic and Pro. Additionally, there is no minimum deposit to have these accounts, which we believe is a big plus.

Privacy Security

The crypto world, despite its greater adoption rate, is still criticized for being victim of millions of dollars worth of fraud. Many exchanges in the past, including the best ones like BitFinex and BitStamp, have fallen victim to online attacks. Evolve Markets, therefore, has a greater responsibility when it comes to delivering a safe and secure trading platform for Bitcoin users.

100% Cold Storage

The claim comes as a relief to those who are always worried about their Bitcoins being kept online in the exchanges’ hot wallets. Because — let’s accept that — hackers only target hot wallets. Cold storage wallets are not their cup of tea.

Evolve Market claims that its private keys are not exposed to the internet due to the said feature, for it keeps all incoming Bitcoins in a cold storage. Furthermore, the broker reviews each withdrawal request manually to ensure that the bitcoins are being dispatched to their rightful destinations.

Two Factor Authentication

Evolve Market has enabled the famous two-factor authentication (2FA) protocol, a process that puts an additional security layer on the top of login process. Traders can use 2FA by using MetaTrader 4 Password or Google Authenticator.

No Identity Verification Required

Yes! You can trade without giving away your personal identification — that’s the beauty of Bitcoin, and companies like Evolve Markets that utilizes on it.


On the whole, Evolve Markets has been launched with utmost confidence, and promises to be a great platform for new and traditional Bitcoin users. We were particularly impressed with the platform’s interface, and how it makes it possible to do almost everything on the same page.

Give it a try! It’s worth it. Click here to create an account and try the demo

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