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NewsBTC is created with the aim of dissipating useful information about cryptocurrencies to the masses in a convenient fashion. While the platform started off in English, NewsBTC looks forward to catering to the non-English speaking population through its franchisee model. Through its franchises, NewsBTC aims to provide localized as well as global news content in native languages.

As a part of the NewsBTC Franchisee Program, individuals and businesses can sign up as NewsBTC International Partner and gain exclusive rights to use the NewsBTC brand and build up on it in their region. NewsBTC Media Group will also extend support to the partner by helping them strategy, marketing, sales, business process and more. In return, the franchise will share a percentage of revenues while keeping the rest. The franchise will be free to operate with complete freedom.

What is the ROI?

The terms and processes are set in such a way that the franchise will be able to breakeven within 32-6 months and all earnings following it will be profits.

Who can apply?

Anyone satisfying few simple requirements mentioned below can choose to become a NewsBTC international partner.

    • Have a good understanding of the Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Industry
    • Have at least 2 Journalists who post 2 local language articles per day.
    • More Journalists — the merrier.
    • Can engage social media audience.
    • Ability to manage a small team that can deliver great content & provide awesome reading experience for fellow readers.

How can you apply?

Please prepare short statement – why are you the best candidate to run a NewsBTC Franchise and send it to [email protected].

How it works?

    • The Franchise model is Partnership and Revenue Sharing. The cost of the journalism is to be borne by the Franchisee [You!]
    • A Low Upfront Financial Pre-Requisite is required on your part.
    • You get Free Hosting, Free CMS, Access to Marketing and Marketing tools.
    • You get to run a Business, without the hassle of setting it up!

Write to [email protected] for more information

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