You Can Now Buy an Airplane With Bitcoin

Skycraft Airplanes

As a former student of aviation, this next story gets me excited. Then I remember my bitcoin balance and cry myself to sleep at my desk. But hey, we do the news here.

SkyCraft Airplanes announced today that they’re accepting bitcoin payments after careful consideration.

“At SkyCraft, we have watched the development of the currency closely, and we are now ready to accept payments for our airplanes in Bitcoin,” the company said in the announcement. “The General Aviation industry has struggled in recent decades with increasing costs, outdated technology, and an aging pilot population.  These issues are the basis of SkyCraft’s mission – to bring safe, affordable, high performance flight to everyone.”

The company offers the SkyCraft SD-1 Minisport aircraft, priced at $54,850, or just over 84 BTC at the current exchange rate. The company offers add-ons like a ballistic parachute and trailer.

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