Coinbase Withdrawals Still Pending? You’re Not the Only One

I noticed a bit of an issue today when trying to withdraw a small amount of bitcoin from Coinbase to my TREZOR device that I’m testing out. As it were, nothing has happened. Turns out: I’m not the only Coinbase user having issues today. Much to my surprise, when accessing the Bitcoin community subreddit over at, I learned that the San Francisco-based company is having some issues today with withdrawals. A fellow Reddit user had a short chat with a company support technician, receiving the following response: [blockquote style=”2″]Hello! Coinbase is currently experiencing some technical difficulties. Our devs are aware of the problem and are working on a resolution. This will likely be resolved soon. Unfortunately, I do not have any further information for you. Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience. If you have any further questions please write to Thank you![/blockquote] Of course, this doesn’t quite shed much light on what the root cause of the issue is, and the company hasn’t come forward with any additional information via their social media channels [yet]. The issue also seems to be affecting individuals who have recurring bitcoin buys set up. If you have one set up, you may have noticed the last one was missed. Another Reddit user chimed in on the matter saying, “I chatted with [Coinbase]¬†yesterday. They told me that everyone has to re-verify and then set up their recurring transactions again.” We cannot confirm that is the case. So if you’re having issue, hold off on the panic for now. Also, be sure to keep up with Coinbase’s social media accounts for the latest. You can also view the Reddit thread I’m referring to here.