5 Cryptos Exploding After the ETH Merge This Year

The ETH Merge is set to revolutionize the blockchain and the crypto ecosystem could benefit tremendously. We’ve identified 5 cryptos that could explode as a result of this upgrade to the blockchain. 5 Cryptos Exploding After the ETH Merge 1. Tamadoge Ethereum’s network has been used by many NFT projects, and that’s one of the reasons that Tamadoge could directly benefit. Tamadoge is an NFT game, enabling players to earn rewards while grooming their digital pets. Pet owners that look after their pets the most climb the leaderboard and get rewarded with TAMA tokens. Another benefit of owning the TAMA coin is that it’s a deflationary token, so the developers burn 5% of all coins spent on the platform. It’s already shown to be an exploding crypto during its presale, having raised more than $4 million in a few weeks since the launch. But even more good news for the Tamadoge cryptocurrency is that it will be listed on LBank soon. A Uniswap listing for the TAMA coin is also in the pipeline. The exposure that it will get from being listed on centralized and decentralized exchanges will increase its demand and make it one of the cryptos with the most potential. To get the latest news about Tamadoge’s listings and everything about the project, investors can subscribe to the Tamadoge Telegram channel (keep in mind admins don’t DM subscribers first). 2. Battle Infinity Battle Infinity is already an explosive cryptocurrency. Its presale sold out within 24 days of launch due to high demand. The event has already been a buzz on social media, trending on Twitter because of its launch party and celebrity attendance. Battle Infinity’s launch party will feature Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela and international cricketer Irfan Pathan. The crypto project’s founder, Suresh Joshi said, “We are creating a stir in India with our breakthrough crypto games platform, not to mention the media coverage we’ve already had around the world. People are really pumped for our PancakeSwap IBAT listing on Wednesday.” Battle Infinity is an NFT fantasy sports game, enabling players to earn rewards while battling it out against other players in the IBAT Premier League and Battle Arena. Players also compete for the highest rewards in Battle Stake, allowing them to earn IBAT rewards by solo, duo and crates staking. Players can monetize land and spend TAMA tokens on billboard advertising within the ecosystem. After having received rewards, players can redeem them for other currencies on Battle Swap, the game’s decentralized exchange. Stay up to date with Battle Infinity by subscribing to the Battle Infinity Telegram channel.   Update – IBAT’s IDO took place and the price exploded around 450% from $0.0024 to $0.01, and by a higher percentage since its presale price ($0.0015). 3. Lucky Block Lucky Block is an NFT competition platform offering token holders the ability to receive prizes and potentially benefit from bull runs by holding LBLOCK. LBLOCK is the native token of the Lucky Block platform, and investors entering prize draws can stand a chance to win a Lamborghini, $1 million in Bitcoin and PlayStation consoles. Token holders who don’t win in the draws may benefit from capital gains. The Lucky Block coin has gone on massive bull runs because of listings on major exchanges. So far, it’s been listed on LBank and MEXC. The latest LBLOCK listing is due in mid-September 2022 on Gate.io. The coin’s history has shown that price pumps usually follow exchange listings. Profits aren’t guaranteed, so investors should do their due diligence on the hottest cryptocurrency. 4. Bitcoin Cash Ethereum has created a successful fork coin, Ethereum Classic. Another successful fork was Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin inventors saw that Bitcoin was a store of value, and they needed an exploding coin that could be used for daily transactions. Hence the development of Bitcoin Cash. Not only is Bitcoin Cash cheaper than Bitcoin, but its fees cost several pennies. Another benefit of using Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is efficiency. Sending BCH peer-to-peer takes only a few seconds, whereas Bitcoin can take several minutes or even hours, depending on the network volume. All of the major exchanges list BCH and even Paypal has listed it. The fundamentals for Bitcoin Cash look strong due to its use case, but the BCH network is always looking for ways to improve. Bitcoin has been criticized for high energy consumption. But the ETH Merger is set to lower the blockchain’s carbon footprint and make it more environmentally friendly, which will make Bitcoin Cash even more appealing. 5. XRP Ripple has launched a campaign to ensure that its native token, XRP, has a low carbon footprint. The fintech company isn’t only concerned about providing a coin offering low transaction fees and an efficient ledger. It’s also upgrading its network to ensure that it doesn’t negatively impact the environment. The ETH Merge will boost Ripple’s efforts to enhance its network, thereby making XRP an even more attractive cryptocurrency to buy. XRP is the only coin of the major ones not to have gone on a massive rally, yet still manages to be in the top 10 coins by market capitalization. XRP has broad community support known as the XRP army. The support coupled with major bank partnerships has positioned Ripple to take XRP to a new level. The Verdict All five coins have tremendous potential to explode, but we found that Tamadoge and Battle Infinity have been explosive cryptocurrencies even during their presale stages. Tamadoge is still currently in its presale, having raised more than $4 million in weeks. And Battle Infinity’s presale was so successful that it ended in 24 days, even though it was supposed to last 90 days. The next phase for Battle Infinity is a listing on PancakeSwap on 17 August 2022 at 16:00 UTC. But the TAMA token may also be ready to explode with its LBank and Uniswap listings. The great thing about both of these coins is that their prices are probably the lowest now that they’ll ever be.