Land Art is Exploding in the NFT World

Amidst rising global wealth, resurging interest in blockchain, and a shift in cultural prominence towards digital experiences, NFTs have become a powerful medium for art. Next Earth, an NFT-based replica of Earth, has seen tremendous growth over the past year. They recently released an update with major new features including Land Art, which allows users to create art on Earth using colored tiles. Next Earth has built its community by giving users more ways to own unique lands in the metaverse. This represents an ongoing shift in our culture towards experiences over products, and digital worlds where users can express themselves freely are becoming more prominent than ever before. Let’s look at 5 cool new Land Art pieces created by Next Earth users. 1) Sonic Landart in Ibiza  Sonic the Hedgehog is an iconic video game character and a global cultural icon. A Sonic piece was created by Next Earth user Onyx. This character holds a nostalgic significance as a generation of gamers grew up with Sonic. It’s also a piece that offers a fun, whimsical take on the world. It evokes feelings of nostalgia and joy, which is hard to achieve in an art piece without being too sentimental. This Sonic Landart stands out as a personal homage to one of the most influential video games ever released, while also representing a sense of optimism for the future. Whether or not a piece is a hit with the community is irrelevant. Everyone has their own interpretation of what art is and how it should be used, and that’s one of the exciting things about NFTs. 2) Halloween Cat Landart  Next Earth user Nollis created a whimsical piece that combines a popular holiday, Halloween, with a pop culture icon. This may go down in the metaverse history books as creative use of NFTs. The Halloween Cat Landart is a dark black cat standing in front of an ominous-looking blue sphere. The entire background is shrouded in dark colors and looks like it could be from any corner of the world. In context, this piece represents many different things to different people, depending on their age and cultural heritage. It’s part of Next Earth’s goal to build up an ecosystem where users can express themselves freely without censorship or barriers, so what someone thinks or feels is just as important as what they create. 3) Real Estate Cryptopunks  Cryptopunks is a famous NFT project, but the pieces are now too pricey for most people to own. Next Earth user JH87 created a real estate version of Cryptopunks called Cryptopunk 3443 + 9280, for just 1.5 BNB. This piece features two iconic images in one. 4) Godzilla  Godzilla is more than just a mythological beast. He’s a global cultural icon and a pop culture phenomenon that has been referenced and parodied in hundreds of movies, shows, and books. Next Earth user Nollis created an NFT piece called Godzilla Attack. The artwork is rendered in detail to look like the famous monster from the movies. This is another piece that brings together two of Next Earth’s core values: Art and technology. It’s special because it represents something so big while also being detailed yet nostalgic — two qualities associated with pixel art today. Looking carefully at Godzilla’s legs and tail, you can even see it make ripples in the water. 5) Doge Doge is a viral Internet meme that has become a pop culture phenomenon. It has been used countless times as a form of online expression and is now more famous than ever. Next Earth user with the pseudonym “Trump” created a piece called Dogecoin Dubai Burj Al Arab. It’s rendered as a pixel Doge character, below a flag. Doge is both an art piece and a message to send people — it can mean anything you want it to mean, which makes it an important part of art history and modern culture. Takeaways Land art is fast becoming a global phenomenon and NFTs are responsible for bringing people together across borders and cultures. We’re all citizens of the metaverse now and we’ll see the virtual world expand into every aspect of our daily lives. The Next Earth team is working tirelessly to build a truly decentralized metaverse and we believe they will succeed in their vision for a truly free world. Their approach is innovative and forward-thinking, while still firmly rooted in the blockchain community which has already welcomed them with open arms.