NFT, GameFi and the BSC — An NFT Collection Designed for Success

the presidents

When NFT giants such as CryptoPunks first launched, they could not imagine the connection between NFT’s and GameFi and focused on their sole collection of Punks. In Q3, NFT sales amounted to over $10.7 billion, which was partially due to an increase in the amount of creative and unique collections, as well as technological innovations, such as the integration with GameFi.

For those that do not yet know — An NFT is a Non-Fungible Token, such as digital artwork, that cannot be replaced with something else, as it is non-fungible. GameFi represents a mix of decentralized finance (DeFi) and gaming, which operates under a play-to-earn model instead of a play-to-win. This combination means that users can now play online games using their NFT’s and be financially rewarded for playing — not winning.

One project that incorporates both NFT’s, GameFi, and the preferable Binance Smart Chain is “The Presidents” exclusive collection that can be minted on the website.

The Presidents” is the first and only NFT collection in the world that consists of 50 presidents from different countries and established cryptocurrency organizations. This truly rare NFT collection has been launched on the Binance Smart Chain, which is a preferable blockchain of choice for NFT projects as it is faster and cheaper when compared to other blockchains, such as the expensive Ethereum.

“The Presidents” is a GameFi and NFT collection that consists of 20,000 masterpieces of colorful presidents’ portraits of countries and cryptocurrency organizations. The collection is made in a unique style and is a combination of classic, digital art.

The collection has 8 main types of Presidents, including, Americans, American Legends, Soviets, World, World Legends, Crypto Legends, Secrets, and one exclusive Satoshi. Each NFT has its own design and is one of a kind on any existing blockchain. One President can be minted for 0.3 Binance Coin (BNB) using the Metamask wallet.

With the use of Artificial intelligence, the NFT’s were distributed with 246 traits, so that each portrait has its own exclusive design. This collection will forever remain in the history of digital art and NFT.

The collection features prominent presidents of the USA, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the USSR, who have had a significant impact on the world in which we all live today. Similarly, presidents of large, reputable, and well-known cryptocurrency and blockchain organizations such as Binance, Ethereum, and TRON are also featured.

The collection also has two secret president masterpieces, whose identities will be revealed once all of the 20,000 portraits are minted.

Once all the 20,000 Presidents are minted, the project will release access to its internal game of Cards, where users can play and compete in fun card games and receive the special governance token in return. The platform’s GameFi system allows users to be rewarded simply for playing fun games using their minted or purchased president portraits. Users owing more presidents have a higher chance of winning and therefore receiving more governance tokens in return.

The governance token can then be used to make decisions in the platform’s governance system, which allows users to vote on project development decisions. This way, the project involves the community to make decisions on new features, upgrades, and partnerships, following the concept of “give them what they want”.

The project also has cashback pools, where users that mint more than 50 presidents are placed in the small pool of 3% (cashback of up to 180 BNB), and users that mint more than 150 presidents are placed in the big pool of 7% (cashback of up to 420 BNB), which means the project is giving back 600 BNB to its users and supporters for their contribution to the project.

The governance token, governance system, and the Cards game will be released after minting all the 20,000 presidents. All these features make the project much more promising and unique, as users are provided with a lot of profit opportunities and involvement in its development.

NFT, GameFi, and the BSC are popular trends among NFT projects as they ensure their success on the market. This NFT collection features unique and attractive digital art that many would like to own, simply because of its stylish design. This project aims to give back to its supporters and has the potential to be minted in a short period of time.

Make sure to participate in the minting process of “The Presidents” by following this link


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