NFT Sales Plunge in April: Impact on Ethereum (ETH), Polygon (MATIC), and Raboo (RABT) Explained

Digital representation and NFT were a red hot space a few years ago. Remember the record-breaking sales, million-dollar apes, and seemingly unstoppable frenzy behind NFTs? This year comes as a reality check with NFT sales plummeting in April. What does this mean for top NFT platforms like Polygon and Ethereum? Can the newly introduced Raboo AI-backed Social-Fi project revitalize digital representation with its meme generator? Let’s find out why investors are flocking to its presale.

NFT Sales Plunge: How Bad Did Ethereum (ETH) Suffer?

Although the Ethereum blockchain had the most expensive NFT sale in April, with Cryptopunk #635, which was sold for $12.4 million, it remained the biggest loser in the NFT market last month. Ethereum blockchain hosts the largest number of NFTs, and it took the biggest hit from last month’s NFT sales decline. Ethereum NFT sales witnessed a substantial downfall, plummeting to $241 million, marking a notable 50.7% decrease in April.

As expected, this decline sparked negative sentiment and reactions among Ethereum investors. This is the reason for the worrisome price action Ethereum has been showing in the last couple of days. Currently, ETH trades at $3,056.86 – an 8.69% price drop in the last 30 days.

Polygon Price Prediction: MATIC Dropped by Over 18% in April; Is the Future Bleak?

Polygon, renowned for its scalability solutions, high performance, and strong security, didn’t take long to gain favor among dApps adopters. However, its performance over the past 30 days has been lackluster and went from bad to worse following the NFT sales decline in April. One puzzling thought on the mind of most investors is whether this turn of events is a game over or whether there is light at the end of the tunnel.

In the last seven days of April, MATIC saw a price surge of 3.35%. However modest this growth may seem, Polygon price prediction is positive as experts believe it’s a strong signal that the future around MATIC might not be bleak. Currently, MATIC trades at $0.7329 with a TVL of $897.26M.

Raboo (RABT): Conveniently Navigating the Turbulence of DeFi Universe

As the DeFi world continues to experience unrest over the past couple of days, Raboo remains undaunted. Raboo is a revolutionary project in the world of meme coins, combining Social-Fi, AI tech, and blockchain. It offers amazing benefits for traders, featuring a reward system driven by AI and SocialFi. Also, Its presale has been a success, selling almost a third of the tokens and raising over $1M.

Raboo is also leading the way in the generative AI market, which is set to grow significantly in the next decade. Experts predict Raboo could be the next big thing in crypto, offering exciting prospects for investors. Raboo’s presale is still ongoing, and the token is currently being sold for $0.0042— a 40% price increase in just weeks after the presale launch!


With Ethereum and Polygon experiencing a serious performance downturn, investors are desperately looking for alternatives, and Raboo has halted the search. Perfectly poised as the next 100x crypto, investors are beginning to see a brighter future with Raboo.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.

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