Vernissage at kanvas: First Viewing of Immersive NFTs

Who or what is Vernissage? Let's find out

Dear Crypto fam, today we are looking into an event put on by an amazing couple, coming up in the Dubai NFT scene.

Team VESA and Vernissage have become fast friends, as the two entities share a similar vision for fine art NFTs and maturing of the market. VESA co-Founder Lotta has also helped Vernissage in storifying their message, some of which is showcased here. It has been an absolute delight to see Vernissage grow and this article is our token of appreciation in anticipation of their debut exhibit.


Vernissage was born out of the electric crackle between art lineage value, molten paint dripped onto canvases over centuries, and the brooding engine room of new technologies. Lifetime entrepreneurs Richard and Tatiana wanted to see art nurtured and valued in the age of the internet, not trampled by the metallic onslaught of ironic pop culture references and diminished prestige. We forsake value at our own peril, a manic risk like pouring gasoline on a fragile artefact.

NFTs are the anvil, Vernissage wielding the hammer. The underlying technology, the facilitator, the potential, like on that night when two artists knocked on Richard and Tatiana’s door and presented them with a box full of rolled up canvases.



Richard and Tatiana Zalan  

Even though the platform is preparing for their first exhibition, Vernissage team Richard and Tatiana Zalan are no strangers to new technologies. Their interest piqued already in 2016, when they hosted meetups for people interested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Art, as their passion, they approached via the high effort, fine art type of digital art, rather than art that was focused on utilities and marketing.

They saw blockchain technology as a vehicle to safeguard artists copyright and transition in the third age of the Internet.

True admirers of genuine art, Vernissage origin story started forming when one night, travelling artists knocked on Richard and Tatiana’s door, with a box full of rolled up canvases. It amazed them how these artists were willing to go to such great lengths to connect with their potential buyers, and this set the wheels in motion in utilizing technology to continue our fine art legacy in Web3.

There it was, value laden, curated fine art in a fast-paced, snappy medium that was brought to the market by people decorated with experience, who were not in their twenties anymore. Unusual and quirky? Yes. Desperately needed? Also, yes.

Vernissage had started to take shape.



V is for Vernissage

Vernissage means an exclusive, first viewing of an artwork before a public showing. The name perfectly fits the platform’s mission to support emerging artists specifically. It reminds of something exciting, quite intimate, but also distinguished and steeped in tradition and value.

Vernissage is striving for something quite extraordinary. The platform has functions of a marketplace and a social network. The emphasis is on the social aspects of the community, and thus Vernissage community members can interact with each other and vote.

Richard and Tatiana want to see their artists become financially successful, therefore nurturing collector relationships within the community is of utmost importance in Vernissage. Their social consciousness runs deep, as Vernissage will allocate resources for young artists’ education and personal development in the future.

This focus, they feel, is represented also in the wider context of our society, where socially we live in crucial times. Art can serve a pivotal role once again, especially if new technologies are utilized boldly and innovatively. This is why Dubai has served Vernissage well since the local government has passed relevant laws to make the city a leader in the sector.

Get to know the Vernissage platform here:



Immersion explosion on November 8th

Soon it will be time. Vernissage is gearing up for its maiden voyage exhibition with a brand-new armada of artists that they successfully held and open call for in September. Vernissage has secured an impressive venue for the event; the kanvas Gallery in an artistically relevant neighbourhood near Alserkal Avenue.

Kanvas Gallery lends itself to some spectacular immersion, opening the entire view for the artists use and pushing the boundaries of sensory overload. Kanvas wants to explore how human relationships, nature and art interact specifically mediated through technology.

Fittingly, the topic of the night is Technology and Humanity Canvas.



The experience is on 8th Nov, 6pm – 9pm, Opening night by invitation only.

9th Nov – 12th Nov, 10am till 6pm open to public.

kanvas Dubai

Unit 1, Al Khayat Art Avenue,

19 Street, Al Quoz 1, Dubai


Don’t miss out on this night of artists, collectors, and community.



Vernissage had carefully drawn a line in the sand, expertly prescribed the burn around its own kind, a place for artists to time and time again become the spark.

 Successful, financially competent, a worthy opponent.


Team VESA wishes Vernissage a successful exhibition and looks forward to catching up in Dubai again!


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