Adam Back: US Bitcoin Sales May Profit Investors, Eos and AI Crypto Surge in Popularity

Adam Back, the CEO of Blockstream, thinks the U.S. government’s decision to sell some of the Bitcoin (BTC) it has acquired through seizures might be good for long-term hodlers, investors who keep their tokens long-term to profit off its value appreciation.

Back’s comments come after reports revealed the U.S. government started selling some of the 30,000 BTC it seized from the Silk Road sting. He points out that government sales could lead to more dollars being printed, pushing the value of BTC higher.

BTC is once again poised to surge after breaking the $71,000 resistance level and holding above it for the second time since an all-time high (ATH) was set at $73,750. Investors investing in BTC ETFs have been one of the main driving forces pushing Bitcoin to new highs.

Emerging crypto InQubeta (QUBE) is one of the top ICOs going on as its presale has brought in over $13.3 million. InQubeta has now raised more than top DeFi projects like Solana (SOL), proving it could compete with the top ten cryptocurrencies when launched.

Experts Dub InQubeta (QUBE) the Best Defi Crypto to Buy in 2024

InQubeta seeks to create a decentralized ecosystem where anyone can easily invest in artificial intelligence (AI) startups. Its ecosystem is intended to operate as an alternative to mainstream investment firms for people who can’t meet the income or net worth requirements often associated with these firms. There are also over 1.4 billion people who don’t have access to banking services, which means they can’t use traditional investment services even if they qualify.

InQubeta will redefine how AI investments work by using a crowdfunding protocol to create a network where anyone can invest in artificial intelligence startups.

Here’s how InQubeta’s developers expect the ecosystem to work:

  • AI startups that are eligible to use InQubeta’s crowdfunding space get access to its marketplace where users can create non-fungible tokens (NFTs)
  • These startups use these tokens to digitize any investment opportunities they have to sell to investors on the marketplace. The authenticity of each token can be verified easily on the blockchain’s history, so there’s no way to duplicate them
  • Fractionalization enables investors to purchase small fractions of these tokens/investment opportunities with QUBE to suit their budgets. Like stocks, these tokens increase in value as their makers expand their market capitalizations

InQubeta’s investment space provides investors with lots of liquidity since any tokens purchased can be easily resold.

Investing in AI isn’t the only route to generational wealth on the InQubeta network. QUBE hodlers are positioned for tremendous gains since analysts predict prices will surge as much as 10,000% once listed on exchanges. QUBE sells for $0.028 today but could be valued at over $2 before the year ends.

Adam Back Believes U.S. Government Selling Seized BTC Could Have a Positive Effect

While Adam Back believes the recent sales of large sums of BTC by the U.S. government could have a positive effect on the market, some analysts have different perspectives. Some wonder about the government’s motives behind these sales, including possibly trying to suppress BTC’s price.

The launch of spot exchange-traded funds highlights how market dynamics can be affected by governments as the new asset class is responsible for billions streaming into the Bitcoin market. The government selling large amounts of BTC could increase volatility in the market as it absorbs the new supply.

EOS (EOS) Has Surged 7% in the Past Seven Days

EOS offers its users a high-performance blockchain that runs on the EOS virtual machine. It competes with the Ethereum network as one of the most programmable digital currencies around. EOS’s price could surge as much as 14x if Bitcoin enjoys the exponential growth many analysts expect.


EOS, BTC, and QUBE are three of the top cryptos to invest in right now. While BTC has enjoyed the most growth, QUBE and EOS could outgrow it this year. QUBE is expected to surge as much as 100x, while the most growth BTC investors can expect at this point is about 2x.

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