Are Avalanche (AVAX), Near Protocol (NEAR), and FIREPIN Token (FRPN) Great Bets for King-Sized Gains in 2022?

The Avalanche (AVAX) token has come up with many updates in 2022 and seems potentially poised for another spike in the long term. The FIREPIN Token (FRPN) is a new cryptocurrency that is currently being sold through a presale available here. It will serve as a payment and utility coin for a Metaverse and NFT universe.

The Near Protocol (NEAR) has established itself as a cost-effective solution for music NFTs and dApps. Read on to discover more information about these three tokens and how you can benefit from a periodic investment in these coins.

Avalanche (AVAX) launches support program for the adoption of subnets

The Avalanche network has shared details of a program aimed at supporting developers with various tools for greater adoption of subnets. Subnets will allow infinite scalability options for the AVAX Token and its network. Subnets will function as custom, application-specific blockchains in the Avalanche ecosystem. Subnets will provide greater customisation options for developers and the experience will be similar to running an independent blockchain.

It is sort of a blockchain within a blockchain kind of technology. The announcement for support for subnets was made via a tweet, “Over the coming weeks, there will be a series of resources and tools shared for developers and teams to start building your own fully-customisable Subnets. There’s no barrier to getting started building with Avalanche Subnets.” The AVAX Token will see greater adoption with this unique feature that will greatly help in overcoming scalability issues in the future.

Near Protocol (NEAR) is integrated with Pocket Network

Near Protocol has announced integration with the Pocket Network that will allow faster deployment times for its developer community. The Pocket Network is an inclusive relay network for blockchain API requests. It works in a completely decentralised manner and is regulated by a DAO. This integration will help in bringing a new ecosystem of tools to the Near community ensuring greater uptime and quicker upgrades. The NEAR Token has seen a lot of upside in the past and remains a hot favourite among crypto investors.

FIREPIN Token (FRPN) is building a Metaverse for the common user

FIREPIN Token is a community-operated coin that will allow common and everyday users to utilise Metaverse space for DeFi and NFT transactions. The Metaverse empire being created by the team will help in providing unique virtual experiences through augmented reality.

Decentralised finance experience can be provided in a much better way through integration with Metaverse and FIREPIN will include this ability and help users to lend, borrow or engage in liquidity mining through a virtual universe. The FIREPIN platform will also include a cross-chain compatible NFT swap protocol and a token swap mechanism for quick trades. The FRPN Token will also be deployed on multiple blockchain networks such as Polygon, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain.

A reward mechanism is built into the smart contract and will ensure all holders of the FRPN Token receive coins whenever a transaction takes place on the network. In addition, users will also be able to stake tokens for earning an additional extra income.

A bridge function will be included on the FIREPIN site to provide a seamless transfer of tokens from one network to another. Users will be able to save on gas fees through this mechanism.

You may wish to consider adding the three coins described above for potentially huge gains in the future. All three coins have solid utility and are being continually improved. The FRPN Token can be purchased through its ongoing presale. Research more about the token through the links shared at the end of this article. Always carry out your own research and learn about the cryptocurrency you select to include in your portfolio.

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