Are Crypto Casinos Going to Take the Spotlight in 2024? Here’s What the $SCORP Presale Has Taught Us

Crypto casinos, an underrated segment of the play-to-earn (P2E) niche, have been present since the beginning without full recognition. As play-to-earn developers are worried about developing games with better graphics and better payouts, crypto casinos have already carved their own identity inside this sector a long ago.

Moreover, there are many takers for such gambling sites. This stems from their simple fundamentals around the games of chance. People wager to use crypto and win cryptos in return. However, the growth in the crypto gambling sector may take the spotlight in 2024. To make our case, all we need to do is look at the $SCORP token presale.

$SCORP Token Presale – A Story of Slow and Steady Success

The $SCORP token presale started at a time when Bitcoin was just starting to recover from its lows. Many of the casino’s offerings had already been up by then, and it had already started to gain ground thanks to its unique appeal. The third quarter of 2023 was truly a good time for the crypto market as a whole.

As the token’s decentralized perks became more prominent, multiple major voices within the crypto trading ecosystem started to praise them.

One of the biggest voices that got behind the $SCORP token was Michael Wrubel. A crypto influencer on YouTube with over 300k subscribers was just the boost the project needed to get the community’s interest.

In his video, Why I am Bullish on SCORP, he pointed out that the passive income method that the project introduces is one of its more unique aspects.

Passive Income Generation Through Staking – The Key to Presale’s Success

Staking has always been the go-to for many cryptocurrency projects that promise long-term rewards to users. Simply buying tokens, locking them in a staking pool, and earning consistent annual percentage yields (APY) offers a stable prospect for gains in an otherwise volatile market.

However, SCORP takes another step to make it even more appealing. It removes the traditional tedium of “static” gains and takes a dynamic approach to staking.

All those who hold their tokens will earn rewards proportional to their holdings and the casino’s profits. This attribute brought many long-term crypto-seekers to the Scorpion Casino’s ecosystem, which allowed this project to grow to greater heights during the presale.

What also helped was the token’s buyback mechanism, which tied itself to the project’s burning mechanism, giving it the prospect of achieving greater growth in the future.

However, another key attribute was unveiled during the presale that can bolster attention toward crypto casinos in 2024 – specialized NFTs

Specialized NFTs – Keys to More Perks and Better Upsides

Interest in Scorpion Casino was boosted due to the presence of new NFTs that offered more bonuses, casino credits, additional staking rewards, USDT staking rewards, and a VIP package.

Presale participants who spent more than $1k on SCORP tokens got access to these features.

  1. Bronze Scorpion NFT – Those who spent $1000 to $4999 got Bronze Scorpion NFT.
  2. Silver Scorpion NFT – Those who spent $5000 to $9999 got Silver Scorpion NFT.
  3. Platinum Scorpion NFT – Those who spent $10000 to $24999 got Platinum Scorpion NFT.
  4. Diamond Scorpion NFT – Those who spent at least $100,000 received a Diamond Scorpion NFT.

This particular feature attracted many whales to the Scorpion ecosystem. Most of the investors came to talk about the perks of USDT staking. With up to $10,000 USDT in daily possible, many investors came forward.

“My new daily ritual is watching my $SCORP passive income rise every day,” one user named MFX said. Although he did encounter one hiccup or two, he remained undeterred. I’m sitting on $1k+ profits now and thinking of getting a gold membership for some extra USDT,” he added.

There are many similar reviews on the website, all of which prove the perks VIP users get access to once they decide to invest big into the SCORP tokens.

What has this Presale Taught Us?

Now, the question remains: what has this presale taught us? The answer lies in three crucial points.

The Future of Crypto Casinos is Decentralized

People will come to invest in crypto casinos not just for the thrill of games but as investors. They will find crypto casinos more appealing if they can become their partial owners.

Dynamic Passive Earning is a Must

The staking perk being tied to the success of crypto casinos reveals that dynamic passive earning is how crypto casinos will thrive.

Exclusive Rewards Are Crucial

Many crypto casinos that emerge will make their ecosystem more titillating through specialized perks.

These factors will push crypto casinos to the center in 2024. Will Scorpion Casino lead the charge? Only time will tell.

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